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December 14, 2016


  Part 3 of 4




Emperor Kako; The Father of Death


Planet of Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core reality); 1950 BC


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Kako possesses supreme strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is a master of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He is impervious to telepathic/telekinetic/psionic powers. He’s advanced physiology slows his aging to an absolute crawl, making him virtually immortal. He is also highly intelligent, a technological genius, and a master strategist. His primary weapons include the Emperor’s sword, the Emperor’s whip and the Emperor’s cannon.


Kako jumped down from his flagship at the Hollow Earth Site. When he landed on the platform, he caused a shockwave that toppled everyone. They were all confused, but when those present stood to their feet, things became clearer. The heroes knew they were not only facing a massive Tromokratesian, but they could also tell they were in the presence of a being unlike anything they had ever seen. The villains, all recognizing the emperor, were ecstatic, and slowly moved to the side of Kako. The air was completely still as both sides glared at one another. The lava from the Earth’s core raged beneath them, too, but not even that was as violent or deadly as what was to come next.

Captain Noble looked at Major Delilah Fray. He could see she was seething with rage. The last time she saw Kako, he had discovered she was operating as an undercover spy for the GKF in the guise of a Tromokratesian female. She managed to make him desire to have her as his queen, but when he uncovered her true identity, he engaged her in battle and nearly killed her. Luckily, before Delilah was slain she was saved via teleportation to safety by the GKF. Noble also saw the look on the faces of Lt. Rashard Bonds, Interface and Musashi. They had fought against a trio of Tromokratesians before, but they realized Kako was of an entirely different and more monstrous ilk.

HEIGHT: 7’1″
WEIGHT: 416 lbs.
SKIN: Dark black
HAIR: White
EYES: White

Noble stepped up and asked Kako to identify himself. The emperor refused to speak to the Captain, though, and instead told Ramses and Ligselzus in his native Tromokratesian tongue to take the star to the mothership just beyond Earth’s orbit and await his return. Ramses turned and told everyone else the command in English, but before they could leave, a commotion broke out above Hollow Earth. The starship Kako arrived on was being blasted upon. A fire fight ensued in the sky, and at first nobody could tell what was going on. Within moments, however, it became clear exactly what was happening: The GKF had arrived… in full force!

General Tixus Trexion landed in front of the heroes, followed by Lt. General Gryxus, Lt. General Creexus, and Lt. General Nexus. Major Delilah Fray stepped forward and put her hand on Tixus’s shoulder, stating he was just in time. She then turned to the rest of the heroes and nodded to express the cavalry had arrived.

Emperor Kako smiled and welcomed Tixus to the fight. The general did not smile in return, though. Instead, he called out Emperor Kako’s name, followed by his alias “The Father of Death”. Captain Noble and Lou exchanged looks, then returned their focus to the villains. Kako motioned to Ramses and Ligselzus again to continue with his command. Some of them looked surprised, for they did not understand how Kako could stay there alone and take on such a powerful group of superheroes. Ramses glanced at them with a look of certainty, however, letting them know that Kako did not need a shred of help. With that, the villains began fleeing to the starships with the third triplos.

When Delilah saw the villains leaving with the last star, she told the Sacred Asylum to follow her as she chased them down, and they all ran after the enemy. Lou sent Black Jag with them to help with their efforts. Captain Noble also placed a call with his communication device to General Hank Garrison, informing him to prepare the most advanced starship on the planet, “The Stratalight”, in case the triplosi made it off the planet.

This left the Alpha Initiative standing side-by-side with General Tixus and his elite GKF warriors, across from Emperor Kako. Encore looked over to Peter Coughlin, who was also still present, and told him to follow Delilah. However, he refused and said they could use his help now more than ever. She nodded, though reluctantly, and turned back to face The Father of Death.

Tension filled the air. There was no need for any talking, and there was nothing else that needed to be done. The heroes prepared for battle. Emperor Kako unsheathed his Emperor’s Sword and uncoiled his Emperor’s Whip. And with that, the final battle began!

The heroes charged together, while Encore teleported herself behind Kako. He spun out of the way as she reappeared and struck with her knife. This placed him behind her now, and with great speed he kicked her in the back. She flew across the platform and rolled across the ground. Then, Tixus used his gravitron bands to collapse some boulders on Kako. The emperor struck the massive rocks with his whip, shattering them to pieces. By this time, Captain Noble had flown in on Kako and began unleashing punches. Kako weaved in and out of Noble’s fists, returning strikes with his sword. Noble dodged the counters, but he was not able to avoid the fast strike from the whip and was lacerated across the arm, before being shoulder-thrust with great force.

Next, Lou and Musashi attacked in a tandem. While the super samurai advanced with his sword, the super soldier launched vicious punches and kicks. The emperor blocked the weapon attacks with his sword, while maneuvering out of the way of Lou’s advances. Then, he struck Musashi with his blade. Luckily, the samurai’s armor absorbed the strike, but the force from it dropped him to the ground. Lou was able to move in at this point, and landed a few punches to Kako’s side and face. The emperor merely grunted, however, and spun to hit the super soldier with a punch that caused him to flip in the air and land hard on the ground.

