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About Project 365

Releasing One New Original Character a Day Every Day of 2016!

My name is Steffon Thomas and I’m working with a group of writers and artists to bring you Project365! All of us have a love for fantastical stories and extraordinary characters and we have decided to take that love to the absolute extreme! Beginning on January 1st and throughout the entire year of 2016 we will be releasing one brand new original character from our collections of stories each day! Yes, that is 365 original characters (actually 366, because 2016 is a LEAP YEAR!).

Each character will be released in the form of a comprehensiveåÊprofile page with a full color image, a detailed account of the character’s origin, power ratings, special skills and abilities, relationshipsåÊand much more!

And on top of all of that, with each profileåÊyou will get another piece of the epic and expansiveåÊuniverse that is the Creative Extreme! Superheroes, super villains, vigilantes, bounty hunters,åÊmad scientists, starship captains, star-crossed lovers, kings, dictators,åÊcrime lords, overlords, angels, demons, vampires,åÊimmortals,åÊghosts, ghouls,åÊgods and more – the Creative Extreme is taking storytelling to extreme levels.

Imagination without Limitation is the only Expectation!

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