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December 2, 2016





Seishin Danzo (Spirit of Danzo)


Maruyama, Japan, Earth (Core reality); Mid-18th century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Danzo is the complete ninja master, trained in the ancient art of shinobi. He has conditioned his entire body to be a living, breathing weapon. He has completely mastered his chi, which has afforded him a plethora of powers, including supernatural speed, strength, and agility, as well as the ability to prolong his lifespan. Some believe he is immortal. It has also given him the ability to control and manipulate fire. Additionally, he has mastered alchemy (the mixing of medicines and potions), as well as the art of illusion. He is the complete and perfect warrior.

Danzo is a master with dozens of weapons, including, but not limited to, katana blades, the bo staff, sais, bow and arrows, daggers, throwing stars and smoke bombs.

In “Seishin” form, all of Danzo’s abilities are heightened, making him even more powerful, and less vulnerable to physical attacks.


Danzo was the oldest living member of the Iga Clan, and the undisputed grandmaster. He was also one of the most powerful beings in all of existence. His mastery of his chi enabled him to transcend human form, ascending to the level of what many considered a demigod. On top of his physical abilities, he was also wiser than most all others, and he possessed abilities that were said to be supernatural. Danzo had obtained these gifts and skills through a life of rigorous training and mediation, along with endlessly studying the human body and the human existence over centuries. He had an unwavering foundation for his motivation as well, which stemmed from the near extinction of his clan and their way of life in the mid-20th century.

After restoring the ninja legacy, though, Danzo had traveled all over the world, and battled enemies of all types. He logged more hours in warfare from engaging in everything from assassinations to full-on wars. Nevertheless, he had never seen or experienced anything like the brutal war-mongering Emperor Kako and the Tromokratesians. Thus, in the mid-22nd century, when they invaded Earth with the goal of obtaining the third star of the triplos asteri, Danzo was forced to use a technique he vowed to only use in the direst of situations. He went into Seishin Danzo form, and completely unleashed the full potential of his chi.

HEIGHT: 6’4″
WEIGHT: 244 lbs.
HAIR: Black
EYES: All white

Over the numerous decades Danzo ran his temple and trained ninjas, he never spoke of the secret level of chi mastery he had achieved. The reason being was because it frightened him. The power that flowed through him was immense, and it was not solely emanating from his own nature anymore. Normally, when a ninja enhanced their chi they were tapping into their own spiritual energy. However, with seishin mode, Danzo was opening his spirit to connect with the energy of the universe around him, and allowing it to strengthen his being. The caveat was that the possibility existed he could potentially overflow with too much energy, and power his own spirit to completely separate from his body forever. He would never be able to return to the land of the living, either, being forced to abandon the clan he fought for centuries to build. After everything Danzo had been through, he did not want to risk that happening. However, when he saw the Iga Clan falling to the Tromokratesians by the dozens, he knew he had no choice.

Amidst fighting against the alien invaders, Danzo decided to transform into seishin form. However, he wasswamped, and could not get enough space to begin the process. So, he rifled off punches in high volume, breaking faces and collapsing internal organs with his blows to the body, along with firing off kicks that snapped Tromokratesian necks. Hovering alien ships noticed the death rate of their troops in the vicinity of Danzo was much higher than anywhere else, so they began firing on him from above. The ninja grandmaster wielded his swords and began deflecting some laser blasts, while avoiding the rest. Alien invaders on ground continued to attack him as well, so Danzo used his pyrokineticskills, and engulfed approaching enemies in flames. He then used a smoke bomb to mask his exit to an area of safety where he could transform.

As Tromokratesians coughed and yelled out to each other in their native tongue, Danzo began to meditate and perform the hand and finger movements needed to draw on the power of the energy around him. The ships flashed their lights all over but could not find the grandmaster. That was, until the ritual was done and the the enhanced Danzo emerged!

A bright, white light exploded from Danzo’s body and blasted concrete and debris from all around him. Tromokratesian soldiers and ships all began to back up, as the energy waves pulsated from his body at an extreme rate. The power toppled anyone and anything too close. Consequently, the alien invaders yelled to take him down, and they fired their blasters, while the ships above fired their cannons. Danzo’s energy shield disintegrated the incoming projectiles, though, and he continued to power up in front of his enemies. At that point, there was nothing they could do but watch. Then, after a few minutes, Seishin Danzo’s transformation was complete, and he charged forward!