Liberty Star unleashed a bevy of arrows from a distance, but Kako used his whip to snap them out of the air. The brief distraction allowed Gryxus and Creexus to work in close with their GKF swords. The clashing of their blades against Kako’s caused loud, bright sparks of electricity to fly through the air. A short dance of swordplay occurred next, but Kako prevailed once more, executing a sequence of feigns and low strikes, before slicing both in the leg. Orenda moved in next and tried to use her short-range molecular blasts in conjunction with her fighting style. Kako continued to maneuver out of the way, which frustrated the hero. So, she pulled out her knives and went to work.

Kako blocked all of Orenda’s attacks with his sword and slashed her across the back with his whip as she tried to spin out of the way. Interface immediately followed alongside Lt. Nexus. Both of them used their swords to engage in a barrage of attacks. Their skill and proficiency caused Kako to take a few steps back, but before she knew it Nexus had the whip wrapped around her ankle. Kako launched her off her feet and into the distance. Interface rushed him from behind with multiple throwing stars, but the emperor blocked all of the projectiles and greeted the Iga Clan ninja with a front kick that caused her to fall back several feet. Liberty Star descended upon Kako, and as she fell down through the air, she launched multiple arrows at him simultaneously. Again, he used his whip to crack them out of the air, and when she was in range, Kako hit Liberty Star with a smashing spin kick which launched her into a rock wall.

All of the heroes had failed in their first attempts to take down Kako. And for the next several minutes, they continued to fail as the emperor proved to be too skilled, too fast, and too powerful. His sword and whip tasted the blood of all the heroes as he sliced and lacerated their bodies. The good guys were able to land strikes as well, but the incredible durability of Kako and his supreme tolerance for pain did not leave him fazed at all.

It was Alpha Initiative member Encore who was having the most success, as her mastery of instant teleportation allowed her to hit Kako while he was engaged with two or three other heroes at once. She would pop in, land a few hits or cuts with her knives, and then disappear. Consequently, the Father of Death was growing increasingly frustrated, and decided to focus his efforts toward stopping it from occurring anymore. He took a moment to recognize her patterns, and then perfectly timed one of her teleportations using his whip to wrap her up. He then launched the handle of the whip into a metal wall nearby, which lodged it deep within metal. She was entangled in serrated, sharp chain-links on a whip constructed with virtually indestructible steel. Immense pain shot through her body! Encore was then forced to constantly teleport in place to keep herself from being ripped apart. However, the trauma she was suffering prevented her from fully exiting the binding. She simply was too badly injured.

His most effective adversary was no longer a threat, but now Kako was without his whip. Realizing this opening, General Tixus told the heroes to focus on relieving Kako of his sword. He, along with Musashi and Interface, continued to use their own swords to engage him, while Gryxus, Creexus and Nexus all worked at striking his hand to make him drop the weapon. After several volleys, they were finally successful in disarming Kako of the massive blade. However, what they did not realize was this enabled the emperor to be more mobile and fluid in his movements. Without hesitation, Kako pressed forward with a barrage of punches and kicks. The six heroes continued to use their weapons to fight back, but Kako maneuvered between and around all of their attacks. Then, once inside he would unload massive blows to the heads and bodies of the heroes, flooring them immediately. Alas, things seemed to have gotten worse when they believed they were actually making progress.

Over the moments that followed, Kako went on a spree of disarming the other heroes, as well. He rushed Liberty Star, catching or dodging her arrows; some of them he simply allowed to pierce his armor before yanking them out and pressing forward. Eventually, he reached the heroic archer and smashed her bow to pieces. Musashi approached next to help his fellow Alpha Initiative teammate, using his stealth technology to get in close. This allowed the super samurai to blast Kako with powerful kicks of his own. However, the emperor was versed in hunting down species of alien races that can blend in with their surroundings, so it took him no time to track Musashi and smash him with devastating punches that destroyed his camouflage capabilities. Interface, Orenda, Gryxus, Tixus, Nexus and Lou all took beatings, before being disarmed, too. Soon, nobody held any weapons.

The GKF warriors tried using their gravitron bands to push and pull Kako, but his mastery of maneuvering around gravity-based attacks was unparalleled. Thus, they could only charge in to try and take Kako down manually. Together, they operated with great unison. Kako’s defense was superb, though, and any strikes they did land did not do so cleanly allowing him to take little damage.

The fight progressed looking as if it were choreographed with how proficient and swiftly everyone was able to attack and defend. The myriad of styles of the heroes that were on display was incredible, all complimenting each other perfectly. Kako, however, was a battle veteran of over 4,000 years, and he had seen enough forms of attack to more than cope with what was being thrown at him. On the contrary, the heroes had never felt the power or seen the abilities of a massive and brutal warrior like Kako. Alas, they were at a disadvantage, and the punishment they took over the course of the battle was quite severe.

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