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A Short Story Series Created by Steffon Thomas


Whisper is a short story series that takes you hundreds of years into a future that has seen the rise of incredible technology as well as the return of ferocious wyverns and fire breathing dragons. When the beasts prove to be completely invincible, humankind is forced to vacate huge regions of the planet. Only rare special people, referred to as Whisperers, have the unique power to tap into the minds of the creatures and control their thoughts and actions. Victriana Sternberg is the most powerful Whisperer the world has ever seen; and she is also a 13 year-old princess who is in line to one day rule Britannia, the largest and wealthiest country on the planet. With so much power at her fingertips, what’s a teenager to do?

Episode 3

The Mighty Michelangelo

In the 3rd Episode of the Whisper Saga, a hacker contacts Victriana on the Castle Server.

Episode 2


Princess Victriana encounters a mysterious new friend!

Episode 1

A Whisper In The Wind

In the first episode of the short story series Whisper, Princess Victriana’s 13th birthday party is interrupted by a dragon attack.

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