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Leader of the Demon Ogre Empire



ALIASES: The Demon Queen


BIRTH DETAILS: Born in The Holy Land as a human, spiritually born as a vampire in Dorjan, and transformed into a demon ogre at Omd Port in Acafri several millenia ago (Core Reality)



Childhood and Adolescence: The Holy Land in the land of Saia (Core Reality)

Adulthood: Dorjan, Acafri and multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)

Late Life:   Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality)




NATIONALITY: Landian (Hailing from The Holy Land)




OCCUPATION(S): Student, master archer, missionary (human). Queen of the Demon Ogre Empire (demon ogre).


GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Holy Land Missionaries (human). Demon Ogre Empire (demon ogre).





APPEARANCE (in Core Earth metrics)


OVERVIEW: Para-being; female


BUILD: Athletic (human). Muscular; hunched stature (young demon ogre). Fit and athletic (evolved demon queen).


SKIN COLOR: Light tan (human). Grayish and green (young demon).  Light bronze (evolved demon queen).


HEIGHT: 5’9″ (human). 6’9″ (young demon ogre when upright). 7’6″ (evolved demon ogre queen).


WEIGHT: 145 lbs. (human). 235 lbs. (young demon ogre). 325 lbs. (evolved demon queen).


HAIR: Brown (human). Black; slimy (young demon ogre). Black, long, full and wavy (evolved demon queen).


EYES: Almond brown (human). Yellow (young demon ogre). Gray (evolved demon queen).

CREATED BY: Christopher Ikpoh










POWER RATINGS  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10



The Holy Land was the area of Saia that was touched by the rainfall of Yeshua’s blood after he defeated Satan in spiritual warfare. Those who were baptized by the blood rain of Yeshua are known as Landians, or the people of The Holy Land. They are the most holy and righteous of all humans as their spirits and bodies were purified in the blood of God’s son, and the land is the most holy place on the planet. It is brimming with holy spiritual energy that can be felt from many miles away. This is the home of Priti where she was born and raised.


Priti was a gentle, extremely kind and thoughtful soul growing up. She cared greatly for the well-being of her fellow Landians, as well as humans all over the world. She was devout in her worship, praying and meditating daily throughout her early years. She was close with her family and friends as spending much time to build the community and help others in need was a common passion shared by all around her. Priti was also an exceptional archer as a child and teen growing up in The Holy Land. She won every competition she entered, and routinely awed her fellow Landians with magnificent displays of archery skills. This led to her name traveling throughout her home land, and when an opportunity to become a member of the Holy Land Missionaries arose, she was accepted and embarked on her first mission to a small outpost in the land of Dorjan. However, it was there Priti’s life would change in a horrifying way.


During her travels, Priti’s caravan came across a man who was alone in the middle of the desert, mortally wounded, and in desperate need of help. They quickly took him in and settled the man into comfort upon reaching Dorjan. Priti was tasked with taking care of the man. Little did she know this man was Satan in the flesh, brutally beaten after being cast to the earth one more time after losing the spiritual battle to Yeshua. Terrified of losing his life and returning to Hell where he no longer reigned supreme since he abandoned his rule over Hell to become human and dominate the world, Satan realized the key to saving himself lied in the blood of mankind, as their spirits were bonded to it and he could absorb the spiritual energy using the supernatural powers he had left. Thus, Satan viciously tore into Priti with his teeth, draining her of her blood and reviving himself. Then, Satan left her to die while he pillaged Dorjan and drank the blood of the its inhabitants before fleeing entirely to begin his reign of terror as a a vampire demon. However, Priti did not die. Unbeknownst to Satan, a part of his supremely demonic spirit infused with the remnants of her own. This caused Priti to become a spiritually born vampire with immense power. After finding her fellow missionaries and the Dorjan residents exsanguinated and mutilated, she fled as well.


