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November 17, 2016



Moses Abernathy


Exodus Red


New Scotland, Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Exodus Red can control and manipulate any liquid substance. His staff further enhances his mastery of liquids.


Exodus Red is a member of the Sacred Asylum, a group of heroic hyper-beings who all believe they are future incarnations of Old and New Testament figures. The team includes Slingshot, Jawbone, Regalia Thyatira, field commander Devorah Chance, and their supremely powerful counselor, Messiah. Among his cohorts, Exodus actually holds the distinction of being the only member of the Asylum whose birth name in the 21st century matched the name of the biblical figure he eventually became convinced he inhabited.

Moses Abernathy was born in the New Scotland section of Platinum City. His father, Rory Abernathy, a call center manager, and his mother Morna, a successful life coach, were religious in only the most cursory way. They rarely attended church outside of special holidays and events; they prayed even less; and their Bibles were more like decorative bookends. To be fair, in the mid-21st century most Bibles were electronic or virtual, but still, the Abernathys rarely found time to study or consult scripture.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 189 lbs.
SKIN: Light tan
HAIR: Grayish Brown
EYES: Brown

They did, however, wear crosses around their necks, and Morna even got angel wings tattooed on her upper back. And when they had their children, they never thought twice about using biblical names, going with Eve for their oldest daughter, Mary for their younger daughter, and Moses for their middle child and only son.

Moses discovered he had the ability to metaphysically manipulate and control liquid when he was about 15 years old. He discovered his namesake when he was about 21, while dating a Bible-thumping college student named Barbara, who would eventually become his wife. Over the course of their marriage, Moses became more familiar with scripture and faith, and dedicated his life to following the teachings of Jesus Christ. His parents were happy for him and supported his journey, though they never really changed their own approach to the gospel.

Throughout his 20s and 30s Moses rarely used his hyper-ability in public. Barb of course knew, and a few close friends were aware of it, but he never displayed his powers in public and he refrained from taking on a superhero persona, instead opting to work as a domestic missionary, traveling throughout Platinum City doing humanitarian work and spreading the gospel of Christ. His organization, The Empathy Alliance, partnered with several organizations, including Minister Deanna Grace’s church, to bring comfort and support to some of the most disenfranchised and neglected citizens of the city.

When Moses was about 42 years old, Barb, who had helped him run The Empathy Alliance, was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, and was forced to retire. Within a year it was necessary to keep her in or near a hospital at all times as medical professionals attempted to discover the cause of and cure for her sickness. They were unsuccessful. She passed away.

Moses’ faith was not shaken by this occurrence, but he did spend the next few years praying and fasting more fervently than he’d ever prayed and fasted in the past, as he petitioned God to help him fully understand why bad things happen to good people, and vice versa. It was during these sessions of deep contemplative meditation that he began to receive miraculous visions that suggested he was a future version of his Old Testament namesake.

For a while he attempted to ignore the notion, but try as he might, he could not shake the idea from his mind. Then, one fateful day, he was visited by a powerful hyper-being who called herself Devorah Chance. She assured him that he was not crazy, and that she was also the future reincarnation of a biblical figure – Deborah. She took him to the Sacred Asylum facility, and introduced him to a man who called himself Messiah. Messiah did not explicitly claim to be the Son of God, but he did seemingly possess near-infinite power, and suggested that his existence was one of the forces helping to keep all of the the universe from imploding.

Messiah and Devorah then asked him to become the third member of the Sacred Asylum. He was reluctant at first, but after asking longtime family friend, Zidaya Simpson, to take over the Empathy Alliance, he agreed to join them. Moses moved to the Asylum facility, took on the name Exodus Red, and began honing his skills. With the help of Messiah and Devorah, Exodus Red soon realized the full potential of his powers – which were vast. He found that his hyper-ability stretched far beyond manipulating water; he was able to take total and absolute control of any liquid substance on the planet, including blood.

