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December 1, 2016



Ryota Hashimoto




New Japan, Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Ryota possesses advanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability from mastering his chi. He has also been trained in shinobi (the art of ninjitsu), and is an expert in several martial arts disciplines. Additionally, he excels in the use of swords and throwing weapons.


In Platinum City, the Iga Clan reigns supreme, alongside all the powerful organizations that call the city home. Whether it is organized crime, gangs, narcotics, business, or politics, the mysterious ninjas are just as influential, powerful, loved, feared, admired, respected, and funded. This has seen them become both heroes and villains in the eyes of many. It has also seen them cross the paths of numerous types of individuals. Some of the greatest amongst them, such as Interface, has traveled all over with the superhero group the Alpha Initiative, including into outer space and other dimensions, as she did during the Empress Wars. The mysterious Faceless has engaged with the superhero group The Sista Clique, and faced off against super-villain death squads, such as The Blue Zone Killers, as well as Luca Bandoni and the Italian mafia, the internationally feared goon Jupiter Brigante, and the leader of the Japanese Yakuza, Daichi Matsuzaki. The list of their feats and their capabilities are endless. However, when Emperor Kako and the Tromokratesians invaded Earth in the mid-22nd century, the Iga Clan faced an enemy and opposition unlike anything they had ever seen before. The ensuing battle would prove to leave lasting, permanent effects.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 184 lbs.
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

When General Tixus Trexion of the Galaxias Kyklos Force visited with Secretary General Nnemeka Achike and the entire UN to warn them of the intergalactic threat heading to their planet, the war of all wars was finally at hand. Thus, all of the UN members instantly began calling their home governments to have them prepare to defend the planet, and global-wide alerts were sent out over every form of media. It wasn’t long after the alerts went viral that the Tromokratesians arrived in Earth’s orbit and began battling the starships of the GKF, who had set up a blockade around the planet.

Emperor Kako was prepared to continue his onslaught against Earth, until he obtained the final piece of the triplos asteri – the three stars that contain half of the spirit of Armonia, who is the goddess of the universe. Emperor Kako planned to become a god of the universe by unlocking their power, or die in the process. The intergalactic warlord, however, had absolutely no plans of his life ending.

The Tromokratesians eventually broke through the blockade, and before long, hundreds of battleships touched down all across the world. Emperor Kako was a brilliant strategist, and he was also not one to leave things to chance. The Tromokratesians were going to conquer Earth to ensure that no matter what happened during the battle, the triplos asteri could not be hidden anywhere on the planet. His forces were going to be everywhere. Also, after the war was over, Kako figured he could strip Earth of all the resources they have left, before moving on to secure the rest of the star system. The fight for the fate of the world was at hand!

The Tromokratesian starships descended down on Earth from above, blacking out the sun. Billions of people across the world looked to the sky, and saw the scene as described in the Holy Bible when God plagued Egypt with locusts. The heavens seemed black, and the sound of thousands of starships blasting their reverse thrusters to secure a stable landing shook every building beneath them. Beyond the skyline, explosions from the GKF fleet battling the Tromokratesian ships in space illuminated the sky as well. There was absolute carnage and chaos everywhere.

Earth’s militaries fired anti-aircraft missiles from naval ships and land bases alike, but they did little to no damage against the shields surrounding Tromokratesian starships. In otherareas, like Platinum City, police officers, the National Guard, and US military fired on the alien ships as well. Their bullets and missiles werealso ineffective. Consequently, there was no stopping them from landing, and when they did, all hell broke loose. The massive warrior race of aliens unloaded from the ships by the droves, and as soon as they did, they brought death and destruction with them. They sought to squash any resistance humans would give them. However, Earth’s inhabitants had other plans, and were not going to go down so easily. One example of this resistance was the Iga Clan.

