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December 12, 2016



Jean St. Croix


Le Donnuer


Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Core reality); Late-21st century


Hyper-human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Le Donnuer has the ability to temporarily imbue nearby people with physical hyper-abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He also has extensive military training in hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He carries standard issue Canadian military weaponry including an AK-47 assault riffle, pistols and tactical knives.


Growing up in Montreal, Jean always wondered why everyone else was faster, stronger, quicker, and could run longer distances than he could. He was not a bad athlete, but whenever he would compete he always seemed to underperform. Even when he faced off against people whom he knew he could beat, he would still lose. It baffled his mind. It also confounded his parents. They took him to psychologists, had medical tests run, everything. A cause was never truly determined by any doctors. It was not until he gave up playing sports as a young man and transitioned to being a physical trainer that he would discover what was happening.

HEIGHT: 6’0″
WEIGHT: 191 lbs.
SKIN: White
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

One day as he was preparing for a client to come in, a woman Jean trained came running into the gym. He had not seen her for weeks as she missed multiple appointments, and she looked a bit on edge. He asked her what was wrong and where she had been, but she immediately ushered him away to a side office. After closing the door,she just stood there and stared at him with a crazy look on her face. Jean asked what she was doing, but she shushed him again. Then, after another moment she told him to stand still as she dropped to the ground and began pumping out push-ups. She did 150 with ease, and when she jumped up her eyes were wide open. Jean told her she needed to explain herself, but instead she dragged him to the nearby track and told him to time her 100m dash. He shook his head no at first, but after her incessant begging, he agreed. She ran it in 13 seconds. Finally, as she rolled on the track laughing, Jean walked up and demanded she tell him what was going on.

The woman caught her breath before hopping to her feet, and said that Jean was an “imbuer”. He had no idea what that was, and asked what she meant. The woman then explained how she worked for the Canadian Armed Forces, and for years they had been researching hyper-beings and meta-beings. The theory had been floating around about whether or not there was a person with the ability to gift others with special powers. Hyper-serums had become too unstable and dangerous to keep experimenting with. Plus, after Knox Hyde and the US government had gone after the top minds in the fields of hyper-studies for their INTEL project as a response to the actions of the multinational business mogul Edgar Lockhart being exposed as a global criminal mastermind, the Canadian government refused to become entangled in trying to experiment with hyper-abilities anymore. However, they figured if they were able to find a hyper or meta who already has the gift of granting others with powers, they could then seek to have that person work with them to increase the capabilities of their troops. Jean, simply put, was floored.

It made so much sense, and was such a simple answer to a question that plagued him his entire life. The woman explained that whenever Jean was around other people, he helped advance their physical capabilities. His body emitted an energy that was absorbed by those around him and when they did, they had their athleticism increased. The woman continued by saying that she did not realize it until she was forced to take time off from their sessions. She always wondered why when she would work out at home, she could never do as many push-ups or sit-ups as when she was with Jean. She also wondered why she felt slower when she ran. Then, during her hiatus, she really fell off performance wise, and that was when it hit her. She had not been around Jean, which meant he must be an imbuer! It is why everyone in the world loves working out with him. He makes them feel like a super version of themselves.

 Jean did not know how to take the news. He felt happy that he had such a positive effect on people, but he also wished he could use that power on himself to increase his own performance. The woman said she wanted Jean to come with her because he could be doing so much more good for people by helping out the armed forces. Jean had never considered enlisting in the military, but he figured if his powers could help protect their people and their nation, being a superhero would not be so bad.

Over the next number of years, Jean underwent intensive military training and became a great soldier. He also was able to perfect his abilities as an imbuer. Jean gained the ability to control when he imbued others with power, and also to pinpoint which physical attribute he wanted to increase in the individual or group he was targeting. This enabled any group of soldiers he was with to have a leg up on any enemy. Well, almost any enemy, as their battles against an alien invading force in the middle of the 22nd century would prove to require more than an imbuer.

As the Tromokratesians invaded Earth, they made sure to hit Montreal. The major Canadian city was a prime target, and a seemingly endless amount of alien troops were continuing to arrive. Thus, Jean and his team of elite soldiers were tasked with helping defend the city and stopping the invasion. It was a monumental task, but with an imbuer everyone felt they had as good a chance as any.

Once they arrived at the battlefront, Jean immediately imbued his entire team with a massive increase in every physical attribute possible. The feeling of power surged through the soldiers, and they felt the most amazing high anyone could experience. The men and women reveled in the feeling, allowing Jean’s energy to overtake their entire anatomy. Then, after they were juiced up with energy, Jean and his crew engaged the enemy!

They blasted their way through the crowds of alien invaders, and then once in close quarters, employed their knives and hand to hand combat skills. The crew of elite soldiers punished many Tromokratesians with their advanced strength, speed, agility, durability and endurance. However, the alien invaders were not outmatched, and they, too, inflicted plenty of pain and punishment with their natural physical superiority. Consequently, Jean was forced to constantly focus on helping to heal his comrades in order to ensure no one was too heavily disabled. To do this, he imbued them with an accelerated durability factor, which made the soldiers more tolerant of physical damage. Nevertheless, the battle raged on in a brutal manner, and many fell.

Eventually, Jean and his team were able to push back a wave of Tromokratesians with the help of other Canada-based hyper-beings and the Montreal police.That was when a squad of special advanced Tromokratesian warriors were released to specifically deal with the hyper-beings. They were ruthless and highly skilled, and before long several individuals with powers were exterminated. Dozens of troops also began to fall left and right, and soon Jean realized his entire crew had been killed. It was clear that he was next. He continued to fight with everything he had, and then it dawned on him that in order to defeat the super Tromokratesians, he needed to turn his focus to imbuing the hyper-beings with his energy instead of the human soldiers.

Soon after, the hypers and metas in his vicinity were charged with his energy, and Jean informed them that as long as they were near him, they could have heightened levels of abilities. Thus, one hero immediately placed a massively powerful force field around Jean to protect him from being harmed, and then other hyper-heroes – and even some hyper-villains – began fighting back with greater power than they had ever possessed. Next, they ganged up on the super Tromokratesians and took them out, restoring balance to the fight in their section of Montreal. Jean felt sad that his crew had perished, but the powered-beings he was now with told him they had to move on and help save the rest of the city. Therefore, Jean continued inside the force field as he and the rest of his allies forged on…

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