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Alpha Initiative Zero

The Debut Graphic Novel Series from the Creative Extreme!

“You want followers for your team… I want leaders on mine…”
-LtGen. Rashard Bonds


The year is 2116 – powerful super-villains have become the greatest threat to the world. In service to their country, Rashard Bonds and the seven members of the Alpha Initiative black ops team successfully undergo an experimental procedure in which their bodies are injected with trillions of nanocells infused with telepathic energy and their muscular and skeletal systems are grafted with a super lightweight material 100x stronger than graphene. As a result, each soldier gains enhanced strength, speed, durability, endurance and agility and the squad soon becomes the most decorated and accomplished military unit of all time. Legendary commander LtGen. Rashard Bonds leads the team with skill, courage and confidence while wrestling with doubts and suspicions about his superiors’ true intentions and dealing with his own inner conflicts. With peace, freedom and the sanctity of life being threatened by more dangerous enemies each day, it will be the Alpha Initiative on the frontlines leading the way in keeping the world safe.

ISSUE 1 – (Dossier 001)

In the first Issue of this Special Limited Series, Bonds and his team have tracked down a squad of super-powered mercenaries codenamed: The Elite, who have used advanced technologies as well as a plethora of insane superpowers to inflict a series of catastrophic attacks throughout the world. Using intel gathered from a mission in Yemen, Lou goes on a covert solo mission to infiltrate an office building in the American megalopolis, Platinum City, where the leader of The Elite, Ramses Hondo, and his crew are conducting business. The objectives are simple: get in, arrest the villains and get out. But when you’re dealing with super-powered mercenaries things don’t always go as planned…

Field Commander

Rashard Bonds was born and raised in the crime-ridden neighborhood of Englewood in Chicago. He spent much of his childhood and early life resisting the pressures and temptations of gang-affiliated activities and excelled in school and sports. However, instead of accepting one of the numerous collegiate scholarships he was offered, he opted to enlist in the Marines. It wasn’t long before he became one of the most decorated and accomplished soldiers the world has ever seen. His record is exemplary, and the list of completed solo missions – both on the books and off – is extensive and perfect. He has received dozens of medals for bravery, valor, and saving his fellow soldiers. His name has become synonymous with legend. It is for that reason he was chosen to lead the Alpha Initiative Zero.

Specialty: Sniper

Emily has a boisterous personality and a tough-as-nails attitude. She loves her family and despite her sometimes over the top demeanor, she is very down to earth, warm -hearted and overtly affectionate towards her fellow soldiers. She has clearly adopted the AI0 as a second family. Emily can be quick to act at times, but as a well-trained elite soldier has the ability to keep her impulsiveness in check. She has decent espionage skills giving her the ability to get along with anyone and fit into any environment. Her in-depth thought processes enable her to maintain a high emotional IQ, while never forgetting to take logical approaches to any given situation. She’s an excellent combat specialist who can fight with fluid elusive technique or employ head-on brawling tactics. Her true calling is as a sniper. She is one of the best in the world and serves as the long-range expert and assassin for the AI0.

Specialty: Recon

Born in the American Midwest, Wax, one of the squad’s recon experts, holds what many would consider conservative values. He’s got traditional sensibilities, however he is very much in touch with modern times. He earned All-American and All-Academic honors as a football player and student at Stanford University. He loves talking politics just as much as he loves talking sports. But nothing is more important to him than his family and friends. His girlfriend, Melinda Faggiani (also a member of the AI0), is the center of his world. He is naturally assertive and sometimes finds himself in clashes with Lou over certain ideals. However, through the ideals they do share – along with their similar personalities and experiences together in the military – the two of them have become close like blood brothers.

Specialty: Espionage

Melinda hails from a proud Argentinean family that immigrated to the United States a few years before she was born. Raised in the melting pot of Los Angeles, Melinda developed an extremely sociable and amiable personality. She is the epitome of a modern woman but has a deep respect for the traditions of her family and culture. She is a fierce warrior and skilled in several combat techniques, however her keen insight into human personalities, social awareness and her in-depth understanding of psychology and politics have helped her become one of the world’s top spies. Her boyfriend, Brian Waxler, is also a member of AI0. To her, Lou is not just a commander, he is like a big brother.