The ninjas, having seen the warnings from Doro Anya and the United Nations, emerged from Danzo’s Temple and their hiding places all over New Japan, and were some of the first fighters on the front lines to greet the Tromokratesians. Though they were outmatched physically, their advanced skills from mastering their chi and their unparalleled combat training made them formidable foes. Also, Interface’s previous experience during one of her missions with the Alpha Initiative, in which she’d been involved with battles against three Tromokratesian warriors, Haris, Amman and Masakh, had been shared and studied among all members of the clan, making them amongst some of the most prepared earthly troops.

The Iga Clan warriors were able to effectively work their way in close to the alien invaders, despite the high-tech rifles and blasters the Tromokratesians used. Then, once inside, they unleashed their hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills. Many Tromokratesians fell to the Iga Clan at first. Despite the Tromokratesians being much larger and more powerful, the shinobi were flawless in their group and individual efforts. One example of this was an Iga member by the name of Ryota Hashimoto.

Ryota was a young ninja who had risen through the ranks quickly. He was an orphan who was brought to the clan as a newborn, and all he knew was the Iga Clan, Danzo’s Temple, and the life of being a shinobi. He was a pure bred warrior. Ryota was also much shorter than his peers most of his life. Thus, he was used to fighting opponents much larger and stronger than him. This made the fight against the Tromokratesians feel natural to him, and his performance showed it. He was adept at moving in and out with great speed and quickness, striking hard and true, to make sure the enemies were killed swiftly. When he was punched or kicked, Ryota did not let the force of the impact get him down for too long, either. He had been knocked around a lot in his life, so he was adept at quickly recovering and getting right back to fighting. This enabled him to not be taken advantage of while on the ground or off-balance, as with the chaos of battle, anyone who found himself or herself on the ground was picked off for an easy kill. Ryota was not one of these victims.

Ryota was also a combat enthusiast. He LOVED the battle. The more perilous the situation, the more he thrived. When he was hit, he only became more focused and energized. This enabled Ryota to fight with a never ending motor and fervor, something the Tromokratesians learned the hard way. Ryota also had above average awareness, so when it came to the well-being of his fellow ninjas, he was able to break from engagement to save a friend here, or another shinobi there. Many a time he threw metal stars or needles into the eyes or throats of Tromokratesians to free up others in danger. Ryota was a one-man wrecking crew.

The Platinum City Police Force of New Japan was also out in full force, and they had military and National Guard troops with them. They did not hesitate to join the fight against the alien invaders alongside the Iga Clan, firing their guns and assault rifles to take down the enemies. When combined with the work of the shinobi, New Japan was proving to be a very difficult place for the Tromokratesians to conquer. That was, until reinforcements came.

A Tromokratesian strategy was to let their weaker soldiers brave the first wave of invasion, while the senior officers in the military watched from afar. After assessing the strategies and capabilities of the forces they faced, the Tromokratesians would then send in the more experienced warriors with intel on how to defeat their enemies. Thus, when the second wave of Tromokratesians landed in New Japan, the success of the Iga Clan, the PCPF of New Japan, the National Guard and the US military faded quickly. The second wave of Tromokratesians was stronger, faster, bettertrained, and more intelligent than the first, and it showed immediately. The ninjas and police began dropping like flies. The soldiers were being slaughtered, too. Ryota noticed this, and so he elevated his game to another level. He continued to strike down the greater Tromokratesians, but eventually even he was no match. Ryota was struck down as well.

The ninja fought back to his feet and continued to battle with honor, a fact the Tromokratesian warriors surrounding him noticed and admired. Therefore, instead of using their guns to shoot him down, they holstered their firearms and branded their swords to give Ryota an honorable death. At this moment, Ryota noticed this, and bowed to them to show his mutual respect. Then, they all went at it.

Ryota was able to defend successfully at first, blocking and dodging all of the alien invader’s advances. He was even able to injure some of his enemies. However, it was only a matter of time before he, too, was getting sliced and bashed into the ground. Before long, Ryota was out of commission, breathing heavily on the ground, awaiting his end. However, death would not kiss him that day, as something miraculous happened just before a Tromokratesian sword impaled him…

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