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Character Spotlight:


By day Kwame Archer is a lawyer working to protect the rights of the down-trodden and disenfranchised; by night he is Black Jag, vigilante superhero fighting even harder for those same people! Learn more about him here!

Character Spotlight:


Iori Miyamoto was born with a genius level intellect and a huge inheritance from his father. Despite his skill in the financial arena, it was the world of vigilante super heroism in which he found his true passion. Learn more about him here!

Character Spotlight:


Legendary commander LtGen. Rashard Bonds leads the team with skill, courage and confidence while wrestling with doubts and suspicions about his superiors’ true intentions and dealing with his own inner conflicts. With peace, freedom and the sanctity of life being threatened by more dangerous enemies each day, it will be the Alpha Initiative on the frontlines leading the way in keeping the world safe.