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December 15, 2016



Niobe Sommersville


Niobe Sommersville-Winterborn; Hyper Gal


Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Hyper Gal’s wedding band is made of a mysterious alien material that imbues her body with enhanced speed, strength and durability, as well as the power of flight. She can also use the hyper-ring to emit energy that she can manipulate in a variety of ways.


Niobe Sommersville-Winterborn and her husband, Klay Sommersville-Winterborn (they took each other’s last name) are the most adventurous, outgoing couple you may ever meet. They met in college as freshmen at Platinum City University, got married as sophomores, had a child together as seniors, and still graduated at the top of their class. In fact, the student body petitioned the administration to let them give the commencement address together. Of course they absolutely crushed it, and the video of the speech went viral.

Being an internet sensation was nothing new to Niobe, as she’d become quite the popular online video game streamer in her teenage and college years. And after graduating, her (and her husband’s) popularity would continue to soar. Despite giving birth to three more children, having an incredibly demanding job as a tech at an environmental protection agency in Platinum City, a burgeoning career as an amature filmmaker, and an exciting marriage with the man of her dreams, Niobe continued to put out internet videos, and they continued to be popular.

HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 168 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Yellow

Her energy seemed to know no bounds, and her mother, Summer Sommersville, a retired marine, always encouraged her to reach for and accomplish as much as she possibly could. Summer also took every opportunity to help and support her daughter, so it was no surprise when she volunteered to become a full-time nanny for Niobe and Klay’s children. That way, the overachieving couple could continue to overachieve, while maintaining strong family life.

It was about 11 years into their extraordinary marriage, when Niobe and Klay discovered that the rings they’d gifted to each other on their wedding day were actually made of a substance that granted them a plethora of incredible hyper-abilities! It only made sense that they use these near-cosmic powers to help defend people and the world from villains, and so they became superheroes. Klay took on the name Hyper Guy and Niobe became Hyper Gal. This new development made Niobe’s internet videos even more popular, as she shared the Hyper Couple adventures with her audience. It wasn’t long before major production companies and TV networks came calling. They would eventually have the opportunity to share their lives and adventures with millions of people.

There was, however, one thing that Niobe and Klay kept secret from everyone, including Summer. And that was the fact that three of their four children were born with natural hyper-abilities. Their eldest daughter, Herculina, had super strength and durability, and their only son, Ceres, could emit electricity from his hands. Meanwhile, their second daughter, Davida was born with the ability to manipulate molecules. However, it would be many, many years before she was able to safely harness the power, and thus Niobe discouraged her from using her ability outside of a special chamber they had constructed in their Platinum City luxury apartment. Their third daughter, Lucetia, was not born with any discernible hyper-abilities, but once Klay and Niobe discovered the power in their wedding bands, they hired a specialist to remove portions of their rings, and fashion a pair of smaller rings. They gifted the jewelry to the little girl, and no longer did she feel left out, as she almost immediately showed an aptitude for wielding the energy of the hyper-rings.

The secret of the Niobe and Klay’s hyper-children was kept for over 14 years. But then, a marauding alien warrior race called the Tromokratesians attacked the planet. They were led by the indomitable Emperor Kako, who arrived on Earth looking to obtain a special star that had been buried in the planet’s core, called the triplos asteri. If Emperor Kako was able to obtain this star and combine it with the other two triplos asteri, which he had searched for and found over the previous two thousand years, he would become a supreme god of the universe, alongside the reigning goddess, Armonia. The Tromokratesians numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and the battle that ensued engulfed the world in violence and brutality.

Fortunately, the world’s armies and superheroes fought back. Led by the intergalactic military known as the Galaxias Kyklos Force, and the heroic Alpha Initiative, Earth resisted Kako’s hordes of Tromokratesian warriors. Pretty much anyone with any powers whatsoever was forced into battle, including the Hyper Kids. Platinum City was one of the main targets for the alien invaders, as it was home to the largest concentration of hyper-beings and superheroes on the planet. Kako knew that if he had any chance of getting off the planet with the star, he’d had to whip out as much of the opposition as possible. Venus Estates, the apartment building in which Hyper Gal, Hyper Guy and their children lived, was filled with hyper-being abodes, and so the Tromokratesians hit it hard.

While Hyper Guy stayed inside the apartment building as a last line of defense, Hyper Gal was one of the heroes who went on the offensive. She flew out to meet the alien invaders in the sky, smashing and crashing through several adversaries. She’d hoped they could keep the aliens from reaching the apartment building,but alas, there were just too many of them. They eventually broke through, and that’s when her children were forced to unleash their powers. She tried to get to the building and fight alongside them, but the battle in the sky was just too intense. Hyper Gal, however, was able to catch glimpses of her children displaying their incredible powers. She was very proud.

Despite the success the Hyper Family and other heroes were having, it was clear that the Tromokratesians were much too numerous and powerful. Hyper Gal witnessed quite a few of her neighbors and fellow heroes meet their demise at the hands of the alien invaders. It was only a matter of time before Hyper Gal, Venus Estates, and all of Platinum City were overrun. Suddenly, a succession of laser blasts knocked the warrior woman out of the sky. She hit the ground with an explosion, and as the dust cleared, she found herself surrounded by a squad of advanced super Tromokratesians. They attacked her with ferocity! She blocked, dodged and countered best she could, but before long she was overwhelmed and forced to retreat. She found enough space and energy to blast off for the sky. She was expecting to be followed and prepared to take evasive action, but she looked back to see that Tromokratesians were not on her trail. In fact, they were no longer attacking at all – they seemed to be retreating back to their warships.

A great sigh of relief washed over Hypr Gal as she flew back to her apartment building, to find her husband, mother, and four children had all survived the alien onslaught. They all hugged, then immediately clicked on Powerhouse News Network. Reports from all over the world were coming in that after several hours of relentless and brutal war, the alien warships were leaving the planet’s orbit. Then suddenly, a breaking news report came in. Hyper Gal and her family watched as the screen showed footage of a massive air battle which had taken place right before the aliens began to retreat. The footage was choppy and difficult to follow, but they could see a multitude of alien fighter-crafts in a spectacular dogfight with hundreds of military fighter jets. There were also a number of alien and earthly battlecruisers letting off megatons of firepower. But in the midst of all the chaos was a small star – it was the triplos asteri. As the star came into focus, the screen suddenly blacked out…

The Hyper Family and the millions of other people watching the Powerhouse Network waited with bated breath. Then FLASH, the footage rematerialized. But now almost all of the ships had been blasted out of the air, and there remained only the star… and two levitating women. One of the women was London Omega – an earthly psionic hyper-villain, who had been working with a number of other hyper-villains on behalf of Emperor Kako. She was attempting to use her immense psionic abilities to control the star. But she was receiving an incredible amount of resistance from the other woman, an equally immensely powerful psionic hyper-being, known by the codename “Placebo”.

The footage flickered again, and then there was a blast of psionic energy, as Placebo was able to wrest the star away from London. Then, in an instant, a highly advanced NASA starship swooped in, collected Placebo and the star, and blasted off into space, with dozens of Tromokratesian warships giving chase.

The Powerhouse Network anchors began trying to piece together what they’d just seen, but Hyper Gal was already pretty certain about what had happened: the aliens brought an army of millions to Earth to get that star, and once it had left the planet, the invaders followed. She wasn’t exactly sure what the star was, but at that moment, Niobe began to pray with every ounce of faith and hope she had that the aliens would never be able to catch that ship….

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