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Lt. Julio Devine


Book 4

The Rathegalia saga continues as King Belmont and his companions encounter a new dreadful enemy during their journey. Read here!


The Assessment of Lt. Julio Devine

Straight out of the pages of our Graphic Novel, “Alpha Initiative Zero: Dossier 001,” Lt. Julio Devine is recruited to be a potential member of the US military’s hyper-soldier black-ops group, the Alpha Initiative. His incredible intelligence, genius tech skills, and elite combat training are only surpassed by his talents as a ladies man. Does he have what it takes to be accepted into the program?

This short film is the archived footage from the US military and DoD assessment process. Watch here!

Lt. Julio Devine

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TCE vs. The Universe

LET’S RUMBLE! The Creative Extreme characters battle warriors from popular culture in the TCE Versus The Universe series.

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