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December 30, 2016


  Part 2 of 2




God Kako; The God of Death


Planet of Tromokrate in the Skotadi System (Core Reality); 1950 BC




Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


God Kako possesses absolute power. He rules over everything past, present and future as god of the universe. He is immortal. He can create life from nothing instantaneously with a mere thought, and he can make anything cease to exist instantaneously with a mere thought. He can manipulate all matter. He can morph into anything in existence. He is omnipotent. His primary weapons, the Emperor’s sword and the Emperor’s whip have been made indestructible and all-powerful.


Kako beckoned everyone to rise, and so they did. It was at that point that Placebo realized their Ebb-pods were gone. She immediately attempted to take hold of Kako’s mind and rip it to shreds.

HEIGHT: 7’1” in humanoid form; Exists in many forms
WEIGHT: 416 lbs. in humanoid form; Exists in many forms
SKIN: Glistening chrome
HAIR: Black (when in humanoid form)
EYES: Diamond

However, she was not able to do so. The god looked at her and laughed again, saying he needed no technology to strip them of their powers. He then slammed them into the ground and made them kneel before him, enforcing the newly discovered fact the crew indeed was purely human before their new god. Euphoria then inquired what was going on, and how it was Kako became a god if they hid the final triplos asteri in a place they were sure he would never find it. That was when the newly-minted supreme being morphed into the celestial everlife Pathfinder. Instantly Placebo now knew why she felt so uneasy and suspicious while in the Stavro Dome – they had never been in the presence of the true everlife; the crew had not handed the final triplos asteri over to the real Pathfinder. They had handed it over to Kako!

The god, reading Placebo’s mind, nodded fiendishly and replied with a long ‘yes’. Seeing the deity looking at their fellow member, the rest of the Stratalight crew asked Placebo what was going on. She informed them how in the Stavro Dome her suspicions that something was amiss were correct; that Pathfinder was not himself, but actually Kako morphed into the form of the everlife. She said the Stratalight Crew, after fighting and clawing their way through the cosmos for what seemed like an eternity in an attempt to evade the Tromorkratesian fleets, had literally handed the final triplos asteri directly to the being they were trying to keep it from.

Powerline did not believe it. He could not, for it meant not only had they just lost nearly everything on the monstrous planet, but the only solace they had – knowing they saved the universe from Kako’s reign of terror – was actually not true. It was simply too devastating of a truth to accept. But they had no choice. This was the new reality. They looked and felt utterly defeated, prompting God Kako to begin tormenting them even more, by capturing their minds into a collective consciousness and transporting the crew through space and time to experience how he rose to become the most powerful being in the universe.

The crew began to relive the past passively just outside the real moments in history, yet it was as tangible and clear as if they were in the events themselves. There Kako was, on the grand command ship of the Tromokratesian fleet, ferociously chasing down Captain Noble and the Stratalight Crew, in an attempt to regain possession of the final triplos asteri. Yet, every time they would corner the heroes or catch up to them, the Stratalight always seemed to evade capture. As the game of cat-and-mouse continued, the Earth vessel became consistently harder and harder to track as they began creating more distance between them and Kako’s armada. And despite the advanced technology and experience of the Tromokratesians tracking enemies throughout the stars, the heroes seemed well on their way to losing Kako forever. This, of course, meant Kako could lose the final triplos asteri forever.

In a fit of rage, Kako flew into a madness. His generals and starfleet commanders were berated, with those who were directly responsible for failing certain aspects of the mission being executed by the emperor’s own hands. He destroyed parts of the ship as well. Amidst this tirade was when a realization came over him. He had finally figured out a plan. It was a suicidal one most likely, but it was a plan nonetheless. And after numerous months of failing to recapture the star with the Stratalight on the brink of disappearing, Kako was willing to risk everything.

He ran into his chambers and unlocked the two triplos asteri in his possession. His highest ranking generals and starfleet commanders begged for their emperor to stop. They were sure he would be consumed and destroyed by the power of the cosmic stars, for they contained the essence of the universe’s goddess Armonia – an essence that was incredibly unstable if less than all three stars were combined. Kako did not heed them, though, simply saying that if one wants to become a god, they must live as one – without fear and with the belief they are a true deity. With that, he grasped the two triplos asteri and began absorbing the unparalleled energy they housed.

