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December 14, 2016


  Part 4 of 4




Emperor Kako; The Father of Death


Planet of Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core reality); 1950 BC


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Kako possesses supreme strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is a master of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He is impervious to telepathic/telekinetic/psionic powers. He’s advanced physiology slows his aging to an absolute crawl, making him virtually immortal. He is also highly intelligent, a technological genius, and a master strategist. His primary weapons include the Emperor’s sword, the Emperor’s whip and the Emperor’s cannon.


As the fight raged on, Peter Coughlin watched from a hiding place on the fringe of the battle area, waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and help. He observed Kako was an incredible warrior and would not be easy to get close to. However, after seeing Encore entangled in the emperor’s whip and then hung from a wall, he knew he had to act fast. The sight of her body dangling in the air, with gravity pulling her weight down while the chain of blades tore deeper into her anatomy in between teleporting in place, caused Peter to cringe. Therefore, he ran over to her, and after an arduous effort freed the hero.

He then turned to see Kako pound Interface and Liberty Star into oblivion. Musashi’s relentless pressure was finally waning, and most of his armor had been crushed by repeated strikes from the emperor. Working together, Lou and Noble were still having some success, as the two of them together proved to be a deadly combination. In fact, they were able to fell Kako a few times! However, the emperor jumped right up and fought back with a vengeance, eventually breaking some of Lou’s bones and folding Noble over more than once from devastating body blows. This caused the superhero of superheroes to drop to the ground like a sack of bricks. Gryxus and Creexus advanced next. They successfully combined their efforts and made Kako stumble, but eventually the emperor also bludgeoned the GKF warriors and put them out of commission. Tixus, however, refused to stay down.

HEIGHT: 7’1″
WEIGHT: 416 lbs.
SKIN: Dark black
HAIR: White
EYES: White

As the rest of the heroes struggled to gather themselves, the GKF general stood up. Kako locked eyes with the one adversary he considered a true arch nemesis. Both warriors breathed heavily; blood dripped all over the emperor’s body. Though he was winning, the heroes had inflicted significant injuries on him. Kako merely was able to absorb so much more damage, which enabled him to sustain a higher level of effectiveness and power. He was also fueled by the reality he was facing the military leader of the faction that assassinated his mentor, Emperor Ypoulos; he was the representation of the Tromokratesian’s ancient adversary, the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies. Tixus had an advantage of his own, too, and that was the knowledge of Kako murdering his parents. The unbridled rage the GKF general harbored fueled him to fight on when everyone else struggled to, and it was this fire that enabled him to rush in once more.

Tixus was successful in landing some more punches and kicks. He perfectly applied every single bit of skill and combat knowledge he possessed, and it resulted in him taking the fight to Kako! The emperor was forced to consistently defend as Tixus did not relent. After these initial moments, though, Kako adjusted and was able to maneuver himself in position to grab the general. From there, he slammed him into the ground twice with enormous force. Then, Kako lifted Tixus up in the air by his neck and stared at the general as he choked the life from his body.

Other heroes charged in, including all three GKF lieutenants. They were handled with precision, however, as Kako kicked all of them away with lightning fast strikes. Then, he focused on the general again. Tixus tried to smash Kako’s arm to free himself, but the emperor’s grasp was beyond firm. Tixus saw his end as his vision grew darker and he could no longer breathe. He felt the muscles in his neck weaken and the pressure increase. General Tixus’ death was at hand, and the last thing he saw before everything went black was Kako’s white eyes glaring at him and his teeth exposed in a furious growl.

As the emperor choked the life out of one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes, it was one of the world’s most unlikely heroes, Peter Coughlin, who saw a chance to strike. He snuck up behind Kako and grabbed him with all his might. Instantly, he began using his hyper-ability to immobilize the emperor. Kako was shocked, as he had not seen Peter since the fighting began. His movements began to slow, and he was forced to release Tixus from his grasp. The Father of Death, however, was not fully susceptible to the effects of Peter’s powers!

Kako mustered all the energy he could and grabbed Peter’s arms as they were wrapped around his torso. Then, he snapped them in half. Next, the emperor turned to him and punched him so hard he completely knocked his head off his body! Encore yelled from the distance, witnessing the man who had saved her be destroyed. She was unable to move much, though, having suffered great injuries. Nexus, on the other hand, was free to capitalize on Kako’s moment of temporary weakness.

The GKF lieutenant transformed into her Fire Goddess form and flew at Kako, smashing him in the face with a massive punch. The emperor’s skin seared with fire as she landed another blast to the lumbering tyrant. She then dove into the lava beneath them. Both the heroes and the supreme villain were confused by this, but after a few moments Nexus emerged to the surface with a massive trail of lava and fire behind her! She flew directly at Kako with the intent of smashing him into a wall and smothering him in the scorching liquid.

