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The Creative Extreme Media Page is filled with videos, interviews, announcements, information, Vlogs and even some behind-the-scenes content like videos of Creative Extreme artists creating some of our character images. This page is updated regularly!

Alpha | The Creative Extreme

Featuring Trav B Ryan

Steffon, Chris & Jojo Interview

 #WonderCon #WonderCon2018 | NERDSoul


Wondercon 2018

While on the floor at Wondercon 2018. Executive Geek Productions Host Jarrell Hall interviews Steffon Thomas and Christopher Ikpoh from The Creative Extreme. These awesome and innovative creators talk about their successful and ambitious comic series and the process of creating 365 original characters for every day of the year.


Wondercon 2017

Spotlight: The Creative Extreme –  Creative Extreme Co-Founders and Owners, Steffon Thomas and Chris Ikpoh were interviewed for IdeateTV by host Tiffany Young during Wondercon 2017 in Anaheim. It was an incredible experience!

Creative Extreme co-founders and owners, Steffon Thomas and Chris Ikpoh, were featured in an interview with Mithical Entertainment in 2017! Read the entire interview here!


The CCC Podcast

April 6, 2019


The global multicultural magazine

Global Multicultural Superheroes For A New Century


Just by the nature of who they are, culturally fluid people break barriers.  Christopher Ikpoh, Steffon Thomas and Jojo Santiago-Febo are no exception.  Together, they make up The Creative Extreme (TCE)–an entertainment company specializing in content creation for digital and print comics, television, film, literature, advertising and merchandising.

The Making of God Kako

By J. McMahon

The Making of Madam Zero

Original Character

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