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The Fire Flower



ALIASES: Sara Mascarenhas


BIRTH DETAILS: year 3024, Earth (Core Reality), Brazil, The Belly of Yulegai (a wyvern)



Childhood and Adolescence: Fuchsia lived in the stomach of the Wyvern until she was nearly 16 years old (Core Reality)

Adulthood: Nomadic, but based mostly in South America, The Garden of Yasmin (Core Reality)

Late Life: Unrevelaed






CITIZENSHIP(S): Earth, Southern America (in the Core Reality Future, citizenships are continent/hemisphere based)


OCCUPATION(S): Mercenary; Dragon Tamer; Huntress








POWER RATINGS  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10








APPEARANCE (in Core Earth metrics)


OVERVIEW: Human (Meta Class) Female


BUILD: Fit; Athletic            SKIN COLOR: Lightly Singed Tan


HEIGHT: 5’7″                       WEIGHT: 145 lbs.


HAIR: Black and Red           EYES: Red

CREATED BY: Steffon Thomas





Fuchsia has the ability to emit fire from her body in a near-infinite variety of forms. She can melt your lips with the warmth of a kiss or burn down a city with explosive flames from her finger tips. She can also fly using flame-propulsive blasts from her hands and feet. Her skin is completely flame and heat resistant and she’s pyrokinetic, allowing her to control fire with her mind. One of her favorite hobbies is creating massive flame bursts in the shape of a flowers – then using said “fire flower” to char an unsuspecting victim to death!


Fuchsia also possesses a special type of telepathy that gives her the power to communicate with and control dragons and wyverns.


Fuchsia will take control of a wild wyvern from time to time, especially if she needs a little extra fire power during a battle or a raid.

Fuchsia will be born in the belly of a wyvern – not to be confused with a dragon, but equally, if not more terrifing. She'll survive in the depths of this creature for several years before emerging into the world as the demon damsel of your distress! 


Her story is more extraordinary than you can imagine and it will begin at the turn of the 31st century when dragons and wyverns return to Earth. At first the heroes and hyper-beings of that time will wage war against the monsters, but they will have little success, as it is soon learned that the creatures cannot be killed – not even by the mightiest of Earth's warriors. Simply put, they will be invincible and will come to be thought of as immortal.


Fortunately, the vast majority of the dragons and wyverns will keep to themselves, as many of them will have only one desire and that's to take up residencies in castles and hoard valuable stones. But not the castles of the Dark Ages and Middle Ages; nor the modern castles of the 21st century that you might imagine. No, these will be highly advanced, technologically integrated structures that will certainly resemble the look of tradition, but will come with all the bells and whistles of a starship! By the year 3024, these techno-castles will be almost as common as apartment buildings. They will also have to be evacuated as dragons and wyverns take over as the new tenants. Sorry Donald – not even your ivory towers will be safe!


A cluster of castles in Brazil is where the story of Fuchsia will begin. Actually, it will begin with her mother, Yasmin Mascarenhas, who will have just gone into labor when one of the abhorrent abominations attacks! Thousands will flee! Hundreds will fight! Nearly all will die! But one will be swallowed!


Yasmin will scream as she slides down the creature's throat and settles in the inferno of its stomach. Her skin will immediately begin to melt away; her breath will grow shorter and shorter; and her spirit will be set on a fiery path to the Gates of Heaven. But with the very last bit of strength she has left, she will give birth to a baby girl.


Because hypers and meta-beings will be nearly as populous as humans in that time, it would be foolish to describe her as uniquely special. But it is beyond fortuitous that she will be born with her powers and that those powers will include fire-resistant skin, pyro-kineses and the ability to telepathically communicate with dragons and wyverns. Just perfect.


As the creature claims the castle cluster as his home, she will find her sorroundings of cinder, ash, scorching stomach acid and flame to feel quite comfortable. In fact, the acid will sustain and satiate her during her first couple of years just as milk would for a human baby in what most of us would consider "normal" circumstances. As she gets older, she will eat whatever meat the wyvern eats. Cattle, swine, poultry, fish and much more will rain down on her several times a week, having already been cooked by the creature's scalding breath.

Will she taste human flesh during her years in the belly of that creature? Only that of the one foolish man who will attempt to reclaim the castle cluster. Unfortunately, she'll find that she enjoys the taste very much. She'll also find that unlike the bones of the animals – which sink into a secondary stomach before synthesizing into the inner lining of the creature's tail – human bones do not digest and instead remain there in the bell with her. Which means, at some point, once she learns the concept of what a mother is, she'll realize the mineralized ivory that has become a familiar part of her seething abode are indeed the remains of the woman who gave birth to her.


