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December 3, 2016



Roberto Suarez




Tenochtitlan, Mexico, Earth (Core reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Insight has the ability to see the weak points on any being. He is also trained in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He wields two bowie knives made of extinct, ancient Aztecan metal – they are virtually indestructible.


Growing up as a child,Roberto was always made to understand that his Aztecan ancestry was something to be proud of. However, he grew tired of always hearing his parents and family talk about it. All Roberto wanted to do was run around with his friends and live life as a normal kid; not studying old texts and history. This caused a great amount of friction between Roberto and his parents for quite some time. Not wanting to fight anymore, though, his parents stopped pressing him to adopt their traditional ways of life. However, this did not mean they gave up on their son eventually adopting the life he was destined to lead.

On Roberto’s 18th birthday, his parents made a deal with him. They said if he allowed them to take him to see some ancient Aztecan sites during a family outing, then they would let him do whatever he wanted for the rest of the weekend with no objection. It meant Roberto could party and go out all he wanted. Alas, it was an easy decision for him to go with his parents, and early that Friday morning they all departed.

HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 204 lbs.
SKIN: Light brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

As their travels took them further and further away from civilization, Roberto began to ask questions about their destination. He figured they would be going to the typical tourist sites or some museums. His parents had nothing like that planned, though. What was on their agenda was much more in touch with the past than Roberto could ever imagine.

After parking near the coast at a remote pier, Roberto’s parents told their son to get out. Then, they all hopped into a small boat with a motor and drove out to the middle of the body of water. With them was diving gear, and Roberto’s parents took turns getting dressed, urging Roberto to do the same. Then, when they were far from shore, they stopped the boat and all three jumped in the water. From there, Roberto followed his parents deep beneath the surface and into a mysterious cave. Inside, there were all sorts of bioluminescent drawings on the cave walls that captivated Roberto. He could not take his eyes off of them, and as he stared he did not notice that his parents had swum out of the cave. By the time he did notice it was too late, for they pressed a rock near the entrance which caused a hole to open below Roberto, which sucked him down into a cavern before the opening closed, trapping him in.

Roberto stood up after sliding to the ground, and screamed for his parents. They were nowhere in sight, though, and Roberto could not believe his own parents would leave him there to die. He cursed them wildly and began pounding the cavern walls, trying to get out. It was then he would see something that would change his life.

As he pounded, spirits emerged from the ground and began speaking to Roberto. They were his ancient Aztecan ancestors, and they told him he was the next chosen one in their bloodline to carry on the Tenochtitlan warrior rite of passage. He had no idea what they were speaking of, but he could not deny what was happening. The spirits infused Roberto with memories of every Aztecan warrior who carried the rite of passage before him, and they explained how it was his time to carry on the tradition. To do so, they also explained how they were giving him a power unique to him and his journey; he was given the ability to see the weaknesses in any being before him. Finally, Roberto was gifted with special ancient Aztecan knives to fight with, which were virtually indestructible.

Roberto stood in the undersea cavern holding the knives, filled with a sense of awe and pride. He had no idea he was a chosen one, but he knew he wanted that more than partying with his friends and hanging out. He had embraced his destiny, and when the spirits realized this, they brought Roberto into his first test. Before him manifested a monster unlike anything he had seen before. Roberto panicked initially, but the spirits told him to focus, and his powers would show him the key to defeating the monster. So, Roberto did just that, and when he did he noticed several spots on the beast that shone like lights. They were the beast’s weak points. Roberto did not think he could physically match the monster, though, until he was able to maneuver with greater speed and agility than he had ever known. The spirits had increased his physical abilities as well. Thus, it was not hard for Roberto to jump out of the way when the monster ran at him, enabling him to deftly stab the spots with his knives. This instantly slew the monster, and from that point on, Roberto Suarez was changed forever.

Upon emerging from the cavern after being guided to the surface by the spirits, Roberto saw his parents sitting in the boat. They were ecstatic to see him, as they did not know if he was going to survive the journey. All they knew from the prophecy given to them was, their son would need to be delivered to their ancient Aztecan ancestors at the underwater cavern. Thus, seeing their son alive and well filled them with joy. Roberto, however, had a moment where he had to go off on his parents for seemingly leaving him to die. He quickly got over being upset, though, and ultimately thanked them for doing so, as he felt honored. He also apologized for not listening to them his whole life about their ancestry, and he promised from that day forward he would do nothing but bring honor to their familial ancestry.

