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November 20, 2016



Sirvia Trexion


Major Sirvia Trexion


Planet of Spiti, Igetis System (Core Reality); Mid-13th century


Spitian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Advanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. Trained in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. Weapons used included GKF sword and GKF blasters.


General Tixus Trexion went to his quarters to prepare to depart to Earth. He put on his combat gear, grabbed his general’s staff – which was the same as the GKF sword except it had two blades, one on each side of the hilt – his blasters, and put on his gravitron bands. Then, he put on his black GKF general’s cloak. Before he departed to call the lieutenants he wanted to accompany him to Earth, he sat down and stared at a picture of his parents. He looked at his father, Major Sirvia Trexion, and asked him for guidance. Then, he began reminiscing about him.

HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 249 lbs.
SKIN: Light brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Orange

Sirvia was born in the 13th century on planet Spiti in the Igetis System. His parents were members of the Spitian army, as was much of his family. Those who were not were either in blacksmithing or the armory profession. The entire family was dedicated to serving the military of Spiti, and they did their duty with pride and diligence. As such, Sirvia was enrolled in the junior military academy when he was a young child. There, he received a full, well-rounded education, in addition to combat training. The academy was instrumental in helping develop the next generation of soldiers, and when Sirvia graduated from the highest level of the training and education, he ascended into the infantry of the Spiti army.

While there, Sirvia worked hard to not only prove himself, but to also stay alive. A planet’s infantry was often called upon in the highest number to aid the Galaxias Kyklos Force in battles, as they were typically the largest divisions and also the most dispensable. However, Sirvia had no plans on being killed, so he battled bravely and valiantly all over the Igetis system, defending their planet and star system neighbors from attacks by enemies of the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies. It was during this time that he first encountered Tromokratesians, and it was one of them who gave Sirvia his first serious injury.

While defending another planet, a Tromokratesian warrior knocked Sirvia down and stabbed him through the lower back. The blade exited Sirvia’s abdomen, and then his enemy pulled the sword out and turned Sirvia over. Tixus’s father, however, was prepared, and he had his Spitian blaster ready. The laser bullet went through the Tromokratesian’s forehead, killing him instantly. Sirvia struggled to his feet after that and continued fighting, until a fellow infantry soldier found him passed out from too much blood loss, and carried him back to safety.

When Sirvia awoke, he found himself patched up and under a medical tent. The machine it was attached to was releasing a gas inside the tent that once inhaled, it dispersed chemically engineered micro-organisms that entered the bloodstream and repaired any injuries once it reached that part of the body. Sirvia then spoke to the doctor next to him and asked what happened. The man said another soldier found him unconscious on the battlefield, and carried him there to receive medical treatment. Sirvia looked around but did not see another soldier, and when he asked where the soldier was, the doctor said she returned to battle immediately after dropping him off.

Tixus’s father thought about how only a true, powerful warrior would rush right back into battle after carrying a fellow soldier off the battlefield. Then, something caught his attention. Sirvia asked the doctor if he heard correctly and that it was a woman who carried him to safety. The doctor confirmed, and Sirvia was blown away. He was a large, muscular man, and all that dead weight would have been a difficult task for the average Spitian man to lug all the way to a medical post. So, for a woman to do it was surprising. That was when the woman entered the building and the doctor said he could ask her himself how she was able to do it.

Sirvia looked at the woman and instantly fell in love. Though she was covered in dirt, sweat and blood, she was the most beautiful being he had ever witnessed with his own eyes. Sirvia would often joke with a young Tixus while remembering the moment that it was the healing gas that made him hallucinate. But the fact of the matter was that Sirvia had never met anyone more gorgeous, courageous or tough, and he knew at that moment that he had to have her in his life forever.

The woman walked up to the healing tent and asked Sirvia how he was doing. Tixus’s father replied he was doing well, thanks to her. The woman then said she was shocked when she came across him. She witnessed him fighting valiantly one second, and then when he was finally free for a moment after killing some Tromokratesians, he collapsed. That was when the woman ran over to him and saw he had suffered a mortal wound and was bleeding out while forcing himself to continue on. She then added she could not let a great soldier like that die, so she picked him up and carried him to the first doctor she could find. The admiration between the two was clear, and that quickly turned into mutual respect, which then grew into an attraction all in the matter of seconds. Finally, as they stared at one another, Sirvia asked the woman her name. She replied Lisya Aeronia.

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