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The Creative Extreme

Imagination without limitation is the only expectation!

TCE Pitch Bible. 10 original properties for TV and film. One shared multiverse.

Platinum City

Welcome to the center of the TCE Multiverse

The Emperor

Hour-long serialized action-sci-fi-drama

When the intergalactic governing body, The Unity, wrongs the powerful Tromokratesian Empire, a war spanning the entire cosmos is sparked, placing the fate of all in existence in the hands of Emperor Kako.

Greenwood, Archer & Pine

Hour-long episodic action-drama

Black civil rights lawyer Kwame Archer, and his two partners, Kiesha Pine and Jamel Greenwood, moonlight as vigilante superheroes in the megalopolis of Platinum City.

The Sista' Clique

30 or 60 minute-long action-drama with some social satire

The Sista’ Clique follows the adventures of 5 black female superheroes who fight for justice and equality, not just for the citizens of the world, but also for themselves, as they work to continually prove that Black Women can accomplish anything and everything their male and white counterparts can accomplish. Plus, they do it with style!

Liberty Star

Hour-long episodic action-drama

A few years after retiring from the Navy SEALs, Heather Kreager takes on the persona of Liberty Star, a patriotic vigilante hero who spends just as much time battling bureaucracy and government overreach as she does hyper-villains and super criminals.

The Ghost Orphanage

Hour-long supernatural action-thriller

Peter Philadelphia is part of a secret society of swordsmen and swordswomen who’ve been tasked with hunting down lost spirits that have managed to avoid the afterlife for thousands of years. They are called Ghost Orphans.


Hour-long serialized action-supernatural-fantasy-drama

Between the world of the living and the dead exists a realm outside of all time and space where malevolent entities reside – the spirit world of Tollan – and it is up to Mictlan to police their activity when they enter our reality.

The Dark Yokai

Hour-long serialized action-supernatural-drama

An ancient, malevolent force seeks to possess the soul of the last super-samurai, threatening to bring chaos and genocide to New Japan, Platinum City, and by extension the world.

Alpha Initiative Zero

Full feature-length film; action-adventure-sci-fi

In the age of hyper-beings, a mentally-anguished super soldier embarks to find sanity while preventing global genocide exacted by villainous terrorists, both foreign and domestic.


30 or 60 minute-long serialized action-horror-fantasy

8th Century Earth is the battleground of an apocalyptic war stemming from a secret bond with a distant planet that leads into a collision of mankind with vampires and ancient magic.

Starship Stratalight

Hour-long sci-fi space adventure

The Starship Stratalight and its twelve superpowered crewmembers travel throughout the galaxy in an attempt to deal with the catastrophic fallout from an intergalactic cataclysm that has literally altered portions of the spacetime continuum and the multiverse.

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