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In 2016, a massive Earthquake took place in Lebanon, Kansas – the exact geographic center of the continental United States. The Earthquake was so big that it caused the ground to split. And infact the ground kept splitting creating a 13-mile chasm that ran all the way up Towner County near the North Dakota-Canadian border and all the way down to Brownsville Texas. The Country was literally split in half.


A number of bridges were built across the chasm, allowing people to freely move between the east side and the west side of the country. The United States, however, was not just divided physically. It was also divided in a socio-political way as well. The people who could afford to relocate, moved to the side of the country that most fit their beliefs and ideologies. America was more divided than ever. Extremism on both sides was beginning to become a way of life.


Platinum City began as a small settlement on one of the abandoned bridges. But as more and more people began to move away from the radicals on either side of the divide, the settlement grew into a town. That town eventually grew into a city. And as more people of influence, means and power flooded the expanse, that city began to grow into the megalopolis it is today. With the help of modern technology and the rise of the meta-humans and hyper-beings it took about 4 years to construct the initial incarnation of the modern marvel that is Platinum City.


By 2066 – 50 years after the Great Quake, Platinum City had become a beacon for those hoping to escape extremism and engage in reasonable discussions about differences of opinions and ideologies. And while Washington D.C. continued to be the center of politics, Platinum City became the center of mutual discourse. It was by no means perfect and the officials of Platinum City rarely agreed on everything, but the free exchange of ideas was enough, and somehow they were able to get things done for the people.




Platinum CIty is the largest city on the Planet. It runs 13-miles east to west, but runs 1,825 miles from north to south (the vertical length of the United States. The climate varies depending on how far north or south you are. There is very little in the way of natural foliage, as the vast majority of the city is constructed from concrete and space-aged metals.


The monument in the center of the town is constructed from the few pieces of Lebanon, Kansas that could be salvaged.


Platinum City has over 4000 bridges. Several of the bridges have buildings constructed on them. There are numerous “downtown” clusters made up of tall buildings and hundreds of suburban areas comprised of houses, apartment buildings and more.


There are more than 700 grade schools and high schools.


There are three major institutions of higher learning. The largest and most prominent is Platinum City University, which serves 200,000 undergraduate students and more than 50,000 grad school students.


Platinum City has a vast and complicated sub-rail system, as well as the world’s only “Phantom Rail” line. The Phantom Rail is a train that can phase-shift through solid matter and move at bullet-train speeds. All riders on a Phantom Rail phase-shift with the train. The system allows people to travel from northern areas of the city to southern areas in the city and vice versa in short periods of time.  



There are more than 50,000,000 people living in Platinum City. All races and nationalities are represented and all socioeconomic classes are present as well.

CREATED BY: Steffon Thomas



The current mayor of Platinum City is Gemini DeLisi. He is the 14th Mayor of the city and the most popular and loved elected official the city has ever had. He is a hyper-being and you can see his story here.

Platinum CIty is the center of the Creative Extreme Universe and as the story continues to evelove through Project 365, this page will expanded with more information about Platinum City and other important landmarks and areas. Stay tuned for more! 



February 29, 2016

Copyright 2016 by The Creative Extreme

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