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November 19, 2016



Tixus Trexion


General Tixus


Planet Spiti in the Igetis System (Core Reality); Early 18th century


Spitian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


General Tixus possesses advanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is also a master of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He carries a GKF general’s staff, a pair of GKF blaster pistols, and GKF gravitron forearm bands.


Before Tixus Trexion became the commander of an intergalactic fleet and the leader of a squad of the most elite interstellar warriors in the galaxy, he was simply the only child of a pair of officers who served in the Galaxias Kyklos Force. He was born on planet Spiti in the Igetis solar system, sometime in the 18th century. As a boy, he dreamed of becoming a member of the unit of warriors that patrolled Earth’s galaxy to enforce the laws of the universe and regulate the balance of power. There was no greater governmental military power than the Galaxias Force, as it was comprised of many of the top level warriors and defense systems from all throughout the multiverse. Collectively they were known as the Sympan Force.

To be part of it all, like his father and mother before him, was Tixus’s ultimate goal, and his parents knew of his aspirations. Thus, they raised their son to serve with the GKF. He received the best education on all subjects, including intergalactic science and affairs. He traveled the universe and studied different cultures, species and technologies, and was trained in the numerous fighting styles and methods of combat. Tixus also became learned in the ways of politics. By the time he was 16, he was well advanced above his peers, and on the fast track to becoming a leader of his own militia team in the Spiti army, which was a step towards joining the GKF. Alas, it was then that tragedy struck.

HEIGHT: 6’7″
WEIGHT: 274 lbs.
SKIN: Light brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Orange

The Tromokratesians had defected from the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies – a group of galaxies across the universe, dedicated to keeping the peace and existing in harmony – millions of years before then, and were continuing their rampage through the universe. Eventually, they attacked Spiti in their attempted conquest of the Igetis System. Luckily, Tixus was able to escape to the nearby Geitonas System. His family did not travel with him, though, as his father and mother both stayed behind to help lead the defense, which ultimately resulted in their demise.

While safe in the Geitonas System, Tixus learned of his parents’ fate. They were killed by a young Tromokratesian lieutenant by the name of Kako. He was rapidly rising through the military ranks and even more rapidly on the universe’s most wanted list. Tixus yearned for revenge. However, it was deemed that the capture of Kako was to be handled by the Galaxias Kyklos Force only. This was not going to stop Tixus, though, and after he completed his debriefing, he snuck aboard a GKF ship heading to Spiti and flew into battle.

As the GKF fleet attacked the Tromokratesian ships in space, the elite soldiers landed on Spiti to wipe out the alien troops on the ground. Young Tixus rushed into battle with them, outperforming the GKF, using their weapons, even though they were new to him. The weapons consisted of:

– The GKF sword: It was a hilt with no blade when not activated. Inside was an electric cell and mineral rock, and when the wielder pressed the button to activate the device, the cell released a long current of electricity. This ignited the mineral, causing a chain reaction that expanded the substance along the electric current, forming a blade and hardening it almost immediately. The newly developed element was a virtually indestructible metal that was engineered to be razor sharp on all edges. Then, when the wielder pressed the button again, the electric current stopped, and the mineral rock dissolved into thin air. The power cell was engineered from a self-renewing technology and did not need an external source for charging. The mineral rock, however, did need to be replaced after a few thousand charges.

– The GKF blaster pistols: They were the same as what Major General Delilah Fray and her troops used against Lord Asotos Yios and his vampire warriors in the battle at Castle Rathegalia. They were large hand guns that housed a cell of atomic matter within a gravity field holding it in place. When the trigger was pulled, a pulse of gravity was sent through the matter, releasing it through a converter that produced a laser beam with similar properties of a black hole. When the laser hit a target, it passed the atoms through the surface instantly. However, the atoms would only react if they came into contact with organic matter. If it came in contact with anything else, the atoms merely dissolved. Nevertheless, when the atoms passed through organic matter, the atoms began a chain reaction, creating a black hole in the center of the target, pulling everything inward until the black hole consumed all of it.

