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March 3, 2016

62. YAYO


Kyle Baybrook




Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century


Human; male


Mental Powers



Energy Projection

Tactical Skill



Power Rating: 1 – 100


Yayo has no hyper-abilities, but he carries a mysterious weaponized yo-yo that is virtually indestructible and disperses a powerful energy burst on impact. Yayo is the only one who knows how to use it.

My name is Captain Noble. I am a superhero, working for the US Government. This is an excerpt from my journal.

Year 11, Day 25


After my discovery of the journal in Syria and learning all about Ramses Hondo’s past, including a potential alliance being formed with global superpower Edgar Lockhart, I knew I had to come to Platinum City. When I arrived here this morning, I planned on achieving one thing: I was going to gather more intel on Ramses and learn of his exact whereabouts to bring him in.

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 151 lbs.
SKIN: Olive
HAIR: Dyed brown
EYES: Gray

Honestly, this cat-and-mouse game of chasing him all over the world is getting extremely frustrating. The longer he is out there, the more terrorists and mercenaries are armed with weapons, and the more loyal these evil men become to him. Thus, I set out with the mindset that if I had to question Edgar himself, I would. I quickly realized, however, that this would undoubtedly tip off Ramses if they had formed an alliance. So, my other option was to start at the street level, and If I wanted to find an arms dealer in Platinum City, it made sense to start with people who sold guns. Therefore, I decided to start with Yayo.

Yayo is a high ranking member of criminal organization run by Platinum City street legend Priceless “Splif” Perrineau. The two go way back to their childhood days. Since toddler age, they have been thick as thieves. They went everywhere and did everything together. The two are basically blood brothers. Thus, at the age of 13, when Spliff got into selling narcotics, so did Yayo. The two did quite well together actually, for being so young. They were tough and smart as kids. However, Spliff ended up being sent away to private school, and for a while their drug business was shut down. Spliff’s enterprising mindset has always been keen, though, and soon he rejoined forces with Yayo to begin selling narcotics to the rich kids in the private school. They made more money than ever.

This was until Spliff enrolled in Platinum City University, for the drug business was put on hold. There was way too much heat on campus, and selling narcotics was too big of a risk. So, Yayo went back to pushing small time weight in their old hood and ran a small crew that engaged in petty crimes. They robbed liquor stores, corner stores, ran numbers, and picked pockets. It was not ideal, but Yayo did not have the strategic and business acumen to scale things up. That did not mean he was unsuccessful. Yayo ruled the streets with an iron yo-yo. Well, not an actual iron one, but his modified yo-yo was reinforced with a metal casing, virtually indestructible wire, and dispersed an energy burst on impact. It was a gift to him from an uncle he’d only met once. He had no idea where the strange item came from, nor did he ever find out where his uncle had gone, but regardless of any of that, the yo-yo became his favorite toy. And all that time as a kid he spent mastering the mythical plaything made him a deadly adversary to anyone who stepped to him in a disrespectful or aggressive manner. It became known on the street, if you heard the clanging of his yo-yo, you knew he was coming for you.

Four years passed, and all of Yayo’s hustle and grind had kept him and Spliff’s little organization afloat. Then, when Spliff returned home and the two combined forces again, they took their empire to the next level, raising to the status of Platinum City’s biggest crime organizations. It was at this point they seemed to begin dabbling in running guns. It didn’t take long before they began flooding the streets with some advanced weaponry.

It was apparent Yayo had high level connections, so I set out to learn more about them. When I found him, it appeared he had just finished closing a deal. Yayo recognized me, and realized it was futile to run. I tried to speak with him calmly, asking if he worked for Ramses Hondo. I asked if he knew if Ramses was in Platinum City, and if so, if he knew of The Pharaoh’s whereabouts. Naturally, he refused to answer any questions. That is when Yayo uncoiled his weaponized yo-yo. I finally heard the infamous clanging sound that struck fear into so many in his neighborhood. I was not intimidated, though, and charged directly for him. To his credit, he is quite skillful with the weapon. Changing of direction rapidly, switching speeds, using the yo-yo to parry attacks; he is quite formidable for not having any actual hyper-abilities. However, after a few minutes of learning his maneuvers and timing, I began landing strikes on the young gun runner.
I had to hold back, for I had no intention of breaking him, but needless to say a flurry of punches and kicks left him reeling. Before long, I had disarmed him of his dangerous yo-yo and he had surrendered. I was preparing to arrest him and take him in for more questioning when suddenly I was attacked from behind..

I turned around to see the deadly diva known as Paradise. This fight is far from over.

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