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December 14, 2016


  Part 2 of 4




Emperor Kako; The Father of Death


Planet of Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core reality); 1950 BC


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Kako possesses supreme strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is a master of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He is impervious to telepathic/telekinetic/psionic powers. He’s advanced physiology slows his aging to an absolute crawl, making him virtually immortal. He is also highly intelligent, a technological genius, and a master strategist. His primary weapons include the Emperor’s sword, the Emperor’s whip and the Emperor’s cannon.


As it became custom, the supreme warlord Ypoulos traveled to newly conquered worlds attained by Kako. He reveled in the success of his protégé, and the more pieces were added to the Tromokratesian empire, the more Ypoulos ventured into the universe. This also meant he was more exposed. Alas, on a trip while visiting Kako, Ypoulos fell victim to an extremely intricate assassination plot which ultimately resulted in him being gunned down from afar by a legendary GKF sniper and one-man death squad named Smith Jones. The assassin escaped, but not before being identified as a GKF soldier. Therefore, when Kako was subsequently named emperor, he vowed his most imperative mission as supreme warlord of his people would be to annihilate their nemesis. This, unbeknownst to the GKF and the Unity, had also made their fight against the Tromokrateisans exponentially more perilous, for Emperor Kako’s unrelenting appetite for revenge, endless desire for conquests, unparalleled cunning, and tyrannical savagery was far beyond anything they ever experienced.

This fact was made evident to the universe without delay, as Kako’s first order was to break the uneasy truce Tromokrate held with the other planets in their native Skotadi System. Soon, they dominated all the other warrior planets nearby – a feat that had never been attempted, let alone accomplished, in history. Then, they took over their neighboring star systems whom they also had weak alliances with; this led to an aggressive and monumental expansion of their core, converting dozens of planets into one unified Tromokratesian epicenter. From there, Kako’s success continued to roll throughout the galaxy, elevating Tromokrate from being the largest and most deadly opponent of the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies to an equal.

HEIGHT: 7’1″
WEIGHT: 416 lbs.
SKIN: Dark black
HAIR: White
EYES: White

This, though, did not satiate Emperor Kako’s lust for revenge and universal domination. No matter how many planets they ravaged, how many star systems in the Unity they conquered, how many galaxies they ran through, or how many GKF soldiers they killed, it was never enough. Kako craved more power, so he could achieve his heart’s desires faster. Therefore, he engaged on a quest to investigate the ancient prophecies. Many, he found, were merely myths. Yet, some did prove to be semi-truthful, which helped benefit the Tromokratesian Empire in the way of technological and biological advancements. There was one prophecy, however, that was not only true but proved to be exponentially greater than the rest. It was about Armonia, the goddess of the multiverse.

The texts supporting the prophecy spoke of Armonia’s sole purpose, which was to preside over all in existence from the past, present, and infinite possible futures. She was to maintain balance, ensuring the harmony of life was guaranteed. However, several billion years into her reign she realized that one supreme being could not truly provide balance; two supreme beings to cooperate and counter one another could, however. Therefore, she took half of her essence and encapsulated it in three stars. They were called the triplos asteri. Then, she hid them across the universe. If a worthy individual was powerful enough to have the means to obtain them, and was knowledgeable enough to unlock them and answer the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom, that meant they would become a god or goddess and rule alongside Armonia, bringing ultimate balance to the universe. It was a prophecy that offered Kako the greatest power to ever exist, and it soon became his obsession.

Over a couple thousand years, Kako used the ancient texts to visit planets spread out across the universe. He investigated each clue, no matter how small, determined to find the triplos asteri. The trials and obstacles surrounding his journeys were monumental. The magnitude of the things he had to do and what he experienced cannot be fathomed. However, he eventually was able to decipher a pattern in Armonia’s grand plan, which led to his discovery and obtainment of the first two stars. Eventually he discovered that the third triplos was located on a planet in a far off part of the cosmos no one from Tromokrate had visited in thousands of years. It was Earth. And it was deep within the heart of a cluster of GKF-protected galaxies. It would take a ridiculous amount of effort and planning to obtain the star. Even with his considerable power and substantial military at his command, it looked to be all but impossible. Luckily for Kako, a present was about to be delivered to his doorstep. It was Ramses Hondo.

