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Worlds collide as the characters of the Creative Extreme Universe go toe-to-toe with characters from Marvel, DC, movies, books, anime and more!

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About The Christopher Isaac Society: The mission of The Christopher Isaac Society is to write literature and produce works that are true to the experience of life, utilizing the pure love of art and creation. TCIS is all about excellence through expression by creating new visions while paying homage to previous works from the literary greats who came before us. Check out the TCIS Archives and the TCIS Journal today!

Character Spotlight:


By day Kwame Archer is a lawyer working to protect the rights of the down-trodden and disenfranchised; by night he is Black Jag, vigilante superhero fighting even harder for those same people! Learn more about him here!
Character Spotlight:


Iori Miyamoto was born with a genius level intellect and a huge inheritance from his father. Despite his skill in the financial arena, it was the world of vigilante super heroism in which he found his true passion. Learn more about him here!

Featured story “The Tree of Life”

Thomas foraged through the brush before coming to a clearing. The open space was circular, surrounded on all sides by dense thicket and tall trees. The objects of attention were centered directly ahead of him: a cloaked man, the small camp fire, and a very peculiar looking tree. “Excuse me, sir,” Thomas said calmly as to not startle the cloaked man. Yet, there was no reply…

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