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Battle Scene Fuji vs Musashi

Fuji vs. Musashi

The skilled ninja, and member of Danzo’s Iga Clan, Fuji had been sent to assassinate a member of Platinum City’s city council. But he wasn’t expecting to see the legendary superhero samurai Musashi waiting for him. The two of them engaged in an spic showdown. Here is a detailed account of what happend:


Fuji stopped in his tracks upon the sight of Musashi. They met in a small parking lot behind two office buildings near the alley underneath the elevated tracks. Fuji was shocked, as none of the Iga Clan had ever seen Musashi before despite hearing all of the stories. Musashi was shocked as well, having never thought he’d ever engage a ninja, let alone a member of the historic Iga Clan.


The two exchanged introductions before settling into a moment of silence. They sized each other up as both knew a battle was the only next logical occurrence. While they stood there, Musashi told Fuji he knew the Iga Clan was responsible for the assassinations of the two city council members, as well as the destruction of the third city council member’s life and career. Fuji, realizing he would not be able to convince Musashi otherwise, admitted to the deeds stating they were only doing what the clan was hired to do. Musashi replied with disdain, saying the ninja of today were no better than the ninja of old. He said they were despicable and willing to sell their souls routinely to the highest bidder regardless of the fact it completely stripped them of their honor.


Fuji sharply replied that a samurai serving no real master but himself was just as disgraceful, for a ronin (masterless samurai) was seen as the lowest of the low in all of samurai culture and feudal Japan. The comment struck a nerve with Musashi, causing him to draw his sword; he commanded Fuji do the same. It is then the two commenced combat.


Musashi rushed in with ferocity. He swung his sword at the neck of Fuji, attempting to behead him. The ninja quickly ducked though, rising up from his crouched maneuver with a vicious swipe of his own sword. Musashi side-stepped this attack, kicking Fuji in the side simultaneously. The ninja stumbled back a few feet before gathering himself.


The two looked at one after as the first blow was landed, and Fuji nodded in acknowledgement of the samurai’s skill. Then, the two immediately engaged each other once more with lightning fast sword strikes. Metal clashed against metal as the sparks from the overhead trains rained down on them. Fuji continued to use his very technical style of ninjitsu against Musashi, serving him well at first as he was able to land kicks and punches on the samurai. However, due to Musashi’s armor, whenever Fuji would follow-up with a slice from his kitana, the blade would only dent the surface and not cause any damage. This would enable Musashi to continue pressing forward with his aggressive attack.


The counters of Fuji were not being very effective, and eventually he would be forced to retreat from the wall he was backed up against or the corner he was driven into. The fight went on this way for quite some time, leaving Fuji lost for an effective strategy as he first thought if they were to continue engaging at a high pace, Musashi would tire from having all that armor on. However, Fuji came to realize that Musashi had the enhanced physical strength and capabilities of a hyper-human, another reason he was mostly on the defensive and countering.


Not one to be prideful, Fuji pressed a button on his communication system to alert his team he was in need of backup, and sent out a GPS signal to his location. Meanwhile, Musashi continued his attack but this time with both his long and short sword in hand. The dual weapon technique was incredibly difficult to defend with Musashi’s hyper-human strength and speed, and soon Fuji was sliced a few times pretty badly. Blood dripped from his abdomen and arms, but Fuji was able to gain some distance after unleashing a barrage of kicks to Musashi’s helmet in defense.


The samurai warrior shook the damage off and looked at Fuji across from him with his hand over the laceration on his stomach, breathing deeply. Musashi sensed Fuji knew he was defeated but continued to battle anyway. He told the ninja leader he admired his courage for battling bravely in the face of certain death, and that he would not underestimate any of the other Iga Clan members when he slaughtered them. Little did the samurai know though, Fuji was only buying his team time for their arrival.


Next, the shinobi launched numerous throwing stars at his enemy while rushing in. Musashi blocked each one of the projectiles, and when Fuji reached his position, the two exchanged rapid sword strikes once more before Musashi landed a front kick to Fuji’s chest, forcing him to fly back and crash into a puddle on the concrete. The ninja leader rolled around in pain, and Musashi moved in for the kill. However, just as he was about to strike Fuji down, dozens of throwing stars came flying at him from the rooftops. Musashi’s armor ricocheted most of them, but a few penetrated between the armor creases and dug deep into his body. He quickly leaped far back from Fuji and faced the direction of the sneak attack. That is when he noticed 14 more shinobi were descending upon him. Fuji’s ninja team came to his rescue. Musashi engaged them, blocking and exchanging attacks with his swords. He was able to cut a few and knock some more down, but ultimately they overwhelmed him.


Musashi was forced to retreat. However, the ninja team was too late. Fuji, their great leader, lied dead on the ground before them. The team carried his body back to Danzo’s Temple, and when the other team leaders like Enzo, Kido and Kiri saw their fallen brother, they swore to end Musashi’s life.

Written by: Christopher Ikpoh

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