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The Str8Legendary Library of Episodes and Content!

This is a show that is all about inspiring creativity and throughout the years I’ve had the privilege of connecting with lots of creative people and lots of people who are aspiring to create! I enjoy talking about creativity and speaking to people about the projects they’ve worked on, the projects they are working on and they projects they want to begin!

Perhaps you have an idea for an episode! Drop a line! Maybe you have a question you’d like us to answer! Send a message! Perhaps you want to be a guest on the show! Please let me know! Maybe you want to be on the show again! I’m all for it! Or maybe you just enjoy sitting back and watching us chat about creativity and the world that inspires us. That’s cool too! Watch the videos, subscribe to the channel, follow the facebook and chime in! Emil:

It’s Game Night Tonight!

Steff hangs out with Jenny Hill, co-owner of Glass City Game Café in Toledo, Ohio. Did you know that there are over 100,000 new board games released every year? And a ton of them are incredibly revolutionary and a bunch of fun! 

Just Jump In!

Steff speaks about the thought process that went into creating the Str8Legendary YouTube show, and why you should just jump in and begin pursuing your creative or entrepreneurial project!

Get Your Read On!

Steff speaks to writer, blogger and vlogger Megan Lynn Rose about the importance of being a reader if you want to be a writer!

Don’t Make Excuses, Make Movies!

Steff speaks to Nick Lake about being an aspiring filmmaker and getting rid of all the excuses that are stopping you from just getting out there and doing it!

Raising Creative Kids!

Steff speaks to Shay, creative parent and his wife, about raising creative children and creative things you can do with your children’s inherit creative impulses!

Get Your Write On!

Steff speaks to writer and educator Corey C. about some different techniques young and first time writers can use to get started!

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