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December 4, 2016

338. XIN YU


Xin Yu




Hong Kong, China, Earth (Core reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Xin Yu he has the ability to create a massive vacuum effect by inhaling. Any inorganic matter caught in the vacuum is disintegrated, allowing him to ingest it.


Times in Hong Kong were difficult when Xin Yu was born. The city as a whole was experiencing a recession of sorts, with both the economy and overall morale of its inhabitants on a decline. Xin Yu’s father was a financial trader for a medium-sized Hong Kong stocks firm, and the company was rapidly going under, due to the shift in the market. His mother was a nurse, and to help compensate for the decrease in funds, with Xin Yu’s father no longer receiving bonuses and commissions, she picked up extra shifts. This led to Xin Yu spending a lot of time solo, as he was an only child and would often be babysat by his grandmother who usually did not want to be bothered.

Over the years as he grew up, Xin Yu became even more introverted. He did not hang out with friends, go out on dates, or participate in any extracurricular activities. Part of this was because he was naturally an anxious individual, and people made him nervous. The main reason, though, was because he was also in the midst of discovering the hyper-ability he was born with. Xin Yu could create a vacuum-effect by inhaling heavily, which would suck in any inorganic matter. And once objects were caught in the vacuum, they would disintegrate into air, allowing him to ingest them safely. The power fascinated Xin Yu, and so he spent endless hours working on perfecting it.

HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 171 lbs.
SKIN: Light tan
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

Initially, Xin Yu had no control over his powers at all, and would accidentally suck down everything around him. All items in his immediate vicinity were being destroyed. After a few years, though, Xin Yu was able to not only control the rate at which the vacuum operated, but he was also able to focus the direction of the vacuum to pinpoint the smallest of objects. Yet, even after mastering his gifts, Xin Yu did not share them. He continued to stay to himself, silent as ever and keeping away from everyone. He did not want to draw any attention to himself, for that would mean he would be forced to interact with people. And his plan worked, too. That was, until the Tromokratesians came to Earth.

Xin Yu was in his mid-20s, when alien invaders began their terror across the globe. Hong Kong was hit hard. An innumerable amount of ships touched down, and Tromokratesians were everywhere. They were slaying anyone who stood up to them, and were killing innocents as they saw fit. The military and police were fighting back, along with hyper-beings and heroes who were in the city. However, the Tromokratesians seemed to be dominating. The same was the case where Xin Yu lived.

As Xin Yu was seeking refuge with his mother and father, their car was attacked by Tromokratesian warriors. The people in the cars aroundthem, who were also trying to exit the city and get to safety in a military zone, all began fleeing. Xin Yu did the same with his parents, as they hopped out of the car and ran. Everyone was screaming and crying while trying to save themselves. Xin Yu sprinted with his parents for as long as they could, however, every corner they turned around saw them running into the giant alien invaders. So, they snuck into an abandoned building along with many others to try and hide, hoping the alien invaders would pass them by.

As they sat in silence, they could hear the carnage taking place outside of the building. The sounds of explosions and screams filled the air. Xin Yu was as nervous as a person could be. Everyone was. The thought did cross Xin Yu’s mind to fight back, but he was deathly afraid, and he could not bring himself to move. Staying quiet and not being noticed was his specialty anyway, so he felt confident doing exactly what they were.

After nearly an hour of successfully hiding, the people could not hear anything going on outside. It appeared the battles had ceased, most likely because the alien invaders had killed everyone and moved on. So, the people grouped together and began looking outside through windows to see if the coast was clear. That was when a woman noticed a few Tromokratesians patrolling the area from down the street. They were checking to see if any of the human soldiers on the ground were still alive. She instantly signaled for everyone to be quiet, and they did. However, when she went to get down from the perch, the wood box she stepped on broke, and caused other boxes to come tumbling down. This, of course, caught the attention of the Tromokratesians, and they immediately ran over.

After shooting the doors down, the large group was spotted by the alien invaders. They yelled in their native tongues, and motioned for everyone to get in a huddled group. After they did, Xin Yu saw one of the enemies speaking into a communications device. It was obvious he was asking for instructions on what to do with the group they just discovered. After the back-and-forth concluded over the device, the alien invaders pressed a button on their alien tech rifles and aimed them at the people. It was apparent their command was to kill everyone. Women screamed, children cried, and the men yelled for the aliens to stop, as they pushed their way to the front to try and shield the group. Things grew intense, and as the Tromokratesians laughed at the sight of the human men standing up to them, something overcame Xin Yu. He had to take action!

At that moment Xin Yu focused his vacuum power on their weapons and inhaled. The rifles flew out of the Tromokratesians’ hands and zipped towards Xin Yu’s mouth. Then, they disintegrated into nothing and were swallowed. The people were all shocked, as were the alien invaders. No one was more stunned than his parents, though, who had no idea their meek, silent son was a hyper-being.

This infuriated the alien warriors, so they took out their swords and moved to start cutting down the group. The people ran away, and as they did, Xin Yu inhaled again and took in their weapons once more. The Tromokratesians were now unarmed.

However, the alien invaders were still physically superior warriors against a group of normal citizens. So, they walked forward, preparing to kill the humans with their bare hands. Finally, a human soldier whom the Tromokratesians had overlooked as they ran into the abandoned building, emerged in the distance with his assault rifle. When Xin Yu saw it, he jumped to the side, and the soldier unloaded his entire clip into the alien invaders. The bullets ripped through their bodies and killed them instantly. Xin Yu was ecstatic, and when it was safe, everyone else rejoiced as well. His parents ran up to him and hugged him, and they could not believe their son had come out of his shell and shone with magnificent power. He had saved the day along with the soldier, and it made his parents extremely proud.

Finally, everyone emerged from the abandoned building while a couple of people helped the soldier. The coast was clear for the time being, and it appeared they would be able to make it to the nearest military zone where safety could possibly be waiting. Nevertheless, all around them in the distance the people could see Hong Kong falling to the Tromokratesian attacks. The sight of burning buildings and explosions was disheartening, and it reminded everyone the worst was not over.

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