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December 14, 2016


  Part 1 of 4




Emperor Kako; The Father of Death


Planet of Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core reality); 1950 BC


Tromokratesian; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Kako possesses supreme strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is a master of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. He is impervious to telepathic/telekinetic/psionic powers. His advanced physiology slows his aging to an absolute crawl, making him virtually immortal. He is also highly intelligent, a technological genius, and a master strategist. His primary weapons include the Emperor’s sword, the Emperor’s whip and the Emperor’s cannon.


For eons, the Tromokratesian alien race initially resisted the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies (SToG) – an organization formed to unite all the cosmos to promote prosperity, peace and universal governance. Their holdout eventually ended, though, for one thing they valued over all was knowledge, and the SToG controlled the largest collection of ancient and modern documents known to the universe, collected from planets both near and mostly impossible to reach. This spurred the Tromokratesians to join, even if it were only for selfish reasons. However, once a member they discovered that not all of the knowledge beheld by the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies was made available to everyone. A plethora of books and documents were restricted and only accessible to the highest members of the organization. This was done because the leaders deemed the information contained within the restricted texts a massive threat to the universe’s safety if obtained by anyone with the slightest inclination towards malevolence, a fact which infuriated the Tromokratesians. Therefore, they demanded the knowledge withheld be shared with all to gain wisdom from. Many members of the SToG agreed with the Tromokratesians, too, finally having their longstanding but silent gripe able to be voiced by an entity much more powerful than them. The Sympan Treaty of Galaxies immediately motioned to have the Tromokratesians removed from their ranks for inciting dissension, and once the votes were secured, the Tromokratesians were forced to leave. This inspired them to become the greatest enemy of the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies in the entire cosmos.

Countless billions of Tromokratesians spread across space throughout the ages following their departure from the SToG, conquering star systems and forcing an innumerable amount of species into slavery, expanding their boundless empire. Whether the places were strategically valuable, well-developed, or only good for resources, the Tromokratesians wanted to dominate them all if they were loyal to the SToG. Eventually, their appetite for universal domination superseded their quest of revenge, and everything in existence was on their radar to be conquered. Thus, as the Tromokratesian Empire has always had a supreme emperor at the helm throughout the course of their history, this leads us to a little over 4,000 years ago, when the greatest conqueror, warrior and emperor known to the universe came into existence.

HEIGHT: 7’1″
WEIGHT: 416 lbs.
SKIN: Dark black
HAIR: White
EYES: White

Kako was born to military parents on the race’s home planet of Tromokrate in the Skotadi System. He was very much a product of his environment. The planets in this region of the universe, and the species that inhabited them, were all aggressive and violent. They lived for war, and were constantly on guard, ready to attack, despite a shaky truce they all had with one another. Tromokrate was the most notorious of them all, known for its grotesquely brutal warriors and culture. They believed in three things: loyalty to their species, strength, and domination, and they did whatever it took to uphold these statutes.

As a boy, Kako was indoctrinated into these ways by his mother, Peri, and father, Ippoti – both of whom were dedicated lieutenants in the Tromokratesian military. He was taught that war was the only way. They raised him to have no mercy, and no conscience toward his opponents. And they trained him to not only destroy his enemies, but if possible, to wipe out anyone related to or connected to said enemy. The only time a Tromokratesian took a prisoner was to make them a slave. Thus, by the time he was three years old, these ideologies had burned deep into Kako’s soul. It was also the age he collected his first kill.

A merchant in the marketplace near his home had disrespected Peri, which prompted Kako to immediately attack. He grabbed the tactical knife his mother carried on her at all times, swiftly stabbed the man in the back of his knee dropping him down to eye level, and then slit his throat. The punishment for insulting a ranked officer was indeed death, so when Peri heard the derogatory comments and turned to serve judgment herself, she was very proud to see her son had proven to be not only a proficient killer, but an astute observer of Tromokratesian law. Three-year-old Kako never turned back after that, and he did not hesitate to kill anyone who committed an infraction incurring the judgment of death.

Over the years, Kako grew incredibly large and strong. The Tromokratesians had pitch black skin, with glaring white eyes and white hair. Kako’s skin seemed even darker, though, and his white features even brighter. Alas, at 7’1″ and 400-plus pounds of muscle, Kako was an incredible sight to behold. His athleticism was second to none, as he was blessed with supernatural speed, strength, agility, endurance and durability. Over the course of his training at military school, he slaughtered a number of fellow students during combat tests. He was ruthless, unforgiving. He was also calculating and highly intelligent. As a young Tromokratesian, Kako was all the things a warlord was made of, and was well on the fast track to greatness.

After enlisting in active duty, Kako battled on the frontlines, killing enemies by the hundreds in each conquest. His viciousness was unmeasured. So much so, that his fellow warriors even considered him sadistic. He would collect trophies from his dead enemies on the battlefield by removing their tongues. Kako’s reason? He believed dead warriors did, in fact, tell tales in the afterlife, and if his victims were seen in the beyond mutilated and unable to profess the horror they experienced at his hands, then even the gods would fear him.