The pain was immense. Kako wailed in agony unlike anything the generals and commanders had ever witnessed. The power surging through him was unimaginable, and as it filled him, the force of the activity floored everyone else in the vicinity. They could not stand as the pressure kept them pinned to the ground. Kako himself was becoming less and less visible, as his body overflowed with light and energy. However, after many moments of agonizing pain and chaos, one final burst of light flashed from within Kako’s body, and all was returned to normal. Well, all, except Kako.

The generals and the commanders stood up and gathered themselves. Then, they looked upon their emperor and witnessed him as never before. He was a giant silhouette of energy, with black ripples flowing all over his body as if shadows encircled his flesh. Timidly and with much trepidation, a general asked Kako if he was alright. The reply he received was in an unfamiliar voice. Nevertheless, they knew by his cadence of speech and the words he used that their emperor was before them and had survived.

Kako informed his generals and commanders he only had a limited time to use the power of the two triplos asteri to his advantage, before they completely consumed his body – a repercussion of trying to utilize the stars without having all three together. They immediately asked what needed to be done, and Kako informed them he could track the third star through the cosmic energy in his body via a connection with Armonia’s spirit that the triplos asteri all shared. Thus, he knew exactly where the Stratalight was at all times. In addition, Kako had gained god-level cognitive abilities. He was able to predetermine the heroes’ destination before they even decided it themselves. Kako could read every fabric of space and time as if it were a children’s book, all because of the power the two stars had given him. However, his body was deteriorating rapidly, so his forces had to move fast. Therefore, he commanded his entire fleet to continue to track the Stratalight, as he himself teleported to the place he knew the heroes would ultimately decide to hide the star. Kako headed straight for the Stavro Dome.

Upon his arrival in the Stavro Dome, Kako was immediately confronted by the celestial everlife Pathfinder. The demigod did not approve of the words the everlife spoke to him, as they were comprised of damnation and chastisement for using the power of the goddess Armonia to serve his own agenda. Kako did not have the time, nor the patience to suffer Pathfinder’s judgments, so he used the power of the stars to vaporize the everlife completely. Then, having had sight into the near future, Kako awaited for time to unfold the events he knew to be on the horizon.

The Tromokratesian armada continued to follow the orders sent to them by Kako telepathically, regarding how to chase down and engage the Stratalight. He knew by doing so, Captain Noble would eventually decide the only place safe enough to hide the final triplos asteri was in the Stavro Dome. However, Kako would have to wait for things to come to pass naturally in real time. He could not force things, nor alter the space-time continuum. If he did, it would change the future. Yet, time was of the essence, as his physical being was greatly faded from having the spirit of Armonia surging through his mortal body.

Every second was like an eternity. Kako could feel his spirit withering away to nothing. He felt physically depleted, and as if his soul was about to be claimed by the afterlife. But then, just in the nick of time, the Stratalight arrived. The starship landed hastily, and before the crew could even finish stepping off the ship, Kako used his powers to transform into Pathfinder and teleport over to them. That was when Captain Noble saw who he thought was his old friend and approached alongside his crew with the final triplos asteri.

Kako used every ounce of strength and power he had left to hold his form together, and not allow himself to be consumed by the energy flowing through his body. Meanwhile, he also had to maintain his transformation into the everlife, as well as block the abilities of the Stratalight Crew, as some members of the crew (Placebo, Euphoria and Marco Crux) had the potential power to detect the Pathfinder before them was a fake if he did not do so.

Nevertheless, Kako was able to sufficiently do all of these things. His desire to become a god, which had fueled him for thousands of years, was greater than his physical limitations. He also proved incredibly adept at transformation and channeling the spirit of other beings, for he was able to fool the Stratalight Crew, with the exception of some suspicions from Placebo. Her uneasiness did not matter in the end, however, for Captain Noble and the heroes placed the final triplos asteri where they thought it was finally safe, before departing from the Stavro Dome.

Everything worked just as Kako had planned. The moment of truth was at hand. Thus, without hesitation Kako phased into the place where the star was hidden, and immediately merged with it.

He was instantly whisked away as his spirit was extracted from his body, and taken to an indescribable place. All Kako knew or could feel was that he was alive. He was not in his body, though, nor was he anywhere else in existence. He was somewhere between our reality and the afterlife. Kako felt as if he were in a lucid dream, yet he had absolutely no clue what was transpiring, and had no control of anything but his own consciousness. It was then the goddess Armonia appeared before him. Kako could see her, but not with his own eyes. It was as if she lived inside of his soul. Her presence was every emotion and every sensation in one, multiplied exponentially. The experience was unfathomable.

