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White Nephilim Clan

BIRTH NAME: Ookami (Wolf)


ALIASES: The Wolf; Lusus Naturae


BIRTH DETAILS: Born in Saoka, Apjan as a human. Spiritually born as a Nephilim in Saoka, Apjan as well, several millenia ago (Core Reality)



Childhood and Adolescence: Saoka, Apjan in the land of Saia (Core Reality)

Adulthood: Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)

Late Life:   Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)








OCCUPATION(S): Member of the White Nephilim Clan







APPEARANCE (in Core Earth metrics)


OVERVIEW: Human; male (Early life, adult life); Para-being; male (Adult life)


BUILD: Muscular/fit (human); Massive; incredibly muscular and defined (Nephilim)




HEIGHT: 6’6″ (human); 8’11” (Nephilim)


WEIGHT: 275 lbs. (human); 735 lbs. (Nephilim)


HAIR: Black facial hair. Bald head.


EYES: Brown

CREATED BY: Christopher Ikpoh










POWER RATINGS  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10



The Nephilim are beings with a dual spirit of half-righteous, half-evil nature. When Satan became a mortal man in a desparate attempt to take over the world, he was defeated by Yeshua in the ultimate spiritual confrontation. Crushed by defeat, Satan clung to life as he searched for a way to prolong it. Upon drinking the blood of a helpless woman attending to him (Priti), he discovered he could use his spiritual powers to abosrb that of his victim, reviving and healing him completely. Thus, the first vampire was born.


Satan traveled the world killing innocent people and drinking their blood, maintaining his immortality and gaining unimagineable strength and physical abilities. He recruited two followers and gave them a spiritual birth: he drank their blood and dominated their spirits with his own, turning them into vampires like himself. Together, they enslaved hundreds of humans and settled in what eventually became Saoka. While there, Satan fell in love with a woman (Koyuki) that is a direct descendant of The Holy Land. Her spirit was pure, and the immense righteous spiritual nature residing inside her prevented Satan’s spirit from taking complete control when she was spiritually birthed. Koyuki’s spirit became balanced with both righteousness and evil. This is when the first Nephilim was created.


Ookami is a spiritually born Nephilim, meaning he was turned as an adult human after a meticulous review and selection process. This is different from a natural Nephilim birth, which is when a fusion of two Nephilim spirits is made and implanted into a human infant descendant from one of the Holy Empires. Ookami was born and raised in an impoverished part of Saoka. As a young man, he met his soulmate and future wife, Hayabusa. Together, they served in the Saokan miliatry as “protectors”, i.e. soldiers. After their service, the two married, had many kids and lived on a farm where they raised crops and cattle. They became very succesful doing so, eventually drawing the ire of competitor farmers. After an arson attack on their farm killed their kids, Ookami and Hayabusa decided to try and become Nephilim in order to serve their empire and move on from their tragedy. Both were accepted, and after rising through the ranks during their second military tour in their lives, they caught the attention of Sochi who recruited them to be members of the White Nephlim Clan.


Ookami is an extremely powerful warrior, arguably the strongest being to ever exist. His fighting style is brutish and dominating yet agile. He is a veteran warrior, dating back to his human days. As a Nephilim, he has used his spiritual abilities to help his kind gain the help of animals like horses and wolves for transportation, surveillance and battle support purposes. Ookami was needed since the land animals inherently flee from the spiritual beings due to their half-evil nature. In the beginning, Ookami was only able to tame and train the animals. Eventually other Nephilim were able to do so once Ookami taught them to do the training on their own. However, the only Nephilim who was able to tame and train the massive breed of wolf that Chuugi hails from is Ookami. Chuugi is the ultimate beast companion, possessing dominating physical capabilities, heightened intelligence and a strong spirit. Their bond is so tight, it is joked by his peers that Ookami must be part wolf.


Ookami’s ability to obtian Chuugi as ananimal warrior combined with his combat experience, spiritual powers and unwavering loyalty to his clan and friends has led him to being a key member of the White Nephilim and the Holy Army as they fight against the evil that is infecting their world. He was beloved by many during his days as a human, and is beloved by his fellow clan members as well as the rest of the Nephilim. Ookami is an alpha male. He is a man’s man that has a dominating presence which draws people near to him, endearing him to all that come to know him and his boisterous personality. All of these reasons and many more have seen Ookami and Sochi become close friends.


Ookami possesses god-like strength, advanced speed, advancded agility, extreme durability as well as extremely heigtened senses. His physical strength is overwhelming to every being in existence, allowing him to perform unthinkable feats of power.


In addition, Ookami’s spiritual powers have enabled him to master the taming and control of land animals. He is able to communicate with them by using spiritual telepathy. This has provided the Nephilim a great service over time, as well as helping him find Chuugi – an alpha male, all black wolf standing at 5 feet tall weighing 205 pounds. Chuugi is highly intelligent, moreso than any other animal in existence. This, in part, is due to Ookami teaching and training Chuugi many skills and abilities, as well as heightening Chuugi’s spiritual awareness. He is fiercely loyal to Ookami, willing to fight until the death against impossible odds and is always by his master’s side.


Ookami also has astral-spectral vision, which allows him to see the invisible spiritual realm while in the natural world.


Furthermore, Ookami can absorb spiritual energy through the consumption of blood. This absorption allows him to heal his body and increase his supernatural abilities. It also allows him to maintain his immortality.


Ookami has mastered using an enormous broad sword, a massive battle axe, as well as a huge shield.

What drives Ookami is the love for his wife Hayabusa, his clan, his duty, and his quest to remain the most physically dominant warrior alive. He has an underlying need to provide security and proetction to those less powerful and capable than him ever since his children were killed well before their time. His involvement in the war against evil becomes greater as time passes, and it is his loves, duty and loyalty that sees him pushing to gain more power and win every battle with his Nephilim companions.

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