For years, Priti wandered the desert. She had to fend for herself, following her inherent vampire instincts to learn her strengths and weaknesses. She began feeding off the blood of any humans she came across as well, but mostly she fed off of the beasts of the land. This corrupted her human spirit when she would absorb their animal essence, and it caused her to become more savage than human. Eventually, she came across the River of Death – a river corrupted by the evil spiritual energy of Satan and polluted with the blood of thousands of his human victims. Priti drank from the River, giving her a direct spiritual connection with the underworld and causing her to enter a cocoon stage where she transformed from a vampire into a demon ogre, physically manifesting all of the beastly spiritual energy she harbored. Upon emerging from her cocoon, she engaged in battle against Reatrian soldiers at the edge of the holy empire Reatri, near Omd Port. There, she would kill for the first time as a demon ogre. She also encountered her arch enemy, Akatriel, who was a young soldier at the time. Akatriel defeats Priti but cannot finish her as she escapes by submerging herself in the River of Death.


When she surfaced after the River regenerates her health and heals her, increasing her strength and abilities even more, Priti dragged the bodies of the dead soldiers into the River as well. The evil spiritual energy from the bloody water transformed them into demon ogres as well. This was the beginning of Priti’s Demon Ogre Empire, as she created her elite ogre warriors called The Legion. Over the thousands of years that pass following these events, Priti continued to evolve into an apex demon ogre, using her spiritual capabilities to enhance her fighting abilities far beyond any man and supernatural being in existence. Priti also used her spiritual skills to transform her demon ogre appearance into that of a gorgeous being whose beauty is unmatched by stealing the spiritual energy of the world’s most beautiful women she can find. She honed her evil spiritual gifts to become more powerful than all in the world she seeks to dominate and control as well. However, she knows she cannot topple the holy empires and her home, The Holy Land, without the greatest supernatural creatures in existence, the Nephilim. She tries to enslave them and engages in war at first, but was defeated. Consequently, she retreated to increase the vastness and strength of her empire, which she does. Over the millennia to follow, Priti continually clashes with Sochi, the holy armies and supernatural beings from Heaven in her quest to rule the world, which has led her to the present where the final fight between the righteous and the wicked approaches.


Priti possesses great strength, extreme speed, extreme agility as well as great durability and extremely heigtened senses. Her god-like spiritual power (energy projection) has enabled her to perform possess the spirits of humans, Nephilim and supernatural beings alike at will from anywhere in the world. It also allows her to channel evil spiritual energy from her connection to Hell instantaneously by calling forth demons. Priti can also infect the minds of humans, Nephilim and supernatural beings with her unparalleled spiritual powers, momentarily taking control of their brain by implanting visions to distract them or to attack them in their dreams. Priti is also able to sway the hearts of men with her intoxicating beauty and voice by influencing their spirits to lust for her. As the queen of the entire Demon Ogre Empire, she is also a genius tactician and leader.


Priti also has astral-spectral vision, which allows her to see the invisible spiritual realm while in the natural world.


Furthermore, Priti can absorb spiritual energy through the consumption of blood or through the drinking of the waters from the River of Death. This absorption allows her to heal her body and increase her supernatural abilities. It also allows her to maintain her immortality.



Priti’s sword was forged in the heart of the Demon Ogre Empire in the bloody waters from the River of Death. It is black, as is the blade, with red etchings on the edge of the blade that infect any being it cuts with evil spiritual energy.


Priti also has a massive bow that shoots her custom made arrows with incredible force. The tips of the arrows are also etched like the edge of her sword, infecting those that are pierced by them with evil spiritual energy as well.


In addition to these weapons, Priti uses throwing knives. She has extremely sharp nails as well, which are as durable as steel and used as weapons.

Priti is driven by her extreme hate for God, the righteous, humans, the holy armies, and all that stand in her way. Her one goal is complete dominance of the world. It is said she also has aspirations to rule in the realm of Hell as well. Though savage by nature, Priti is extremely intelligent, cunning, seductive and tactical. Her god-like spiritual powers and lethal combat skills have made her the greatest threat the world has ever known.

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