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December 31, 2016


  Part 2 of 2


A cosmic message relayed to Lt. Rashard Bonds from Hosho, through ninja grandmaster Danzo sparks Lou to recruit the Alpha Resistance; Early 22nd century (Core Reality)


Even after Earth was colonized and she eventually learned that Placebo, the daughter she eagerly yearned to be reunited with after years of estrangement, was captured and imprisoned, her resolve did not grow weak. Delilah never allowed herself to be broken. If anything, her belief the Tromokratesians needed to be supplanted only grew stronger. Thus, she was there with Lou at all times, including when he and Danzo returned from the Mount of Heroes.

Upon their entrance, Lou informed Delilah of how he ran into the ninja grandmaster. She began walking off to retrieve Interface, who’d arrived at the hideout earlier that day, but Danzo stopped her, and informed them his protégé was not there. He had already told her she needed to return to the Iga Clan to assume leadership responsibilities alongside Faceless. Delilah had no clue Interface even left, so she was surprised to hear this news. This also made Lou more curious as to why Danzo had tracked him down. The Ninja Grandmaster explained…

Danzo, arguably the greatest warrior Earth had ever produced, stated the source of his power was the chi energy he had cultivated over several centuries. As a part of harnessing this power, the ninja grandmaster told Lou and Delilah that he was in tune with the energies around him, including the cosmic energy of the universe weaved throughout all things in existence. Ancient Iga Clan meditation techniques plugged him into these energies even more. Alas, Danzo explained that a few days prior, as he was exercising through his meditative practices, his spirit was visited by the everlife being called Hosho.

When he said this, Lou and Delilah’s ears perked up. The super-soldier remembered Captain Noble talk about how he’d met the everlife during his missions with Shuttershock, and Delilah being an everlife herself knew Hosho very well. However, Delilah somewhat doubted if what Danzo was saying could be true. That was when the ninja grandmaster expressed he believed she would say that, and so did Hosho. Therefore, he prepared himself to provide them proof.
Danzo stepped back, and began making ancient hand motions and symbols with his fingers to invoke his spirit to enter into a deep meditative state. After a moment, spiritual energy burst from within his body, and pulsed in waves in rapid intervals. Then, the white and blueish light became orange-red, and began swirling all around him. Danzo was channeling something. It was Hosho himself!

As Danzo floated above the ground before them, Hosho’s voice went on to resonate throughout the room. The everlife spoke to Delilah in the language of the gods, something Danzo could never have known. Hosho also spoke of ancient knowledge from the Supreme Being Armonia, that was only imparted on the everlifes. Delilah instantly knew Danzo was telling the truth. Lou, on the other hand, was amazed. He knew not what was being said, but he could tell from Delilah’s replies to the voice in a foreign tongue, as well as her change in demeanor, that the ninja grandmaster told them no fallacies.

A minute or so passed, and then Hosho began speaking in English. He told Lou that the universe, and all in existence, had been completely unbalanced due to God Kako’s actions. He was spreading evil and wickedness much faster than good and righteousness could combat, and despite the work of Hosho and the Zhibdean Triplets in providing divine intervention on behalf of those in the resistance, to help them remain as strong as possible and protected from harm and danger, operating solely on Earth would not stop the impending demise of all things in existence now and in the infinite futures. Dark days were truly at hand.

Lou asked Hosho why he could not come fight alongside those that were a part of the resistance, and help get rid of the Tromokratesians from Earth. The everlife explained that God Kako is connected to, and has knowledge of, all things. Any movements made by him would be noticed immediately, and if God Kako thought he was actively mobilizing in rebellion, then the deity would not hesitate to vaporize him, as he did so to the everlife Pathfinder. The Zhibdean master stated he had to continue as his nature has always dictated: using his influence and communication with a chosen few to bring balance to the planet.

The super-soldier next queried as to how it was that Delilah, an everlife, had been able to fight alongside him if that were the case. She explained that though she is an everlife, her powers were greatly diminished the moment she disobeyed Armonia and did not return when called for. This disrupted her harmony with the goddess and her own nature, thus causing her abilities to decrease in magnitude. Thus, despite her enhanced abilities and status as an everlife, she was no threat to God Kako.