After some time, Messiah gifted him with a special staff that increased his innate abilities exponentially. It wasn’t long after he’d mastered the staff that he was sent on his first true mission. A hyper-villain calling himself The Master Egyptian had attacked the northeastern African nation and, with the help of the notorious villain Sarcophagus, had put every citizen of the country – both living and dead – under mind control. The Master Egyptian was now using the millions of slaves at his disposal to dig beneath the surface in what seemed like an attempt to harvest the energy of Earth’s core.

A number of other heroes had tried to stop the villainous duo, but to this point nobody seemed to have the answer – until Exodus Red and Devorah Chance showed up. As the battle ensued, Exodus Red found that this Master Egyptian character also claimed to be a future version of a biblical figure – The Egyptian Pharaoh from the Book of Exodus who had refused to free God’s people from bondage.

It was the rematch! And The Master Egyptian was determined not to lose for a second time. Furthermore, he did not want to let down the Mysterious Dark Master who was commanding him and other biblical villains to tap into the Earth’s core. As Devorah went after Sarcophagus, the mortal Old Testament enemies collided in an epic clash. Exodus Red commanded the rivers and seas to fend off the thousands of living-dead creatures The Egyptian threw his way. Additionally, the villain had the ability to wield fire and blast flames from his hands and mouth. The battle lasted several days, but eventually, Exodus Red and Devorah defeated Sarcophagus and The Master Egyptian, and restored the minds of the people of Egypt.

Over the next several years, Exodus Red continued to fight alongside Devorah. The team would grow as Regalia Thyatira, Jawbone and Slingshot eventually joined the Sacred Asylum. Additionally, a hero named Taurian would lend a hand from time to time. One day Messiah called the entire team into his chamber, and informed them that the biblical enemies they’d been battling were not simply attempting to harvest the Earth’s core, but that they were trying to excavate a special star called the triplos asteri. It was one of three powerful stars which, if all were collected by the same individual, said being would gain a portion of the essence of the all-powerful goddess Armonia, thus gaining mastery of the multiverse.

The biblical villains had failed to obtain the star at the center of the Earth, thanks to the Sacred Asylum, but to their dismay the other two stars had been found and collected by the alien warlord, Emperor Kako. Furthermore, a cabal of earthly hyper-villains, working on the warlord’s behalf, had finally found a way to excavate the third star. Messiah dispatched the team to the Hollow Earth excavation site, and commanded them to do whatever it took to stop Kako – who was on his way to Earth with an armada of Tromokratesian battleships – from getting his hands on the star.

Once Exodus Red and the others arrived at the Hollow site, it was all-out war! The hyper-villain trio of London Omega, Edgar Omega and Ramses Hondo were waiting, and they were accompanied by an army of armed guards, a squad of hyper-powered mercenaries, a team of elite sharpshooters, and Kako’s earthly ambassador, the Tromokratesian warrior Ligselzus.

The situation was further complicated by the presence of hundreds of scientists, engineers and construction workers who had been hired to work at the site, but were now innocent bystanders in the midst of a ridiculously chaotic and catastrophic battle between a couple-dozen insanely powerful hyper-beings. With Slingshot, Jawbone and Devorah taking the brunt of the enemy fire, and Regalia focusing her efforts on retrieving the star from Ramses Hondo, it was up to Exodus Red to protect the bystanders. Luckily, over the course of the battle it had begun to rain.

The hero floated into the air and began to manipulate the rain drops into water-whips. He then used the whips to grab bystanders and fling them out of the way of the falling rock and debris and onto solid ground. A number of hyper-villains attempted to knock Exodus Red out of the sky, but with the rain coming down harder, he was able to form a multi-layered aquatic force-field. Before long, Dr. Cog, Janice Heimann, and many of the other non-powered humans had been moved out of the way, allowing Exodus Red to turn his attention back to the battle, which raged on incessantly.

Regalia had finally engaged Ramses in a vicious showdown and seemed to be closer than ever to getting the star, however, the mercenaries and sharpshooters were better coordinating their attacks now, and the sheer number of hyper-villains was beginning to overwhelm Exodus Red and the other members of the Asylum…

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