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December 29, 2016


  Part 5 of 5


Francine Fray


Chess Master


Lafayette, LA, USA, Earth (Core reality); Late 21st century


Hyper-human; female


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Placebo possesses a plethora of psionic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, and more. She can also fly and breathe, and exist in harsh environments such as outer space and underwater, through the use of psionic force-fields.


Over the next few months as we prepared the ship, I continued my cosmic chess game against Vis. In that time I also encountered a few more unique types of minds, including those of ghost orphans – a population of lost souls, led by Virginia Ice–  and the two groups of warriors that pursued them: the Veil, led by Disa Philadelphia, and the reapers, led by Alva Devine.

HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 162 lbs.
SKIN: Brown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

This was another dive into a spiritual realm, similar to that of my encounter with the mind of Danzo. But now, with more control over my abilities, I felt more comfortable exploring the minds and essences of these men, women, spirits and demons. And through the 3 way-struggle between the orphans, the Veil and the reapers, I was able to augment my own knowledge, power and strategic mindfulness.

In this time, I also became familiar with a super-soldier by the name of of Lt. Rashard Bonds. Bonds was extraordinary for the reason that I was unable to penetrate a psionic barrier that had been placed around his mind. Apparently, a little girl in Africa, by the name of Chineke, had the specific type of psionic energy that could render a mind completely immune to psionic beings – even one as powerful as me. Nevertheless, he intrigued me, and I followed his journey as he learned about the prophecy Hosho had given to Captain Noble and Shuttershock, and consequently took the lead in mobilizing Earth’s heroes to go after Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo, while simultaneously preparing for the coming of Emperor Kako. This ultimately led to the creation of the superhero squad known as the Alpha Initiative, comprised of the familiar faces of Black Jag, Liberty Star, Brolic, Musashi and Interface, as well as a couple of new faces in the form of Orenda Barefoot and Encore. The first big mission of the Alpha Initiative led to the unleashing of a psionic mind that was nearly as powerful as mine – which was a pretty big deal, because this woman did not have any celestial ancestry. Her name was London Lockhart, the sister of Edgar Lockhart. Her powers had been muted thanks to the actions of her brother, who’d kept her locked away in a power-muting cell. But when the Alpha Initiative attempted to free her, her powers manifested in a magnificent, terrifying way, as she came to be known as London Omega.

I would go on to have several encounters with her, including one that was set up by Vis. It was during the Empress Wars in the 5th Dimension. The goddesses Sedah and Nevaeh had summoned dozens of female warriors to their realm, to partake in a contest that would ultimately decide the future fate of a young goddess referred to as Slate. Incredible beings such as Ebony Raven, Shadow Star, SubZeera, Terrabyte, Brandi Baretta, Sultana, Summer Sage, and many more, including London Omega participated. I was content to stay out of the Empress Wars, but Vis’s influence crept into the conflict, and I was forced to interject. Toward the end of the struggle between Sedah’s Chainmail Militia and Neveah’s Daughters of Deborah, my psionic showdown with London nearly tore the 5th Oblivion to pieces, but eventually the Empress Wars came to an end, and both she and I returned to Earth.

From there, my mother’s mission and mine began to converge. Ramses Hondo and Edgar Lockhart (now known as Edgar Omega, thanks to psionic enhancements given to him by his sister) had come close to excavating the third triplos asteri. That meant that Emperor Kako was leading his armada to Earth to collect it. Additionally, Captain Noble had returned from being lost in space, where he’d had an insane adventure on the planet Friki with the supreme vampire warrior Astor Rathegalia as they battled against the Luso werewolf clan, a variety of ravenous monsters, and ultimately the evil Lord Asotos Yios.

Upon Noble’s return he teamed up with Lt. Rashard Bonds, the Alpha Initiative, the United Nations, the Galaxias Kyklos Force, The Sacred Asylum, and hyper-heroes from all over the world to prepare for, and ultimately battle the Tromokratesian army, as well as the slew of supervillains working alongside the alien invaders. At the same time, NASA and the GKF had commissioned the Starship Stratalight and her crew to be ready to take the triplos asteri, once excavated, and get it off the planet and as far away from Emperor Kako as possible.

When the Tromokratesians arrived on Earth, the ensuing war covered the entire globe. Millions died, several parts of the planet were ravaged, and so many incredible heroes fell. At the same time, Vis launched into a succession of psionic maneuvers that kept my attention divided during the melee. The star was indeed excavated by the hyper-villains, and Kako himself arrived on Earth to claim it. But thanks to the valiance, fortitude and combined efforts of the Alpha Initiative, the Sacred Asylum, the GKF and the crew of the Starship Stratalight, he was not able to get his hands on it.

