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December 29, 2016


  Part 4 of 5


Francine Fray


Chess Master


Lafayette, LA, USA, Earth (Core reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Placebo possesses a plethora of psionic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, and more. She can also fly and breathe, and exist in harsh environments such as outer space and underwater, through the use of psionic force-fields.


So you’re wondering, if that was the case, then how am I here, telling you this. It’s because my mind, unbeknownst to me at the time, has the power to reconstitute itself. I found that the explosion had slung me halfway back to Earth, and after floating in space for a few minutes, I’d awoken with my consciousness perfectly intact.

HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 162 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

I also found that Vis possessed the same ability to reconstitute its consciousness. And it was again attempting to re-establish a psionic connection with everyone in the multiverse. It became clear to me at that point, that I would be playing a cosmic game of chess with the planet for the rest of my life, or until I figured out a way to destroy it…

It is difficult to determine exactly how long I’ve been battling the planet for control of the universe, for as we sparred, the space-time continuum became a muddled and fuzzy medium. Vis at times would gain control of time-traveling entities like Cynthia Quantic, and mess with the timeline in an effort to throw me off. I, in turn, would use Captain Infinity to bring us back. In that respect, we both had our collection of favorite pieces we used – different humans, hyper-beings, aliens, and several other entities all came into play at different times. Additionally, Vis began to recruit an army of minions who were loyal to it, without the exertion of its psionic control. These minions were all elite and powerful warriors, and had been imbued by Vis with an immunity to my telepathy. They called themselves the Denizen Supreme, and they traveled throughout the cosmos, strategically marauding, destroying, and manipulating people and places, in order to give Vis an advantage against me.

This eventually included my very own sister, Magnifica. Her hero squad, The Diamond Alliance became one of my most powerful pieces in my game against Vis, as I was able to make a number of very effective moves with the team working on my behalf. Vis eventually targeted them, by sending the Denizen Supreme to attack a series of solar systems and alien races under their protection. This led to fateful battles against Denizen Supreme warriors Eridanus and Carina, in which my sister, along with several other members of her squad, were destroyed.

It was after that tragic battle that something unexpected happened – I finally met my mother, Delilah Fray. The people my sister and her teammates sacrificed themselves to save were evacuated from the doomed planet to a GKF ship, which had arrived just in time to provide sanctuary and transportation. Aboard the ship was an emissary by the name of Apestalmenos. During the battle the emissary and Magnifica had a brief interaction in which my sister learned that our mother was a member of the GKF. After probing Apestalmenos’s mind for her location, I immediately set out to find her.

The intel led me to a GKF battlecruiser about 18 light years from Earth. I boarded and immediately pinpointed her location. I made my way to the command bridge, where over 200 officers were diligently at work. I immediately linked up with their consciousnesses, and manipulated their minds not to recognize my presence. All, except Delilah Fray, who got up from her work station and turned to see me standing in the middle of the room. She knew who I was from the moment she laid her eyes on me, and ran over to embrace me.

I wanted to pull away, but then I realized the last time someone had embraced me like that was when my father hugged and kissed me goodnight, just a few hours before my nightmare helped to kill him. I returned the embrace, allowing myself to feel her love for as long as possible. Then, before I could even confront her, she told me she’d missed me and she was so sorry that she had to leave when she did. She expressed that she’d heard about what happened to Leroy, and she cried about it every day. She never blamed me and Magnifica for his death; but she did blame herself for not alerting him to her own status as a celestial Everlife, and warning him that his daughters most likely had incredible powers that would one day manifest unexpectedly.

She further explained that the mission she left Earth for was of the clandestine nature, and thus left her no opportunity to return to Earth. Of course, I knew that much from my link-up with Hosho, and ultimately I understood. I also understood the threat that Kako posed to the universe, and as I looked around the command bridge, I realized that my mother’s actions, since the time she met my father, were all centered around trying to do her part to exert control over a chaotic situation. In fact, she had disobeyed a direct order from the Supreme Being, in order to try to keep us safe. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be angry at her; I wanted to resent her. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t help but forgive her.

I also couldn’t help but return the favor of protecting her, which was when we began talking about how my powers had grown to unfathomable levels. I explained to her my journeys and psionic milestones, and how I’d gained enough strength to exert my influence over the entirety of the universe. She, of course, had sensed it was I who had been toying with reality, but since my actions had not altered the balance of light and dark in any drastic manner, she and the other Everlifes had no reason to take notice. But alas, my creation of Vis actually was a great threat. I explained to my mother what it was trying to do, and how I had to constantly maneuver against it to keep it from gaining ultimate control.

I told her it had become apparent that I’d have to travel back to confront Vis face to face, if I had any chance of ever defeating it. I was already developing a plan to do so. This disappointed her, as she was hoping she could convince me to join her and the GKF in their war against Emperor Kako. She began to stress the importance of their mission, and how the entire multiverse was at stake. I was confused, as I thought she would surely understand why my mission to stop Vis was just as important as hers to stop Kako. If one didn’t spin all of existence into darkness, the other surely would. We actually began to argue about it. Then suddenly, I began to hear the voices of the other officers on the command bridge, chiming in on Delilah’s behalf. They were no longer under my psionic control, which could only mean one thing: they were under the control of Vis. And to my absolute horror, so was my mother!

The monstrous psytanium planet had become power enough to influence the mind of an celestial Everlife, which means it was growing to be more powerful than me! I unleashed another psi-bomb, which effectively severed the link Vis had established with my mom and everyone else on the ship. After the few moments it took for my consciousness to reconstitute, I informed my mother of what had happened. As I predicted, now that she was no longer under Vis’s influence, she understood. We embraced again, then I kissed her goodbye, and left the battlecruiser.

It was imperative that I push my plan to get back to Vis into high gear. I would, however, need a few things: a team of powerful hyper-beings, and a specialized ship to get us all there. And while yes, I’d have to use my psionic abilities to manipulate the people and objects into the position to help me, I also needed to maneuver under the radar, in order to keep my opponent from discovering my game plan before I had a chance to strike.

I decided to join NASA, in the role of a communications officer, as that was the best place to secure a spacecraft and a crew. I, of course, had no problem getting in, because when you have psionic powers like mine, who needs an advanced degree or any previous military experience? To my surprise, I learned that a group of NASA scientists had previously discovered a small portion of psytanium. I gave NASA engineer Powerline the idea to use the Psytanium in the construction of the ship that would eventually become the Starship Stratalight.

Captain Noble was chosen to become the ship’s commander, and as you’ve no doubt already learned from the logs of Noble and then first officer Angel Wraith, Powerline and I headed up the construction project as the crew was assembled. Because of the psytanium properties in the ship’s makeup, along with my ability to psionically interface with it, as well as the invention of the Hyper Modulator Unit, we were able to create a ship that interfaced with the powers of its crew.

Thus, with the metal-manipulating mechanic Powerline, the vision-enhanced pilot Aphelion, the pyrokinetic engineer Smolder, the hyperfast hyperdrive operator HyperThrust, the empathic counselor Euphoria, the atmospheric manipulating science officer Wavelength, the force-field producing first officer Angel Wraith, the hyper-strong security officer Chief Two Strike, the star-manipulating navigator Marco Crux, the cybernetic physician Doctor Robotica, the all-around champion Captain Noble and the universally powerful psionic communications officer myself, the Starship Stratalight was easily the most advanced and most enhanced starship ever built.

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