The emperor thought quickly, and he was able to pick up Peter’s dead body and throw it at the approaching hero before barely leaping out of the way in the nick of time. This caused the fire goddess to fly through the corpse, incinerating it. Furious she missed, Nexus landed and turned towards Kako to re-engage him. Alas, as soon as she did, she was impaled through her shoulder by a GKF lieutenant sword. After jumping out of the way of her attack, Kako landed near one of the vacated blades and subsequently used it to take down the fire goddess, forcing her to transform back into her normal form.

For a moment, there was silence amongst the heroes and Kako. The Alpha Initiative and the GKF were barely hanging on, and Kako was still recovering from the effects of being partially immobilized and severely burned. However, the emperor was regaining his faculties at a faster rate. Thus, Kako took advantage of the moment and began walking toward the heroes. With every step he gained more of his faculties back, and within a few moments he went on the offensive once more.

Lou was the first engaged, and he was able to initially fend off Kako as the telepathic nanocells in his body were firing with immense force. But with each passing second, the emperor grew quicker. It was not long before he was striking as fast as he was before Peter’s effect, and he soon was moving through the crowd of heroes, dispatching of their defensive efforts and crushing them once again.

Things looked dire. Yet, Orenda was able to stumble up to the supervillain and strike Kako in the back of the leg with a blast of molecular energy from her hand. This caused the emperor to drop to a knee, but he quickly backhanded her, knocking her down. He then went to drop a double-fisted smash on top of her skull, but her body was dragged out of the way just in time. Kako’s fists pounded into the thick steel platform, and when he looked up shocked from having missed, he saw it was Tixus who had used his gravitron bands to move Orenda to safety. The general was still alive and kicking!

Kako stood and charged Tixus instantly, and when they met the general unleashed another perfectly executed barrage of strikes. Kako was hit in the face and body, but he absorbed the punches and went directly into blocking the rest of the attacks before countering with a strike of his own. This greatly wobbled Tixus, and then Kako grabbed him once more and threw him into a few of the approaching heroes. Kako looked down and saw his Emperor’s Sword was just beneath his feet. He dipped down and grabbed it, and then stared at the heroes who were either still felled or barely standing. He sneered at them, and at that moment a helpless feeling came over the heroes. They believed they had finally met their end. Nobody had it in them to continue fighting much longer, and they knew the same was true for everyone else. Furthermore, with Kako having had his faculties fully restored they knew they were no match. Even with all of the damage and injuries they inflicted on him, the emperor simply would not stop attacking until they all were dead. It was all seemingly over.

Kako slowly began approaching them to finish the confrontation. The thudding sound of his footsteps on the platform rang in their ears like death chimes. The fire from the lava on the platform glowed against the emperor’s skin, and the flicker of the flames reflected off of Kako’s sword. With every inch he moved closer, the heroes prepared themselves to fight despite knowing their end was at hand. They all looked at each other and nodded in acknowledgement of the historically heroic lives each led. Their sentiments also expressed how honored they were to be dying at one another’s side. Then, they turned to face the Father of Death one last time. However, Kako suddenly stopped in his tracks and ceased his approach. It appeared he was getting a message from his communication system. Simultaneously, Captain Noble and Lou were receiving a message, as well. That was when Kako let off a monstrous roar of fury and glared at the heroes. Noble slowly began smiling in return, and then he told the heroes that a special unit captured the final triplos from the Omega Twins and the Tromokratesians!

Despite how much Emperor Kako wanted to slaughter the enemies before him, especially Tixus, he refused to let the third star elude him. So, he sheathed his sword before leaping over to the wall. Next, he grabbed his whip out of the metal, and in the blink of an eye he was beamed up to his flagship. He glared at the heroes before departing, letting them know they had not seen the last of him. And they, too, knew the war was far from over. But for now, the Alpha Initiative and the GKF had survived.

Once Kako was gone, everyone let out a huge sigh of relief. Many sat on the ground or leaned up against the nearest structure. They had stared death in the face and escaped with their lives. Captain Noble then explained the information he received: a flight crew had intercepted the last star after a long dog fight with Tromokratesian starships in the airspace near Hollow Earth. He had to depart immediately to lead the expedition to take the triplos far away from Earth. His orders were to hide it somewhere in space that Emperor Kako could never find it, and seeing how Kako was already hot on the tail of their flight crew, Noble could waste no time. Therefore, all the heroes wished the Captain luck and watched as he blasted off from the platform, speeding away into the sky…

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