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Endowment of Blood; Book 2

Rathegalia: Endowment of Blood

The Second Book takes you deeper into the world of Friki and its mysterious and potentially sinister link to Earth. The Saga continues here!

King Belmont Rathegalia

Endowment of Blood; Book 1

Rathegalia: Endowment of Blood

The epic Endowment of Blood Saga begins as vampire King Belmont Rathegalia makes an incredible discovery that could forever change the destiny of his home world, the mysterious and mystical planet of Friki. It all begins here!

Platinum City Chronicles #2

Liberty Star and the Right to Bear Arrows

The 2nd Platinum City Chronicle introduces the heroic Liberty Star as she battles a domestic terrorist and encounters an organization that wants to take away her right to defend herself and the people of Platinum City. Check it out here!


In Exorcismos, a mysterious entity takes hold of an innocent woman, and a mysterious clergyman sets out to free her. Will he succeed? Or will he also succumb to the creature within? Read here!

Platinum City Chronicles #1

Black Jag and the Raging Infernos

In the debut episode of Platinum City Chronicles, the vigilante hero Black Jag must battle flames and fire to save citizens from certain doom! Read Black Jag and the Raging Infernos here!

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