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November 28, 2016



Yeziol Tolisaria


Chari Yeziol Tolisaria


Planet of Palios, Enas System (Core reality); Time unknown


Palioan; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Chari Yeziol possesses great intelligence and knowledge of the universe, which allows him to see possible futures, when working in tandem with other charis.


An untold number of millennia ago, a group of people came together to discuss the fate of the universe. Across the galaxies, different species were warring with one another. Death and destruction seemed to be at an all-time high, and instead of continuing with a future of more warfare, these individuals sought to form an organization that brought the different galaxies together. These people were elite members of their species and star systems, and together their influence reached incredibly far and wide. Thus, once they decided to sign and enact the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies (STG), a huge number of planets joined up. This document would organize the galaxies together into one coalition that would help govern the universe in a righteous and just way, while protecting peaceful and innocent worlds and species from the tyranny of those who sought to destroy and conquer. It was an incredibly powerful gesture that went a long way toward establishing cooperation and partnerships across the solar systems.

Together, the galaxies in the STG formed the “Unity”, and all individuals and worlds that decided to follow the laws set forth by the STG would benefit greatly from being a part of the organization. Not only did they implement intergalactic systems of government, commerce and trade never before realized, but they also formed galaxias forces, which were elite militias that patrolled their galaxies helping police star systems, fight against enemies of the STG, and maintain overall peace and order in the Unity. The greatest warriors from across the universe banded together to fill the ranks of the galaxias forces, and over the numerous millennia the STG existed it thrived and grew beyond what anyone could have imagined.

HEIGHT: 6’0″
WEIGHT: 168 lbs.
SKIN: Light gray
HAIR: Black
EYES: Gray

One of the founding members of the STG was Yeziol Tolisaria. He hailed from the planet of Palios in the Enas star system, and from a young age he was a great leader. He showed advanced intelligence and military prowess in his youth, which saw him enlisted in the Palioan militia at a young age. From very early on in his career he saw an incredible amount of combat, as his planet was constantly under attack from terrorist species in the universe.

Time hardened Yeziol, but his heart remained steadfast and righteous, as his sole purpose was to defend his planet against invasion. Then, once Palios realized victory was at hand and they were no longer at threat of invasion, Yeziol was recognized for his courage, distinguished record as a soldier, and his unparalleled leadership abilities. It was for this reason he was appointed to lead the entire planet of Palios in its efforts to rebuild. However, he declined, and said that instead of solely focusing on rebuilding their own planet, they needed to aid the other planets in the Enas star system from invasion, as they were also under siege. The Palioans agreed, and from there Yeziol led Palioan troops to neighboring planets to help them fight off the terrorists who sought to conquer them.

Thousands of battles occurred over thousands of years, but eventually the Enas System was liberated and no longer at threat of being attacked. This caused a star system-wide celebration, and at the center of it was the appointment of Yeziol to be the ruler of the entire Enas System. Yeziol reluctantly accepted, fearing the fact that absolute power can corrupt absolutely. However, he knew he could use the resources of the renewed and liberated Enas to help others in need. Thus, Enas became known as a center of freedom in the cosmos, and Yeziol was heralded as a bringer of peace and salvation. Therefore, it was only natural that when the idea of creating a governing body over the galaxies seeking to band together to fight back against the evils of the universe emerged, Yeziol was at the heart of things. Thus, he became a founding member of the STG, also known as the Leadership.

It was not known how long Yeziol had been alive, but what was known was that he was one of the wisest and greatest leaders in all of existence. Eventually, the title of “chari” was given to the individuals who founded the STG, and it was the highest rank anyone could achieve in the entire universe. That was, of course, with the exception of becoming god or goddess, a title bestowed upon the individual who could find all of the triplos asteri, unlock them, and correctly answer the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom.

Alas, when it became evident that Emperor Kako of the ultra-villainous Tromokratesian Empire was close to obtaining the third triplos asteri – three stars housing half of the spirit of the universe’s goddess Armonia – Chari Yeziol and the other charis knew they had to take action to stop him. This led to Earth’s galaxy becoming the frontline of the final battle for the fate of the universe, as Earth was discovered to be housing the final of the triplos asteri that Kako needed to obtain. Consequently, the STG sent as many forces as they could spare to fight alongside Earth’s corresponding galactic militia – the Galaxias Kyklos Force, led by General Tixus Trexion.

The general had already led a GKF armada to form a blockade around Earth, for he was aware that Kako and his massive fleet of battleships were on the way. But when Tixus learned that a contingent of earthly hyper-villains along with a Tromokratesian ambassador had already extracted the star from the Earth’s core, he immediately contacted Yeziol and the other charis.

As Tixus stood in front of holographic projections of Chari Yeziol and the Leadership, he informed them things were moving along much faster than they had anticipated, as the Tromokratesians already had a contingency on Earth and they had excavated the final of the triplos asteri. Yeziol inquired how this could have been, as the Tromokratesians were still traveling through the cosmos on their way to Earth’s orbit. Tixus answered that Major General Delilah Fray – an eternal created by the goddess Armonia to monitor the third of the triplos asteri – had joined the GKF long ago to bring down Emperor Kako and stop him from getting the stars. He then explained how Delilah was on Earth with some of their most powerful warriors and leaders, and she had witnessed everything with her own eyes. Tixus then told Yeziol that she was engaging the Tromokratesian contingency as they spoke, in an attempt to obtain the star from the enemy.

A squad of the general’s most skilled and trusted soldiers – Gryxus Raxium, Creexus Ioia, Nexus Catalyxia and Blacious Lito – all stood behind Tixus, attentively listening. They were astounded to see the Leadership, and hear them converse with their general. Creexus asked Blacious how it was that Tixus was in such favor with the Leadership. The major explained that the charis looked upon Tixus as a protege of their own, seeing how he was the wisest, most beloved and accomplished general of any galaxias force. in return he regarded the charis as his mentors. It was why the general knew he could call on the Leadership, when most other commanders in the GKF could not. Blacious continued that Tixus did not just call Yeziol to ask for their advice, though, but to receive their visions. Gryxus and Nexus asked what Blacious meant by visions, and that was when he informed them that the Leadership were so wise and in tune with the universe, that collectively they were able to use the energy between them to have sight into possible futures. The four were caught off-guard as Tixus looked back and quieted them, for Yeziol was engaging with the other charis to conjure a vision…

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