The speed he fought with was incredible. The Tromokratesians had not seen anything like it. The power he struck them with had never been felt before, either, and his strikes absolutely decimated the enemies. Their bones flew from their skeletonson impact, and holes were blasted through their bodies. When combined with his flawless martial arts techniques and his pyrokinetic hyper-abilities, the alien invaders did not stand a chance. Seishin Danzo began slaughtering the Tromokratesians in waves, freeing many of his fellow ninjas from under the weapons of their enemies. One such Iga member that was saved was Ryota Hashimoto.

Ryota had battled valiantly against the Tromokratesians, before eventually succumbing to their strength and numbers, and had consequently been battered to a pulp. As one of the alien invaders was striking down with a death blow, though, Seishin Danzo sped around the circle of enemies surrounding his ninja clan member, and used his sword to cut them all in half. Then, he lifted Ryota and covered him with his spiritual energy, healing the injured ninja. Ryota looked at the grandmaster in utter amazement and could not speak. Danzo told him to continue fighting, for many more of their fellow Iga needed help. Ryota quickly snapped out of his state of awe and did as commanded. Then, Danzo moved on to other enemies.

The Tromokratesians would block, duck and dodge the ninja grandmaster, but eventually all fell to his attacks. Thus, the alien invaders called in their most elite warriors to combat “the anomaly” – which is what they called any human with powers. The elite Tromokratesian warriors were from a special division developed for one reason: to exterminate an alien race’s best and most powerful. These alien invaders were more physically advanced through Tromokratesian select-breeding and biotechnological advances. They also were trained longer and harder than any other warriors. In short, the Tromokratesians unleashed these warriors specifically for adversaries just like Seishin Danzo.

Some of the Tromokratesians’ best were immediately sent via starship, and when they arrived over New Japan at the specified location, the warriors jumped from the sky without a parachute, and landed on the concrete with ease. This fact did not escape Danzo, and the ninja grandmaster knew he was no longer facing the standard alien invaders. Thus, he prepared himself for battle accordingly.

The special Tromokratesian forces studied Seishin Danzo as they walked forward, while making hand signals to each other. They were formulating a strategy. Danzo was formulating a strategy, too, as he sized up each alien invader around him; some were noticeably greater than others. So, Danzo positioned himself to take out the weaker ones first. Then, when the Tromokratesians were all in position and Danzo had stopped moving, the battle commenced!

The strikes were fatal, each one of them. If any punch or kick landed, it would have meant the end for whoever was hit. Blinding speed and strength was on display, and every time a blow was blocked, the sound was comparable to a boulder hitting the ground after falling from a mountaintop. Seishin Danzo was eventually able to land a strike, though, as one of his kicks broke the arm of the Tromokratesian that tried to blockit, and his foot followed through to smash in the alien invader’s head. However, at the same time, another one of the special force members was able to land a punch to Danzo’s back from behind. The ninja grandmaster was thrown to the ground, but he quickly hopped back up to defend against the instantaneous oncoming attacks. His spine was throbbing in pain, but the chi energy he had flowing through him began healing him right away. Soon, he was back to 100% and able to fight at full force.

The clash between the special Tromokratesian forces and Seishin Danzo went on in this brutal manner for about several minutes, before the Tromokratesians pulled their swords out. So, Danzo did the same, and then re-engaged his foes. However, this change in attack proved to be a bad move for the alien invaders, as Danzo was second to none when it came to wielding a blade.

The clashes of metal rang through the air violently, but the ninja grandmaster quickly took the upper hand by slicing body parts off of his enemies. The special Tromokratesian forces were falling one after another, before it came down to the greatest of the Tromokratesians and Danzo. The two exchanged numerous attacks and both landed vicious blows with their blades. The final Tromokratesian was a worthy opponent, but he was no match for Danzo in the end. The ninja grandmaster used a fake, and then flashed a fireball in the alien’s face, burning him, before cutting off his head. Seishin Danzo had finally prevailed.

As the ninja grandmaster stood over the dead bodies, he reveled in the victory for a moment, before he felt the energy surging through him, getting too great to control. He could feel himself losing the ability to channel the energy properly, so he immediately powered down as to not let his spirit be carried away from his body. This caused him to feel drained. However, now that he was back in his normal state of being, he was able to properly hone his chi in on his physical body to recover at a normal rate. He did this as he continued to walk through New Japan to battle against the alien invaders, which was a fight the Iga Clan had finally regained the momentum of alongside the police and military troops.

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