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December 5, 2016



Chuenchai Jaa


Lady Resurrection


Northern Mountains of Thailand, Earth (Core reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Lady Resurrection possesses advanced strength, speed, agility and durability. She can also temporarily reanimate corpses by injecting them with a fraction of her life essence. Additionally, she can also control them with her mind and make them mimic her every movement. She is a master of all forms of Muay Thai combat as well, and utilizes a pair of Muay Thai swords.


Chuenchai was born and raised in a remote area of the forested northern mountains of Thailand. As a kid, she was worshiped by everyone in her village for the gift she was bestowed with. Chuenchai was able to temporarily bring the dead back to life.

HEIGHT: 5’6″
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
SKIN: Bronze
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

At first, it was all involuntary, but as she grew older, Chuenchai was able to control her powers. She learned that she was able to use a piece of her life essence to bring a corpse to life and make it follow very basic commands. She could also make them mimic her movements. This caused the villagers to believe she was an incarnation of Buddha, and as such, treated her like royalty. They hailed her as their savior, and as she grew up she received the best of everything. This included the best scholars to teach her, the best monks to help her achieve enlightenment, and the best Muay Thai instructors to teach her how to fight. Nevertheless, the older Chuenchai became, the more somber she grew.

One would think that with everything being provided to them their whole lives and being treated like royalty, a person would be happy as can be. However, Chuenchai was not, for the more enlightened she became, the more she realized how dire the times were that the world faced. War was at an all-time high, economies were crashing, and people were as disjointed as ever. Her sensitivity to the energy and spiritual well-being of the world made her upset. Eventually this somberness would grow into motivation, though, as Chuenchai decided the only way to improve things was to be able to help change the world however she could.

By the time Cheunchai was 19, she had grown greatly in intelligence, fighting skill, spirituality and her hyper-abilities. She began going by the name Lady Resurrection, as she could often be seen in her village performing sacred, traditional ceremonies with a collection of the recently deceased. She would reanimate them as a sign to the people of her village to not fear death, and to show that there is life after this world. She also received the name for being able to travel around Thailand and bring others towards enlightenment, resurrecting the spirits of those who were living spiritually dull and inactive lives everyday as a part of the secular world. Lady Resurrection was doing great things for her people, but nothing she had done up to that point would even compare to what she would have to do.

In the mid-22nd century, when she was about 24 years old, the world was invaded by Emperor Kako and his Tromokratesian army, as they were looking to claim a powerful orbit called the triplos asteri. Countries all over the world were instantly transformed into war zones. Thailand was no exception. Bangkok was under heavy siege, as were all the other cities and developed areas. Chuenchai’s village was untouched, though, as it remained hidden and far away from most civilization. However, Lady Resurrection could not sit back and allow her fellow Thai people to suffer at the hands of their alien enemies. So, she geared herself up to go to the nearest city and help out. It took a few hours to arrive on horseback, but when she did, Lady Resurrection entered the city through stealth means. Then, when she was ready, she attacked the Tromokratesian warriors!

Her advanced physical abilities, along with her brutal sword strikes and hard-hitting Muay Thai style, helped offset the physical superiority of the alien invaders. She was able to take down the enemies with proficiency at first, but soon the alien invaders began targeting her and focusing on her as a legitimate threat. The laser blasts were raining down non-stop, so Chuenchai was forced to use evasivetactics and hide, before re-engaging. She did not mind, though, as patience was one of her strong points and it enabled her to continue to surprise the Tromokratesians and take them down. This went on for a couple of hours, until the commander of a nearby starship noticed the high Tromokratesian casualty rate, and called in an advanced breed of Tromokratesian warriors trained specifically to eliminate adversaries deemed as extremely dangerous – referred to as “anomalies”.

The advanced alien invaders approached Chuenchai with no hesitation. Realizing she was heavily outnumbered, she decided the best course of action was to retreat and reposition herself for a more strategic strike. However, they would not let her slip away. The Tromokratesians chased her down with great speed, and forced her to engage. Eventually, they started roughing her up, punching her around and cutting her with their swords. Alas, Cheunchai knew she could not use her fighting skills alone to defeat the enemy. She had to go into full Lady Resurrection mode.

She ran into the center of the city nearby, where the most carnage had occurred, and when the advanced Tromokratesian warriors thought they had her right where they wanted her, they had no idea they were the ones who were surrounded. It was at that moment Lady Resurrection began sending out her life essence into the dozens of human corpses all around them. The Tromokratesians watched in confusion as the bodies started to move, and then in horror as the dead bodies began to group together. More than 50 deceased soldiers were staring at them and were ready to be commanded.

Lady Resurrection yelled for them to charge at the Tromokratesians. The alien invaders pulled out their rifle blasters and shot lasers at the incoming corpses, but they could not take them all down. By the time the dead bodies reached their position, Lady Resurrection began making them imitate her Muay Thai moves, and they all attacked the alien invaders simultaneously. Before long, all of the advanced Tromokratesian warriors were dead. Lady Resurrection then commanded the corpses to follow her into battle as she pressed on throughout the city, attempting to save as many lives as possible.

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