– The GKF gravitron bands: The weapons were worn on the forearms of elite soldiers. The bands were synchronized with the soldiers’ brainwaves, and when they saw an object, merely thinking about controlling it and using a hand gesture would send a brain signal to the band(s), creating a gravitational connection. The soldier could then either pull the object to them by increasing the gravitational force, push it away by sending a wave of gravitational force, or they could lock onto the object and move it any lateral or diagonal direction they desired. The size of the object that could be moved depended on the mental strength of the soldier. The stronger their mental acumen, the larger the object they could manipulate using the gravitron bands.

Tixus found all of these in the ship’s armory that he’d snuck onto, and having researched each thoroughly during his studies, he was able to proficiently apply his knowledge on how to use them. He was also fueled by wrath, helping him dominate the Tromokratesian terrorists that destroyed his home planet. He showed no mercy while in a berserker rage, and by the end of the first battle the GKF were astonished at Tixus’ performance and ability to use their advanced weaponry. They gazed upon him, covered in blood but without a scratch, and realized even though he had illegally engaged in combat with them, there was no detouring him from continuing on. They had no choice but to accept him as a part of their group for the time being. Therefore, over the next few months Tixus fought alongside the GKF as they annihilated the Tromokratesians and removed the threat from Spiti.

When the war was won, Tixus went to a Spiti army base where he found the mutilated bodies of his mother and father. He saw to their proper burial. Then, when his mourning was complete, the remaining Spitians requested he stay home and help rebuild. Tixus accepted. The elite soldiers of the GKF were interested in offering him a place on their team, but understood the importance of helping his planet recover. They told him he could join them after things were better on Spiti, which he did. At the age of 51, 35 years after defeating the Tromokratesians, a working planetary government was established, food and resources were beginning to become widely available, repairs on existing buildings and homes started moving along well, Spiti nations were reforming, and all was looking great. Thus, Tixus returned to the elite soldiers of the GKF. Over time he learned their military tactics, rules of operations and engagement, and codes of conduct. He also became knowledgeable of all the star systems in his galaxy. The previous education, training and travels Trixus experienced in life also helped with his ascension through the GKF, and by 231 he became the top general of the elite GKF forces.

484 years later and General Tixus was finally going to face Emperor Kako. He had not been able to find the Tromokratesian ruler during the reclamation of his home planet Spiti, and he had not been able to confront the emperor directly through all his years of service. But now, in the 22ndcentury with Kako, now emperor of the Tromkratesians leading a massive space armada of warships to Earth to retrieve the third star of the triplos asteri, Tixus would finally get his chance…

Under the direction of Tixus the GKF fleet had traveled to Earth and formed a military blockade around the planet. It wasn’t long after they arrived that he received a call from Major General Delilah Fray – a member of the GKF who had been on Earth, helping to coordinate the world’s heroes in preparation of the Tromokratesian attack. She informed him that Kako was not simply attacking Earth out of a desire to conquer the planet (as he had done with numerous other worlds); but that he already obtained two of the triplos asteri stars and the third was on Earth.

A cabal of hyper-villains, comprised of Edgar Omega, Ramses Hondo and London Omega, along with Tromokratesian ambassador Ligselzus, had been working over a number of years to excavate the star from the planet’s core, and they’d finally succeeded. If Kako got his hands on the third star, he would become god of the universe by the goddess Armonia‘s side, and it would most likely be the end of everything good in all of existence.

Fortunately,the heroic Sacred Asylum, led by Devorah Chance, had been made aware of the impending retrieval of the third star through their mentor, Messiah, and had launched an attack on the super-villains at the Hollow Earth excavation site in an attempt to secure the star before they could turn it over to Kako. Additionally, Captain Noble, Lt. Rashard Bonds, Major Delilah Fray, and the Alpha Initiative arrived to join in the battle.

Upon hearing all of this, Tixus was distressed. He knew about the triplos asteri, but he had no idea that Kako was this close to obtaining all three of them. Despite the gravity of the situation, Tixus knew he was the most well-equipped soldier in the galaxy to deal with the Emperor. From his GKF flagship he began to coordinate a plan with Delilah Fray. It was decided that Tixus should leave the starship blockade under the command of his First Officer, and travel to the Earth’s surface to stand as a last line of defense against Kako, in the likely event the Emperor made it to the Hollow Earth site.

It was about to be a moment of reckoning; one Tixus had yearned for since he was 16, since the death of his parents at the hands of the intergalactic tyrant.

With that in mind, Tixus prepared to head to the surface; but not before gathering a squad of his most trusted and capable troops to accompany him…

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