Hosho continued by saying that although they faced a horrific reality, there was one hope; one ray of light in the dark. A human existed that was the key to potentially bringing down God Kako. The heroes asked who it was, and the everlife answered it was a child by the name of Constellation. The girl was created when Shuttershock and his one true love, Lightrider came together during a once-in-a-millennium interstellar occurrence called a Dyson Sphere. She was found by the crew of the Stratalight while they were stranded on the psytanium monster planet Vis. From the moment they came in contact with her, it was clear she was a powerful being, but it was after the survivors escaped Vis and were on their way back to Earth, that her powers began to increase exponentially. Upon making it back to Earth and finding the planet occupied by Tromokratesians, Constellation disappeared before being detected by God Kako.

Skirting that detection, however, would only last but so much longer, as the more Constellation’s powers increased, the more difficult it would be to stay under Kako’s radar. And once he discovered there was a being with the potential to bring him down, he would surely destroy her. Thus, it was imperative Lou and Delilah locate her immediately.

Delilah and Lou held suspended belief. They had a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact a child could defeat the god of the universe. Delilah wondered aloud how it was that a little girl could be the key to saving the universe. That was when Hosho said something the neither of the heroes ever would have guessed in a million lifetimes: Constellation was actually Armonia!

Delilah and Lou were speechless. They stared at each other and then at Hosho, not knowing what to think or say. God Kako informed everyone upon his return to Earth of how he killed the goddess, and it was a harsh reality reinforced by the current state of the cosmos. Kako was exercising extreme prejudice as he conquered everything and everyone. Therefore, it was difficult for the heroes to believe Armonia was actually a space child.

Hosho reminded the heroes that a key governing law of the universe is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, merely transferred. So when Kako became a god and attacked Armonia, he did not kill her; he merely destroyed her current form. All of the goddess’ cosmic energy was dispersed throughout the multiverse and all its dimensions. Thus, though her body was destroyed, her consciousness and essence were not, and she immediately swore to neutralize Kako. Armonia began to draw every bit of the energy she was comprised of, and bring it back together. Except this time, she knew she couldn’t trust Kako, and began using her abilities to shield her efforts and presence from him; the only being powerful enough in all of existence to do so.

As time went on, she continued to reform herself into one entity. However, she could sense Kako was erasing the harmony of all things at an accelerated rate, and thus she would need to speed up the process of her reformation, while continuing to mask her presence. The only way to effectively and efficiently do that was to find an interstellar event that could produce a massive energy burst. Such an opportunity presented itself in the form of the Dyson sphere.

Realizing her chance, she entered the sphere and used the energy it produced to exponentially accelerate her reformation. Unfortunately, the process was interrupted, and the Dyson sphere was crashed into the monster planet Vis, on which the members of the Stratalight were stranded. Thus, despite the process of the goddess being jump-started, Armonia was only partially whole, and needed much more time to recollect and absorb all of her cosmic energy. Without all of it she could not hope to topple Kako, and that was a reality neither she, nor the universe could afford. To solve her dilemma, the goddess took the form of a human child – Constellation – and convinced Placebo, Marco Crux, and the rest of the Stratalight Crew, to escort her back to Earth. There, the goddess knew she would be able to finish her reformation, with help from one of the most powerful everlifes left in existence – Hosho.

Delilah was confused – having heard all of this from Hosho through the medium of Danzo, she inquired how it would be possible to unite Constellation with the Zhibdean Master, without Kako detecting such a great shift in cosmic and spiritual energy. Hosho explained their only hope was to take the child to the cosmic teleportation station inside Emperor Ramses’s fortress, The Great Pyramid. It was imbued by God Kako with enough power to take anyone anywhere that existed, including throughout the stars and other dimensions. All one needed was to know the cosmic specs of their destination – in this case, the home of the Zhibdeans, the Dark Temple of Genunken – which Constellation knew, as she was Armonia herself.