It was this unique brutality and success in war that propelled Kako up through the ranks. Before long, he was serving on an elite squadron of super Tromokratesians under his parents’ command. They were tasked with hunting down the most powerful enemy warriors – those with unique abilities or exceptional skills – during battle. Unlike many of his peers at this level, however, Kako did not require biological engineering to upgrade his abilities. He was naturally equipped with the gifts to dominate the best-of-the-best in the universe.

Many years later, Kako’s mother was killed in battle, so his father tapped him to command at his side. Their first mission together in this capacity was the invasion of Spiti in the Igetis System. It was a massive invasion; the Tromokratesians brought millions of troops. Everything was going according to plan, as their fleet dominated in space and their troops led by Ippoti and other lieutenants swept through the planet and conquered the major cities in just under a week. Kako collected several tongue trophies during that excursion, including those of Lisya Trexion and Sirvia Trexion – the parents of a child who would grow up to become commander of the GKF – Tixus Trexion.

Many Tromokratesians would eventually be lost, as well. Not only did the Spitians possess a powerful militia, but the Galaxias Kyklos Force also joined in the war, helping the Spitians defeat the alien invaders. This drove the Tromokratesians off the planet, and pushed them out of the Igetis star system.

As they traveled back to Tromokrate, the commanding officer blamed the lieutenants for the defeat they’d suffered. In reality, Ippoti’s battalions were the only ones not overrun; and the only reason he pulled them out was because the commanding officer ordered all troops to retreat. When he expressed this to the commanding officer, he was aggressively chastised for speaking out of turn and talking back. Normally, this would be nothing unusual. However, the commanding officer made his verbal assault personal, and slyly insinuated that Ippoti was the reason Peri was killed. This enraged Kako’s father, prompting him to attack the commanding officer in an effort to protect the honor of his fallen wife. It was a fatal mistake, though, as attacking a superior officer carried the punishment of death. Therefore, when they all returned to Tromokrate, Kako was forced to watch Ippoti be executed.

Wrath consumed Kako as he witnessed the sight of his father being killed, and he promised himself that he would have his revenge. Thus, the next day Kako invoked the Warrior’s Right of Challenge: a rare tradition where a military officer may call any other officer, with the exception of the emperor, into battle if they wished to appeal a ruling that had already been thoroughly deliberated and decided upon. Then, if the Tromokratesian invoking the tradition received enough votes from the Council of Generals, the fight was made official.

In Kako’s situation, his request was approved unanimously due to the fact he called out every single lieutenant that failed in the Spiti invasion, including the commanding officer. He held all of them responsible for the death of Ippoti, and wanted to murder each one. It was the first instance a Warrior’s Right of Challenge contained multiple soldiers against one, and the Council of Generals was curious to see the outcome. Therefore, a few days later in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators, Kako faced off against five lieutenants and a commanding officer.

The battle was grueling. Kako was brutally attacked. Nevertheless, in the end it was he who emerged victorious! His ability to endure seemingly endless damage worked perfectly for his strategy of remaining patient for the exact opportunity to deal a kill strike, for that was how the battle went. Kako attacked only six times, once per opponent. His strikes were perfectly placed and timed, and they felled each of his enemies instantly. He saved the commanding officer for last, and after killing him he continued to rip the corpse to pieces, ultimately removing his tongue and devouring it. The crowd was in utter shock, as never before had such a display of resilience, strength, strategy, skill and rage ever been displayed. The emperor at the time, Ypoulos, also took notice. Thus, after the challenge was over he called for Kako to be promoted to the position of general.

As the following years passed, Kako grew close to Ypoulos. The supreme warlord took the new general under his wing and imparted much of his wisdom on the young apprentice. It was not long before Ypoulos garnered the utmost respect from Kako, who eventually ended up looking to Ypoulos as a second father figure. Likewise, the supreme warlord considered Kako the son he never had. This incredibly close bond also resulted in an unprecedented form of tutelage – Ypoulos personally trained Kako. Never before had a Tromokratesian emperor trained another that was not of his flesh and blood. This spoke to how close Ypoulos and Kako became. It also reflected the incredible skill level of Kako, for no emperor would impart lifetimes of familial secrets and knowledge on another from a different bloodline unless that individual was the definition of exceptional.

Consequently, Kako earned the command of a considerable number of battalions. His abilities, along with guidance from Ypoulos, led to innumerable conquests of intergalactic systems. What was even more impressive was the fact that Kako was on the frontlines for all of his excursions, refusing to sit back and merely strategize while the troops engaged in battle. No other generals did so. An example of this was the crushing defeat he achieved over the entire Monaxia System, including Siopi, the home planet of GKF soldier Lt. Gryxus Raxium. Thus, not only was his knowledge base and ability to command expanding, but so was his legend throughout the cosmos. Kako’s divisions conquered more planets and star systems than those of any other general, and they brought in more wealth and resources, too. This garnered more attention for Kako, but it also made the Tromokratesians a much bigger target for the Galaxias Kyklos Force and the Unity – the vast collection of star systems joined together under the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies. The Tromokratesian empire was putting a chokehold on the universe, and the only way to stop it in the eyes of those who stood up to them was to cease fighting the entirety of the empire, and to attack the leadership. In other words, they decided Emperor Ypoulos, Kako’s mentor, had to die…

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