Finally, without words, Armonia relayed the Inquiry of Cosmic Wisdom. Kako’s spirit immediately took control of his consciousness and presented the knowledge he had obtained during his endless quests for that very moment. Therein lied his answer – a set of utterances so powerful and indescribable that the goddess herself was hit with a surge of energy that she’d not felt in an eternity! Kako had done it. He’d accomplished what the most ancient prophecies and myths spoke of. And with that, Armonia welcomed him as her equal, and made him her partner: the god of the universe.

Kako was returned to a physical form, though it was not tangible. He could sense himself, but there was no body. It was then Armonia explained that he had become everything in existence now, in the past, and in the future. Kako had become all things that ever were, are, and that ever will be. It was the apex of any reality, of any existence, and as every single thing from the very first moment of creation to the infinite futures fell under his dominion; he gained infinite power as he joined with Armonia as equals over all. Their consummation as god and goddess spawned exponential numbers of realities and dimensions, and as the spirit of the universe was finally made whole again, true balance was finally restored to the heavens and everything beneath it. That was, until Kako learned of the entire truth of his existence as god of the universe.

The new deity instantly comprehended all of the supreme knowledge known previously only by Armonia, and learned he was to not have an active role with anything in existence, unless certain forces tipped the balance of harmony amongst all time and space, to the point only the gods could set things right. And in those instances, his nature was designed to work in conjunction with Armonia’s. Kako was not to have autonomy as he once did while emperor of the Tromokratesian empire.

This enraged Kako, a reaction not lost on Armonia. Yet, as she imparted on him the calm and wisdom needed to accept their existences as god and goddess in alignment with all creation and time, Kako only became more infuriated. She was balancing him into harmony with their purpose and true nature, and Kako loathed the feeling of falling helpless to something greater than himself. Thus, in an action Armonia never would have anticipated, Kako summoned every ounce of power in him, combined it with the flow of power he’d siphoned from his new connection with the goddess, and thrusted a surge of energy at Armonia greater than that which created even the triplos asteri! This caused an incredible whirlwind of cosmic fury of which the goddess could not escape. And in that instance she was utterly destroyed. Armonia was no longer there to balance him. Thus, it came to pass that all things past, present and future now belonged to God Kako.

At that moment, the Stratalight Crew’s collective consciousness was separated, and they were returned to their individual bodies in the present. They all gasped and writhed in pain as if they had been strangulated, for the insane journey their minds and spirits had taken through space and time wreaked havoc on their bodies. Even Placebo, one of the most powerful minds in the universe, and the immortal Marco Crux, were suffering greatly. This sight filled Kako with joy! He had not only achieved his greatest ambition and desire to become a god, but he was able to torment those who almost ripped that accomplishment away from him.

The Stratalight Crew had felt helpless and powerless before, and they felt so even more at that moment. They went through the worst imaginable things on the monstrous planet, and now they were at the mercy of a purely evil god. As Kako read these thoughts and emotions from the heroes, he commented on how, luckily for them, his only single desire at the moment was to spend time conquering the universe one planet at a time for his race, so the Tromokratesians could take their rightful place as the master species of the universe.

Placebo mustered enough energy to ask why Kako wouldn’t just instantly subjugate the multiverse with a snap of his fingers, since he was now all-powerful. God Kako replied, she more than anyone should know great pleasure lies in overcoming the challenge of conquering and defeating something seemingly indomitable. His knowledge of all things, including the horrendous experience the heroes just went through prior to returning to home, were words that slid through the ears and hearts of the Stratalight Crew like a razor-sharp blade. It harkened to how Placebo tried to attain the same satisfaction by defeating the monstrous planet she had created, which was what caused the demise of their loved ones and close friends.

It was now clear that God Kako would not be staying to torment the Stratalight crew members any longer. He was going to leave that job to their star system’s new emperor and empress, Ramses and Shefali. However, Kako did taunt the heroes once more by sarcastically saying that since he was a merciful god, he would not strip them of their powers forever. And with that, he restored the Stratalight Crew’s powers, including the empathic abilities of Euphoria, which had been stripped from her by the warrior Ominous during their 10-day ordeal on the surface of Vis.

Then, God Kako placed them all back in Ebb-pods, before blinding lights of energy beamed through his diamond-like skin. An enormous flash occurred next which shook the entire throne room, and a wave of darkness once more engulfed everything, as Kako teleported himself away. Lost, broken, and imprisoned, Placebo, Marco Crux, Euphoria, HyperThrust and Powerline were sent on their way to become acquainted with Tromokratesian rule on the new Earth.

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