She'll learn this concept and many more through the eyes and mind of the wyvern who will spend much of his days observing the world that continues to move around on the perimeter of the the castle cluster. It's a tenuous, yet amicable, relationship between the creature and the humans in the region. And though the wyvern refuses to attack unless evoked, he remains suspicious that provocation can come at any moment, as most of his experiences with humans will have been of the violent nature. 


As he begins to telepathically communicate more and more with the meta-human living inside of him he will express these fears and suspicions to her, consequently painting a horrific picture of humanity and by the time she reaches the age of twelve her own mind will have been made up about what must happen: it must be burned to the ground.


She'll remember that the one warrior that did attack and consequently lost his life, called out the name "Yulegai" during the brutal engagement. She'll decide she likes it and will begin to call the wyvern by that name, while he will refer to her simply as "Sara", for its one of the few words he can actually say physically. By the time she's sixteen, the bond between the two of them will be as strong as the closest of siblings. She'll discover that her ability to emanate heat from her body is extremely soothing and comforting to Yulegai as, despite the fact that he is a fire-breathing creature, he's still cold-blooded and thus requires an alternate heat-source to maintain a comfortable body temperature at times. He'll continue to provide food for her. They'll continue to provide companionship for one another and will have spent much time speaking to one another and flying to different places in the world. Because of her abilities to keep him warm, Yulegai will be able to travel to frigid areas in the world that no other dragon or wyvern can go. And through his eyes, though humanity seems horrid and frightful, she'll come to see the world as beautiful.


On a day in the spring of 3041, Yulegai will fly to a Hidden Garden deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest (which will still be as breathtaking as ever). The young woman inside his belly will marvel at the extravagant color and magnificent beauty of the place, which she will eventually come to call The Garden of Yasmin. Yulegai, feeling particularly affectionate that day, will swallow a bouquet of vividly purple flowers as a gift to the young woman. It will be the last present she ever receives from him, for when they return to their castle cluster that night another warrior is waiting for the wyvern.


Yulegai will immediately engage the warrior in what can only be described as an epic showdown in which most of the castle cluster is destroyed! The wyvern is ferocious in battle, but in the end, the unthinkable will happen – Yulegai will be slain! The young woman inside will scream as the creature’s horror and fear telepathically rip through her consciousness before fading into oblivion.


In a rage, she will unleash a fire-blast that melts through the hardened carapace of the deceased creature for the first time she'll see the outside world with her own eyes. She'll look around and see the mass destruction of crumbled castles engulfed in flame. She'll look up to see the blood red moon bright and full, but masked in a cloud of smoke. She'll look behind her and see the beautiful creature that carried her the better part of two decades. And she'll look in the distance to see a single female warrior sitting atop a black unicorn. The warrior will be holding a blade that is still dripping with dragon's blood. The warrior will give a subtle nod to Sara before turning and riding off.


Sara will drop to her knees and weep. She'll cry herself to sleep besides the corpse of Yulegai.


The next morning she'll wake to find that several people have already returned and begun rebuilding the Castle Cluster – with advanced technology and advanced super-beings around, it will be a lot easier than you might imagine to get the cluster up and running again. People will try to speak to her, but she will shun them and push them away. She will sit silently next to the body of Yulegai for hours. She'll finally be forced to break that silence when a crew of black market traders shows up to harvest Yulegai's organs and body parts. She will warn them to stay away, calling them vile humans and screaming that they all deserve to burn. They'll ignore her warning and attempt to get their hands on the wyvern organs regardless and that's when all hell will break loose! 


Sara will explode with fire-bursts from her hands, roasting and toasting anyone who attempts to come at her! People will run for their lives as her display of power will be more ferocious and devastating than any dragon or wyvern any of them have ever seen! When it's all said and done, the destruction she will have left will make what happened the night before look like an expensive fireworks show! The authorities will be called. They will arrive with high-powered weapons and a couple of high-powered meta-beings that will overwhelm the inexperienced young teenager. She'll be forced to flee, but not before grabbing some keepsakes from the belly of the beast, including what remains of the violet bouquet and some of her mother's bones.


She'll begin what will become a three day journey to search for the Secret Garden she and Yulagai traveled to. Along the way, she'll keep a low profile, but she'll learn a lot. She'll learn about the day she was born and how it's now part of folklore and legend. She'll learn about her mother and run into people who knew her. She'll learn that she was a somewhat renowned botanist who specialized in the practical and medicinal uses of an ultra-violet plant called Fuchsia. She'll realize the bouquet Yulegia gave her was indeed a bouquet of fuchsia.


She'll also begin to learn of a woman named Victriana who is known throughout the world as the only human on earth with the ability to slay dragons and wyvern. After finally finding the Secret Garden she will make it her home. She will name it the Garden of Yasmin and make it her new home.


She will also rechristen herself "Fuchsia" and begin honing her skills and developing her powers with one goal in mind:


to hunt down and kill Victriana.

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