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White Nephilim Clan

BIRTH NAME: Muteki (Invincible)


ALIASES: The Revenant


BIRTH DETAILS: Born in Saoka, Apjan through natural Nephilim birth, several millenia ago (Core Reality)



Childhood and Adolescence: Saoka, Apjan in the land of Saia (Core Reality)

Adulthood: Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)

Late Life:   Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)








OCCUPATION(S): Member of White Nephilim Clan. 







APPEARANCE (in Core Earth metrics)


OVERVIEW: Para-being; female


BUILD: Fit and athletic. Streamlined phsyique.


SKIN COLOR: Light brown, fair skin


HEIGHT: 7’1″                                            WEIGHT: 295 lbs.


HAIR: Medium length; black              EYES: Blue

CREATED BY: Christopher Ikpoh










POWER RATINGS  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10



The Nephilim are beings with a dual spirit of half-righteous, half-evil nature. When Satan became a mortal man in a desparate attempt to take over the world, he was defeated by Yeshua in the ultimate spiritual confrontation. Crushed by defeat, Satan clung to life as he searched for a way to prolong it. Upon drinking the blood of a helpless woman attending to him (Priti), he discovered he could use his spiritual powers to abosrb that of his victim, reviving and healing him completely. Thus, the first vampire was born.


Satan traveled the world killing innocent people and drinking their blood, maintaining his immortality and gaining unimagineable strength and physical abilities. He recruited two followers and gave them a spiritual birth: he drank their blood and dominated their spirits with his own, turning them into vampires like himself. Together, they enslaved hundreds of humans and settled in what eventually became Saoka. While there, Satan fell in love with a woman (Koyuki) that is a direct descendant of The Holy Land. Her spirit was pure, and the immense righteous spiritual nature residing inside her prevented Satan’s spirit from taking complete control when she was spiritually birthed. Koyuki’s spirit became balanced with both righteousness and evil. This is when the first Nephilim was created.


Muteki is a naturally born Nephilim, meaning her spirit was birthed from a perfect fusion of her Nephilim mother’s and Nephilim father’s spiritual energy. This is different from a spiritual Nephilim birth, which is when an adult human is turned by a Nephilim. Once Muteki’s naturally-birthed spirtual fusion was formed, it was placed into the body of a newborn baby hand-selected by her parents from a proven line of descendants hailing from one of the Holy Empires. She was an adventurous and daring child, growing up from a very young age under the tutelage of Nephilim masters. However, as a child, she witnessed a gruesome act of hate, resulting in the death of her parents right before her eyes. This scarred her deeply, leaving her to become an introvert who barely spoke to anyone. Therefore, as she grew up, Muteki focused solely on her training and never socialized. Quickly, Muteki became one of the greatest fighters in the history of the world, with hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills second to none. She won every combat tournament she entered, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned by Saokan and Nephilim commitees. Her abilities are so great that she began developing numerous, unique fighting styles never seen by anyone before. This elevated her beyond her peers through the Nephilim ranks. Eventually, she became a member of the White Nephilim.


Muteki is also an integral part of the events that take place in epic battle of the righteous versus evil for claim to the world. Since she is arugably the most skilled fighter to ever exist having mastered all fighting styles invented since the dawn of time, this makes her an invaluble asset to the Nephilim and Holy Army. Her spiritual abilities allow her to maneuver about undetected both physically and spiritually. She also possesses the ability to astrally project herself during meditation in order to focus her spiritual energy on healing and reviving her physical body. This is a great skill for a Nephilim, who normally can only recover from fatigue or injury through rest or drinking blood and absorbing the spiritual energy from it. For all of these reasons, it can be said she is trusted by Sochi more than any of the other Nephilim when it comes to executing missions, engaging in battle, or helping save the world. She is an incredibly deadly warrior who fights with calculated ferocity despite her meek disposition. Muteki also has grown to become one of Sochi’s closest friends.


Muteki possesses advanced strength, great speed, extreme agility as well as extremely heigtened senses. Her extreme spiritual abilities (energy projection) has enabled her to master the art of stealth, making virtually no sound when she moves. She has also mastered the ability to completely mask her spiritual energy from a person’s or creature’s mind and spirit, leaving her undetectable to any being when she is not directly in their line of sight. In addition, Muteki is able to project her spirit outside of her body while she meditates so she can focus her spiritual energy on healing and restoring her phsyical self.


Muteki has also mastered every fighting style in existence. This has led her to become exceptionally masterful at hand-to-hand combat and weapons combat. Her unparalleled knowledge of fighting styles helped her to create numerous unique fighting styles of her own. In combat, she will often exercise her unmatched knowledge and technical expertise, blended with her unique physical capabilites, to mix and match styles at will  enabling her to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 


Muteki also has astral-spectral vision, which allows her to see the invisible spiritual realm while in the natural world.


Furthermore, Muteki can absorb spiritual energy through the consumption of blood. This absorption allows her to heal her body and increase her supernatural abilities. It also allows her to maintain her immortality.


Muteki uses multiple weapons. She has two swords: one medium-sized kitana blade and one smaller kitana blade. She is equipped with small knives, a bow and arrows, throwing stars, throwing darts, and metallic claws she wears over her palms for climbing as well as striking opponents.


Muteki’s mastering of all styles of combat makes her an expert with any weapon. 

Muteki is driven by her duty, her clan, and the never-ending quest to advance her combat skills. She loves Saoka, the Saokan people, her fellow Nephilim, and has dedicated her life to protect them even if it means she must travel the world to battle ungodly armies that dominate the planet. Outside of this, her only passion is to become the perfect fighter and warrior. 

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