On Earth, Ramses’s parents had discovered and been working on an ancient Tromokratesian communication device. But they were killed before they could ever figure out exactly how to use it. Sometime after rising to the status of world-renowned mercenary and arms dealer, Ramses was able to decode the alien device. Then, within seconds of unlocking it he was transported to Tromokrate. Yet, there was no warm welcome for him, as upon his arrival Ramses was instantly taken into custody, and preparations were made for his execution. However, when their commanding officer learned Ramses was from Earth and that he used an ancient Tromokratesian device that was left there thousands of years prior to communicate with Tromokrate, Ramses was taken to the emperor, as any information pertaining to Earth was to be reported directly to Kako immediately.

Upon seeing the supreme warlord, Ramses was in awe for the first time in his life. The sheer massiveness of the emperor and his indomitable aura, combined with the magnificence of the far superior Tromokratesian world, left him speechless. Ramses was not afraid, though, which was a fact Emperor Kako detected. This surprised and intrigued the intergalactic warlord. In addition, the fact Ramses had decoded the ancient Tromokratesian language and technology impressed the emperor. Thus, Kako decided it was the perfect opportunity to enact a plan to extract the last triplos asteri from Earth, and Ramses was to be the central element of that plan.

Emperor Kako biologically enhanced Ramses, making him much more powerful than he was before. Next, he shared all the technological advancements of their empire, and equipped him with both bio and mechanical tech to take back to Earth in order to complete the job of excavating the star, which was buried deep within the planet’s core. Also, Kako sent an ambassador by the name of Ligselzus to help infiltrate the planet and maintain communication between the two sides. In order to conceal the alien ambassador’s identity, Ligselzus was transformed into a more humanoid form. He called himself Ashtar.

Ramses was tasked with working from the inside to do Kako’s bidding, while the emperor continued to search for the cosmic knowledge needed to unlock the power of the triplos asteri and answer the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom. And even though Kako was close, he knew he needed more time. Thus, the emperor told Ramses to use that time to obtain the final triplos asteri for him, and when everything was completed, he would travel to Earth in order to become god of the universe. Ramses willingly accepted his task, and after several years of searching, he discovered that the star was buried deep within the Earth’s core. Despite all the alien tech and resources Ramses possessed he still lacked the manpower, scientific knowhow and psionic energy needed to excavate the star. It wasn’t long before he linked up with international business mogul and supreme hyper-villain Edgar Lockhart. Together they were able to create the Hollow Earth Excavation site and after several years, tens of thousands of man hours, and a assist from Edgar’s powerful psionic sister, London Omega, they were able to penetrate the protective barrier and obtain the triplos. And the timing couldn’t be any better, as Emperor Kako and a massive armada of Tromokratesian warships had just arrived to take the star.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the GKF and Earth’s armies and hyper-beings, the Tromokratesian fleet was met with incredible resistance. The initial clash in the sky sent ripples through the entire star system, but the alien invaders eventually broke through the GKF orbital blockade, and launched a full-scale attack on the planet. War broke out all over the world, and Emperor Kako himself went directly for the Hollow Earth Site.

When he arrived, a huge confrontation was already underway. Supervillains Ligselzus, London Omega, the new and improved Edgar Omega, Ramses Hondo, the Lockhart Force, and Ramses’s squad of hyper-powered mercenaries were locked in battle with the Alpha Initiative, Major Delilah Fray of the GKF, and the Sacred Asylum. The combat was brutal, with everyone pushing themselves to the maximum limits, as the stakes at hand were the ultimate. It was a rather unassuming low-level hyper-being named Peter Coughlin, who turned the tide in favor of the heroes. He was using his power to temporarily immobilize villains, which allowed the good guys to gain the upper hand. They were on the verge of taking the star, when Ligselzus told Edgar and London Omega to retreat and get it to a secure location.

However, when Emperor Kako arrived everything changed…

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