In fact, it was during that battle I had yet another psionic encounter with London Omega, as we wrested the triplos asteri away from the villains and secured it on board the Stratalight. Moments later, we rendezvoused with the GKF Command Ship orbiting Earth, where we received our final orders. Before leaving, I did once again get to speak to my mother Delilah Fray, who was on board. She was proud that we had ended up on the same team after all. But there was no time to bask in each other’s presence. We needed to take off for the cosmos before the Tromokratesians overtook us. And I needed to get us to Vis before it was too late.

If you review the logs of Captain Noble and Angel Wraith, then you’ll learn what happened over the last 200-plus days as we avoided the Tromokratesians, hid the star with the celestial Everlife Pathfinder in the Stavro Dome, and then went to “investigate a psionic transmission”. You’ll also learn of what happened when we finally landed on Vis, which had grown in both physical size and psionic power since I’d seen it with my own eyes. It had become a fully formed planet, with hundreds of different types of terrain.

From the moment we touched down I became locked in an intense psionic struggle with Vis, as it knew I had come for one purpose – to wipe it out of existence. The back and forth was harrowing as Vis attempted to rip the minds of me and my crewmates to pieces. It took everything within me to hold them together. Of course, the other crewmembers were not privy to what was happening between me and the monster, but they worked exceptionally well to handle the multitude of physical challenges thrown their way. It was the arrival of members of the Denizen Supreme that took the game to a whole new level. And with the subsequent deaths of Noble and Aphelion at the hands of the powerful warrior, Ominous, I lost two powerful pieces. But alas, in any chess match, there are times you must make sacrifices in order to obtain ultimate victory.

In fact, while it may seem from reading Angel Wraith’s logs that Aphelion and Noble’s sacrifices were in vain, the incidents actually did a good to distract Vis and Ominous from my primary strategy of using Smolder to attack the planet’s core. You see, Smolder, who was pyrokinetic, was actually the second most powerful psionic being on the crew. Thus, I was able to synthesize with his mind and his hyper-ability to increase my own psionic levels tenfold. Seeing as he’d been washed away by an ocean of lava only a little while after we’d landed, the other crewmembers theorized that he might be dead. But that was not the case. He was alive and well, and under my psionic control. I turned a great deal of my focus to masking Smolder’s consciousness, as I moved him closer to Vis’s core and manipulated large psionic flames in preparation for my master stroke.

For the next few days, the psionic battle between me and the monstrous planet continued, while the physical battles fought by my crewmates served to distract Vis from my maneuvers with Smolder. It was the most difficult mental tightrope I had ever walked, and it was incredible taxing as Vis was an absolute relentless opponent. It was getting to the point where I didn’t think I’d be able to hold on. And then, the most fortuitous thing happened: YOU showed up.

A little girl born within a star, flowing with near-infinite amounts of celestial energy. Your presence greatly distracted Vis, providing me the perfect opportunity to strike! I induced a madness in Marco Crux that caused him to call down stars from the heavens, causing massive explosions all over the core of Vis, we harvested enough lava to power the Stratalight while Chief Two Strike fought off Ominous and other members of the Denizen Supreme, and HyperThrust prepared to get us out of there.

At that point, Smolder had reached the core. And by the time Vis realized what was happening, it was too late – I had my opening. I channeled every bit of psionic energy i could possibly muster through Smolder, and lit the fuse to a psionic bomb with the equivalent energy of 1000 psionic suns. And BOOM!! An incredible, universe-shaking psionic explosion occurred, just as we reached escape velocity. And it worked – the sentient consciousness was absolutely ripped to shreds, and the psionic properties of the psytanium were nullified, rendering Vis just another ball of dirt floating in the cosmos.

Finally I’d conquered my greatest opponent. Finally, I’d won. Finally I can rest. And honestly, Constellation, that’s all I want do now. I haven’t slept ever since the day I created it. I haven’t known what it was like to not be a prisoner in my own mind. I know there are still threats out there. I know The Denizen Supreme and the Tromokratesians, among others, still pose great danger to the multiverse. I know there is the potential that Vis could eventually reconstitute its consciousness. I know that Emperor Kako is still scheming. But alas, I’m exhausted. And besides, I’ve never wanted to do the hero thing anyway.

I’m going to take a nap now. I suspect everything I’ve told you, you already know. But thanks for listening anyway…

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