Specialty: Close Quarters Combat/Tactician

Born and raised in the Chinatown section of NYC, Richard is a diehard New Yorker through and through. As a youngster he engaged in street fights and ran with the criminal Triads, quickly earning the nickname Rich Boi. The name stuck with him, even after he left the street life behind and immersed himself in some of the more positive aspects of Chinese culture including Kung-Fu and Wushu fighting styles, as well as Buddhist and Taoist spiritual enlightenment techniques. As a marine he rose rapidly in the ranks and was eventually assigned to the Alpha Initiative Zero black ops squad. He gets along easily with everyone on the team, although his sometimes hyper spiritual lectures can be a little overwhelming. Still, the other team members appreciate the knowledge and insights he passes along to them. He has also shared his martial arts training with the others. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and the use of straight-edged weapons. There is no one better with a knife or sword.

Specialty: Tech/Weapons Specialist

Julio was born and raised in the deep South and is the product of a hard upbringing and hard times. His home had a tin roof and his family didn’t have much money. However, this didn’t stop him from thriving. He is very intelligent and has a knack for rapidly picking up new skills and knowledge, making him a veritable jack of all trades. Julio also uses his cleverness and wit to impress the ladies and usually spends his downtime out for a night on the town with a date by his side. Despite earning several degrees from MIT and getting offers for lucrative career opportunities, Julio decided to join the army in an effort to find a new challenge and to serve his country. His educational background in mechanical engineering and mathematics led his commanders to transfer him to the Marines where he eventually became the weapons and tech expert for the Alpha Initiative Zero. Julio and Lou’s similar upbringings have made them close, and Julio’s uproarious sense of humor keeps the squad laughing.

Specialty: Demolition/Explosives

From a young age, Tommy developed an extreme love for physical fitness. He worked hard enough to earn an Olympic gold medal for the USA in Powerlifting before enlisting in the Marines. Tommy is the biggest and strongest member of the Alpha Initiative. Despite his overbearing and intimidating presence, Brick is probably the most thoughtful teammate in the world and one of the most compassionate individuals you’ll ever encounter. He has what most would consider traditional values and is unbending in his ideas of right and wrong. Though Tommy is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure good prevails over evil, he sometimes struggles with the potential consequences his actions as a US soldier may have on innocent people, as sometimes his orders come into conflict with his personal code of ethics.

Specialty: Negotiation/Diplomacy/Enhanced Interrogation

Johnny was born and raised in the New Korea section of the US megalopolis known as Platinum City. His parents immigrated to PC after it became the social, political and financial center of the world. He was raised to be an activist and developed a strong moral compass at an early age. An advocate for Korean people, he revived the once lost Korea Town on the North side of Chicago through the work of multiple campaigns, helping it re-emerge as an epicenter for Korean Americans. After obtaining several degrees from the University of Chicago in Public Policy, he decided to join the Marines in an effort to strengthen his resume for an eventual career in politics. As an enlistee he rose quickly through the ranks and was eventually assigned to join the Alpha Initiative. Johnny is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an expert in the use of edge weapons. Johnny was a friend of Lou’s long before either of them were soldiers and thus makes him maybe LtGen. Bond’s most trusted confidant amongst the team.

Handler/Commanding Officer

General Hank Garrison is the man with the plan. After graduating at the top of his High School class, Hank was nominated for acceptance into West Point Academy by the President of the United States. Once again he excelled above all his peers, and eventually became one of the most decorated Army Rangers the country had ever seen. For years, he commanded special missions with 100% success rate and eventually earned the status of 4-star general. He was responsible for selecting the soldiers who comprise of the Alpha Initiative, choosing the protégé of which he was most proud, Rashard Bonds to command the team. General Garrison serves as the point person for the squad and the liaison between the Alpha Initiative and the US Government. He is a master tactician, very intelligent and unbending in his call to duty.

Specialty: Infiltration/Intelligence/Recon

Born in Chicago and raised in the streets of the Southside, Alejandro is as tough as they come. He had no intention of ever becoming a soldier, however a chance encounter with Rashard Bonds, who had returned to his hometown as a military recruiter, set him on the path to becoming a valuable and decorated member of the US armed forces. Alejandro was on the verge of joining the Alpha Initiative, when he sustained an arm injury and was disqualified from undergoing the special training and physical enhancement procedures. Instead Alejandro was assigned to an elite intelligence unit, and through his stellar work earned the nickname “The Asset.” While not an official member of the Alpha Initiative, Alejandro has been tapped by General Garrison to serve as the primary intelligence specialists for the team. He is confident, capable and sometimes a little too sarcastic. But every member of the Alpha Initiative, especially Lou, respects him and they all rely heavily on his skills to get their respective jobs done.

Written By Chris Ikpoh
Based on Characters Created By Chris Ikpoh and Steffon Thomas
Illustrated by Art Dimes Animation Studios
Edited by Steffon Thomas

Published By The Creative Extreme!

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