Over the next seven years, Roberto dedicated himself to his education and training in the military. He shaped his mind and body to be in peak form, and though he did not know exactly why he needed to do so, he knew it was the only way to be able to answer the call when it finally came. Then, when he was in his late 20s, a brutal alien race called the Tromokratesians invaded Earth, and Roberto knew it was time to fulfill his destiny.

As with most of the world, Mexico City was being overrun by Tromokratesians, and the Mexican government deployed all of their soldiers and artillery. The entire country was a war zone, but Mexico City was one of the worst places to be. The huge population and all the buildings made limiting destruction and casualties very difficult. Innocents were dying by the hundreds, as the alien invaders did not have mercy on anyone. They were blowing up buildings by blasting them from the sky with reckless abandon. Thus, it was up to the Mexican hyper-beings, soldiers and police on the ground to stop them, and Roberto did not hesitate to jump into the fray.

For some time, he had started going by the name of Insight. Hyper-beings were nothing new in Mexico, and they were gladly accepted into the armed forces, with less opposition or scrutiny than in the US. It did not take special divisions or programs to be created by the government to include them. The Mexican government actively recruited people with hyper-powers, and even gave them preferential treatment in some cases. As such, Roberto was welcomed with open arms by the military and excelled in his duties, as was evident in his battles against the Tromokratesians.

Once in front of his enemies, he unsheathed his special knives and went to work. Insight saw the few weak spots on the physically superior aliens, and instantly employed his skills to take them down. His stabs and slices were precise, and he was able to drop Tromokratesians by the dozens. He saved an untold number of innocent people by taking out groups of alien invaders at a time, helping usher his people to safety. Everything was going as Insight had always thought they would when it was time to claim his destiny. That was, until the Tromokratesians labeled him as an “anomaly” – or an elite adversary – and deployed their special warriors to handle him.

Out of nowhere, Insight saw a group of Tromokratesians that were annihilating his fellow soldiers. He instantly studied them to take them out, but when he did, he realized that they had no weak points. Biologically, they were perfect. Insight knew he was the only one with the powers to take them down, though, so he rushed forward, regardless of having no advantage.

The first special Tromokratesian warrior did not see him coming, and he was able to jump down on him from a perch above. When he landed on the alien invader, he thrust his knives into the neck of the enemy and killed him instantly. However, the others noticed him right away and moved in to attack. Insight dodged and weaved, using his agility to climb fences and walls, before diving in from above to try and take down the alien invaders. They were not fooled by his maneuvers, though, and soon they began catching him in mid-air and slamming him into the ground. Insight took a beating, but the powers given to him by his ancient ancestors’ spirits made him more durable than normal humans. Thus, he was able to brush off the punishment and continue fighting.

As the next few minutes passed, Insight was able to take down a couple more special Tromokratesian warriors with his knives and combat skills. Yet, there were still too many for him to handle, and eventually he was overwhelmed. All of his strikes were blocked, and with his power and speed being outmatched he soon began taking a pounding. Punches and kicks continued to knock Insight around like a rag doll. It appeared he was a dead man, and anyone who tried to intervene was quickly killed. Insight had nowhere to run, and all he could do was watch his fellow soldiers die trying to help him. But then another “anomaly” arrived. It was Lucia Yanez, aka Mictlan!

When word came that the Tromokratesians were invading Earth, Mictlan was visiting home in Mexico City, and it was only natural that she jump in to help defend her country and her people. Then, just before the fighting broke out, her powers as a clairvoyant picked up on a very distinct energy, similar to her ancient Aztecan ancestry. It was Insight, and she immediately set out to find him. After a few hours of searching Mictlan eventually found him, and when she did it happened to be just in time.

Mictlan saw Insight about to be killed, so she used a magical bruja spell to freeze the Tromokratesian warriors, before firing off an energy blast from an amulet which obliterated the alien invaders. Insight was dumbfounded at what he saw, and as Mictlan approached, she reached down to help him up. Once to his feet, she explained that like him, she was a descendant of the ancient Aztecs, and had been given powers passed down to her through generations. Insight was amazed to find out there were others like him, and he was also grateful for having his life saved. After a quick introduction, the two of them ran forward to engage in battle again, in an attempt to save more innocent lives and defend their land.

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