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The Chosen Warrior of the Righteous

BIRTH NAME: Sochi (Son)


ALIASES: The Immortal


BIRTH DETAILS: Born in Saoka, Apjan through natural Nephilim birth, several millenia ago (Core Reality, World of Truth)



Childhood and Adolescence: Saoka, Apjan in the land of Saia (Core Reality, World of Truth)

Adulthood: Multiple areas of Saia (Core Reality, World of Truth)

Late Life:   Multiple realms and dimensions (Multiple Realities including Core Reality)








OCCUPATION(S): Leader of the White Nephilim Clan. God’s chosen warrior to eradicate evil from His world.







APPEARANCE (in Core Earth metrics)


OVERVIEW: Para-being; male


BUILD: Muscular and athletic           SKIN COLOR: Light brown, tan


HEIGHT: 8’3″                                           WEIGHT: 550 lbs.


HAIR: Long, ivory white                      EYES: Gold

CREATED BY: Christopher Ikpoh (TCIS)










POWER RATINGS  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10



Sochi is the central figure in the World of Truth, a reality that existed before our current timeline (Click here to educate yourself on this world). He is the greatest Nephilim to ever live, which makes him one of the greatest warriors to ever exist in his world, this world or any other world, for that matter. In his time, he is God’s chosen warrior tasked with the purpose of leading the righteous and eradicating evil.


The Nephilim are beings with a dual spirit of half-righteous, half-evil nature. When Satan became a mortal man in a desparate attempt to take over the world, he was defeated by Yeshua in the ultimate spiritual confrontation. Crushed by defeat, Satan clung to life as he searched for a way to prolong it. Upon drinking the blood of a helpless woman attending to him (Priti), he discovered he could use his spiritual powers to abosrb that of his victim, reviving and healing him completely. Thus, the first vampire was born.


Satan traveled the world killing innocent people and drinking their blood, maintaining his immortality and gaining unimagineable strength and physical abilities. He recruited two followers and gave them a spiritual birth: he drank their blood and dominated their spirits with his own, turning them into vampires like himself. Together, they enslaved hundreds of humans and settled in what eventually became Saoka. While there, Satan fell in love with a woman (Koyuki) that is a direct descendant of The Holy Land. Her spirit was pure, and the immense righteous spiritual nature residing inside her prevented Satan’s spirit from taking complete control when she was spiritually birthed. Koyuki’s spirit became balanced with both righteousness and evil. This is when the first Nephilim was created.


Sochi is a naturally born Nephilim, meaning his spirit was birthed from a perfect fusion of his Nephilim mother’s (Zouge) and Nephilim father’s (Shin’yu) spiritual energy. This is different from a spiritual Nephilim birth, which is when an adult human is turned by a Nephilim. Once Sochi’s naturally-birthed spiritual fusion was formed, it was placed into the body of a newborn baby hand-selected by his parents from an approved line of descendants hailing from one of the Holy Empires. Sochi’s natural birth was considered a miracle too, since Zouge and Shin’yu had tried and failed on numerous occasions to produce a natural birthed Nephilim. The attempts were taxing and left them devastated. They were ready to give up, but decided to try one last time and it was a good thing to do because 9 months later, Sochi was born.


As a child, he was told by his parents that he was special and destined for greatness. However, Sochi did not believe them and instead thought of himself the same as his peers. Regardless, he immersed himself in his studies and training and in turn excelled in many areas, including academics, combat techniques and spiritual mastery.


Throughout his life, he has endured a wide experience of love, hate, success, loss, and hardships. His demeanor is stern and authoritative towards his peers outside of his clan, respectful towards those he admires, very comfortable and kind with his friends and family, and warm and caring to children and those he protects. Sochi is respected, admired and loved by those who know him and/or his name. He is also feared by many as well. All of these factors made him the perfect choice to become the leader of the White Nephilim Clan, a group of elite warriors who have protected humanity against a multitude of threats. It also made perfect sense that he would be chosen to become his world’s savior and God’s chosen warrior to extinguish the evil infecting the world, brining righteous judgment to all.


Sochi has battled creatures of extreme physical strength and immense spiritual power over several millennia. Through these encounters his skills have continued to grow in astronomical ways. Furthermore, the powers afforded to him through discipline and the mastery of his dual spirituality are unparalleled. His power of Radial Absolution combined with those of his blade, Yurieru, gives him a near-god-like status, which is essential, if he is to complete the task of ridding his world of evil.


Sochi has fully embraced his mission and existence, and although he has often found himself alone against hordes of vile enemies and lonely for long periods of time, he is determined to see fight the good fight all the way through to the final days where the fate of his world (and the worlds to follow) will be decided.


Sochi is defined by loyalty to his clan and family as well as the love he has for those that are most special to him. He is dedicated to righteousness and is eternally cognizant of the fact that God has chosen him to carry out the greatest of all missions. Sochi’s most fervent passion however is not singularly minded and this is made the most evident through his relationship with the love of his life, Yume…


Sochi possesses extreme strength, speed and agility as well as extreme durability and extremely heigtened senses. His god-like spiritual power (energy projection) has enabled him to perform Radial Absolution, which is the ability to project immense holy spiritual energy through his sword or body. This abilitiy is especially effective against demonic foes and creatures. Additionally Radial Absolution can absolve the spirits of possessed humans and heal holy creatures.  Sochi is also a genius tactician and leader.


Sochi also has astral-spectral vision, which allows him to see the invisible spiritual realm while in the natural world and he can also travel between the realms (Hell/Underworld and Heaven).


Furthermore, Sochi can absorb spiritual energy through the consumption of blood or through the use of his unique specialized sword, Yurieru. This absorption allows him to heal his body and increase his supernatural abilities. It also allows him to maintain his immortality.



A samurai kitana-type sword forged in spiritually-charged fires by master blacksmiths out of the rarest mineral in the world, mined from a holy mountain named Heaven’s Hole. It has been infused with the holy spiritual energy of Heaven, as well as the warrior spirit of Archangel Uriel. It can only be wielded by Sochi, and the spirit it houses allows for Sochi to fuse with it. This bond enables him to heal himself, increase his physical and spiritual abilities, as well as perform energy projectile maneuvers after absorbing spiritual energy from slaying supernatural beings or coming into contact with blood.


Sochi also employs a variety of Nephilim daggers and throwing knives. His Nephilim armor is nearly inpenetrable.

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