Lou burst out in laughter at the information Hosho had just relayed to them. He was convinced what he was told was a suicide mission. The super-soldier said how tracking down the goddess of the universe in the appearance of a child with unparalleled powers, and then transporting them through Tromokratesian colonies, was virtually impossible. But not only that, then they also had to infiltrate The Grand Pyramid to use a god-powered teleportation device, in order to travel to an undisclosed dimension. Lou declared it was a death sentence, and that no matter how deeply he yearned to free his world, there was no way that plan could work. Lou then added that even if it were possible, he did not have a team remotely close to being capable of successfully completing such a mission.

Hosho paused for a second, as Delilah encouraged Lou to calm down. Then, the everlife spoke through Danzo, by replying he already knew the whereabouts of Constellation. The child goddess had contacted him upon her arrival on their planet, and was waiting for Lou and his team. The everlife continued by saying that when they reach the teleportation station, the amount of time it would take Hosho to help Armonia return to full power would not be long. The only caveat was, again, Constellation was getting more powerful, and growing at an exponential rate. Her ability to mask herself as the resurging goddess, as well as their communication and their actions during the mission, was running out, and would expire soon. If they did not reach the Dark Temple of Genunken posthaste, Constellation would be discovered by God Kako to be the resurgence of Armonia, and eliminated. It was imperative they not fail, for all in existence, and in the infinite futures, depended on them. Finally, Hosho expressed that while it was an incredibly difficult task, he had faith the super-soldier and his crew could do it.

Lou began pacing back and forth. For so long he, Delilah, and those who fought with them as a part of the resistance had been chipping away at the Tromokratesian rule over their planet. However, an untold number of deaths and many depleted resources later, they had nothing to really show for it. This was the first viable plan and opportunity to bring a stop to the colonization of Earth, and get rid of their enemies once and for all. It also would result in saving not just their home world, but the entire universe and everything in existence, in addition to the infinite futures that were at risk of being destroyed because of the imbalance Kako was continuing to push. It was too good to pass up, and the super-soldier knew it.

Nevertheless, his logical mind tried to find more reasons why he should not do it, or why it could not work. The everlife’s words addressed every objection Lou had brought up, though: they knew who the key was in Constellation, they knew where she was through Hosho, they knew where they needed to go, which was The Grand Pyramid, they knew what they had to do once there, which was use the teleportation station to get to the Zhibdean temple, and they knew what needed to be done to finish the mission, and that was to see Armonia fully restored. Everything was laid out for them… except for one thing.

Lou turned to Danzo who was still channeling Hosho, and said he would accept the mission. However, he informed the everlife that he failed to address one issue. Lou knew of no team he could assemble quickly, that would give them a shot at successfully pulling it all off. Hosho simply smiled, before relinquishing his possession of the ninja grandmaster.

The super-soldier, not expecting the everlife to leave so abruptly, began asking Danzo to bring Hosho back. He wanted to ask the everlife for guidance on whom he should recruit for a team. That was when Danzo walked past the super-soldier, and stood next to Delilah. Lou turned around, and when he did, he saw a miracle before him. There, standing in his hideout, was not only Delilah and Danzo, but also three former warriors the super-soldier loved and respected more than anyone in the world. The samurai hero Musashi was geared up, the veteran Liberty Star was present and ready for action, and last but not least was the Mohawk warrior, Orenda. In addition, all were outfitted with newly advanced armor and weapons, thanks to Musashi. The super samurai then knocked on top of a large crate next to them, that Lou had not noticed when they first walked in. He informed the super-soldier, all new gear and weapons were in there for him and Delilah, too.

Lou, who not too long ago had no confidence he could make any sort of sizable change in this new world and was filled with sorrow and rage, was immediately supercharged with hope and purpose. He asked Musashi, Liberty Star, and Orenda, how they were all convinced to fight, and the three looked at Danzo. The ninja grandmaster had gone and convinced as many of the Alpha Initiative as he could to join the mission, before tracking the super-soldier down. And even though the entire team did not come back, Lou was more than confident they had what they needed to get the job done. They had another everlife in their corner with Hosho. Three former Alpha Initiative crew members were fully committed, along with two of the most powerful warriors he ever knew in Delilah and Danzo. These facts reinvigorated the super-soldier. Every telepathic nanocell in his body was firing. He knew it was time to go for it all.

With that, Lou looked at everyone, and said, “Alpha Resistance, let’s get to work.”

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